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Chapter 56 – I like her

The busy working day started with the continuous flow of traffic, and the studio’s discussion on HNA Star was still boiling.

As soon as Shi Ran signed the card, she heard lively discussions in the pantry.

“I guess they had a terrible weekend this weekend.” Nina gossips, “I have a friend in their office building, Orange Games.

I heard that the celebration party originally scheduled for Friday was canceled.

That floor was lit all night.”

Xu Mengtian sneered: “The apology has already been issued.

Do you still want to save a wave”

“Of course, even though mouse feces ruined a pot of porridge, at least the hard work of many people can’t be wasted.

A lot of money was invested in the early stage.” Nina said as she took a sip of coffee.

“Then the oranges will lose a lot this time, right” Ah Cheng said.

“It’s an enormous loss.

It is estimated that this game earned from the previous game of this studio has all been split back.” Nina said, “I heard that the production team of HNA Star was disbanded in situ.

Those who have been transferred, like the chief planner who was just promoted at the beginning of the year, are still in HNA Star, the base commander.”

Several people laughed unkindly.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but pause.

It was unexpected for Zhang Ran to get this treatment.

She thought this person could make waves in the Orange Games, but in the end, the waves didn’t start, and she drowned herself.

Seeing Shi Ran’s sudden step outside the door, Xu Mengtian stuck her head out and said to her gossip: “Sister Shi Ran, have you been in contact with HNA in the past two days Do you know what’s going on”

Shi Ran heard the words, turned around and walked into the pantry, took out the cup and took a cup of iced American, and said leisurely: “The plagiarism artist was recommended by her, maybe for this reason.”

“So that’s how it is…” Xu Mengtian nodded and said with emotion, “This person is so miserable.

The painter who cheated on her apologized.

At least she is still a free person.

She is just like being in a cold palace.”

“There’s no way that the artist will not dare to find her to cooperate with her in the future.

The debut is the pinnacle; who can be as good as her ” Ah Cheng said, “There were still 100,000 followers on Weibo the day before yesterday, and now there is only one left.

8,000 and many of them are accounts that buy fans.

Even my sister station does not have as many fans.”

“Mom, it’s so miserable.

She’s still a beautiful sister.” Nina looked at Song Yi’s Weibo and clicked twice.

Xu Mengtian immediately raised her face: “You sympathize with the enemy.”

Nina hurriedly raised her hand and said faithfully, “Sympathy, but don’t be soft-hearted.”

Shi Ran listened and nodded in approval.

You could indeed sympathize, but it was unnecessary to be soft-hearted.

Shi Ran didn’t take part in the discussion in the tearoom for long.

After the Iced American Style was finished, she returned to her workstation with a cup.

As soon as the person sat down, she saw Xiao Ba looking at the phone and smiling.

Shi Ran wondered, “What are you doing”

Xiao Ba showed Shi Ran, “I’m reading the comments on HNA Star’s Weibo.”

“Did you know HNA Star’s official blog has now become the apostle’s wish pool.

If you wish, you can get the internal test code, and if you wish, you can draw the desired card.”

Xiao Ba gave Shi Ran a thumbs up, saying, “SaRah, you are amazing.”

Shi Ran shook her hair proudly and threw a wink at Xiao Ba.

It was just that the smile didn’t last long before she sneezed abruptly: “Ah chirp!”

Seeing this, Xiao Ba immediately put down the phone and asked, “What’s wrong Got a cold”

Shi Ran waved her hand, and before she could say the word “no,” she lowered her head and sneezed again.

The chill blew in from her open little coat and drilled straight to her heart along the thin suspenders she was wearing today.

Xiao Ba frowned at Shi Ran’s outfit today, saying, “Ah Ran, you wear little today.” It’s raining outside again.

You still drink iced coffee, so you’ll catch a cold.”

Shi Ran didn’t.

She looked at the cloudy sky outside with dissatisfaction and said, “The sun was still hanging in the sky when I came out this morning.

It’s a shame that I sneaked out in such a suit.

It doesn’t give me face.”

Xiao Ba wondered, “Is there anyone else in your house Still stealing”

Shi Ran’s eyes filled with indignation and paused.

She forgot that only the two of them knew about Chen Ruoyu’s stay at her house.

“No.” Shi Ran denied it.

“Isn’t this a mother-in-law dress” her slightly clogged brain asked.

“You also know that Mom is fighting.” Xiao Ba was angry, and poured a cup of hot water for Shi Ran, “Come on, drink more hot water.”

Shi Ran listened to Xiao Ba’s words, took the cup she handed over, and said playfully, “Scumbag.”

Xiao Ba gave a “cut,” “Then what should I say Don’t you need to drink more hot water when you are frozen”

Talking about it, she seemed to think of something again.

She flipped through her snack box and took out a packet of ancient brown sugar: “Oh, yes, and our Xiaoyuan heart-warming brown sugar.

I’ll give it to you.

Make a cup.

Make sure the medicine is cured.”

When Shi Ran heard the words, she hurriedly reached out and grabbed Xiao Ba, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, I feel like I’ve already eaten a big mouthful of sweets.

Let’s leave your Xiaoyuan’s brown sugar for you to drink.

Xiao Ba’s face blushed at this person’s teasing, and she patted Shi Ran angrily.

At this moment, the big bear came out of the elevator, saw that everyone was still discussing HNA Star, and clapped her hands: “Hey, I said you only remember HNA Star.

Who still remembers the cactus by Daming Lake”

“Is she dead” Nina rushed out of the pantry excitedly.

It was just that the big bear greeted her with a regretful expression: “I just went to the boss’s office to get her documents, and I saw the cactus was still alive and well, and it was bigger than when I brought it back last year.”

“Ah… why did it last so long this time”

“What’s wrong with the boss All she got was a cactus, and what I lost was an entire box of snacks!”

“Come on, let’s see who the survivors are.”

Shi Ran listened to the discussion of these people while holding the glass in her hand, and a large amount of warmth poured into her heart.

She didn’t know why; it was only a cactus that was disappointed and survived in Chen Ruoyu’s hands, but she felt more satisfied than hearing that Zhang Ran and Song Yi were about to end up in the game world.

Several people were discussing, and the big bear also turned over her notebook and announced: “There is still half a year.

If this cactus is alive, the food in this big box will be Ah Ran’s; otherwise, it will be Xiao Ba and Zhou Yuan’s sister.

Shi Ran looked at the snack box on the bear’s table and was very confident in Chen Ruoyu.

She felt victory was beckoning her and that her business was doing well.

She exchanged a bag of durian candies she didn’t like for a large box of snacks.

As one might expect from Chen Ruoyu,

… our place of residence

Shi Ran’s expression suddenly froze.

Why did she add “our home” in front of “Chen Ruoyu”, so naturally”

Could it be that she was misled by Xiao Ba’s address to Zhou Yuan just now

At this moment, Shi Ran felt a slight pull on her sleeve.

Xiao Ba came up to Shi Ran at some point, looked at her as if to please her, and said, “Ah Ran, if you win, can you give me that bag of dried white peaches”

Shi Ran responded quickly, “Sister Zhou Yuan’s bag”

Little Eight nodded, “Is it okay”

“It can be…”

As Shi Ran said, there was still a little resentment in her heart that she had been misled by Xiao Ba, and she deliberately teased: “But you like Sister Zhou Yuan so much that you are not willing to give me anything she used to bet”

When the words fell, what Ling Shiran did not expect was that Xiao Ba would boldly admit it to her.

She nodded to herself like this and announced at a volume that only the two of them could hear: “Yeah, I like our little Yuan the most.”

There was a bit of childish pride in her tone and demeanor.

Shi Ran found it interesting and asked, “Then tell me, what exactly do you like”

This question seems to be a little stumped for Xiao Ba.

She hugged Zhou Yuan and gave her the bear doll last month.

After thinking about it for a while, she said, “If you like it, you like it.”

“That’s… You know, everyone is an independent individual.

Someone once said that people are lonely solitary animals, but there will be someone who can make you willing to bring her into your small residence and allow her into your territory…”

The light above her head fell softly between the two of them, and Shi Ran resonated with the buzzing sound in her heart.

She didn’t know if it was because she allowed Chen Ruoyu to enter her house last week.

Shi Ran involuntarily brought in the person who had sent her to work this morning.

“People will never be biased towards a person for no reason.

Only those who like them will do this.

Because I like her, I will let her enter my territory.

Similarly, it is precise because I let her enter my territory.

so I can prove that I like her.”

Xiao Ba’s voice was like the sugar-fried chestnuts in winter, sweet and crunchy, telling the “like” in love.

Shi Ran sat and listened.

Her heart was chaotic.

She felt that she might have realized early on that her relationship with Chen Ruoyu was not just about going to bed to satisfy the most primitive desires of human beings.

Chen Ruoyu was abstinent and mysterious, and her stony face was full of strangers not entering.

At first, it was indeed a rebellious emotion that was pushing her closer to her.

But later, it didn’t seem to be the case.

As Xiao Ba described, she opened the door for Chen Ruoyu to enter her territory step by step.

Even on New Year’s Eve, when she was sitting by the lake in a depressed mood, the first person she thought of was Chen Ruoyu.

But why did she appear

After many things, why did she appear when she needed it most

The relationship between them was always stained with sex, and the dense forest was intertwined, making it difficult to see the sincerity.

Don’t be tempted.

She didn’t even know if I should be tempted.

What if Chen Ruoyu was just being a very caring bed partner

There are seven years of unkindness in the front and the constant disappointment brought by that person in the back.

Shi Ran was now facing love, like a fox living in the jungle facing a box that once brought her harm.

The little fox held its tail like this, hunched over, and carefully stretched out her unhealed claws, touching it, touching it.

When the box was shaken by her touch, she jumped out of the bushes timidly and hid in the bushes, intertwined with her various emotions, only showing a pair of eyes vigilantly, full of alertness.

Look at that pretty box called “Likes”.

Shi Ran wore a little thin today, and in the afternoon she already felt a little sore in her throat.

There was this sign every time she caught a cold.

The rain was still falling, and the entire world seemed to be plunged into a dull drowsiness.

Shi Ran’s mind was a little chaotic and her body was a little weak.

After touching fish for a day, she fell into a drowsy sleep in Chen Ruoyu’s car.

She didn’t know how long it took, but when Shi Ran became conscious, she felt a palm fall on her forehead.

“A minor burn.”

Chen Ruoyu’s crisp voice fell on Shi Ran’s ear, and the cool palm brought gentle comfort to the burning forehead.

Shi Ran struggled to open her heavy eyes in confusion and saw Chen Ruoyu’s enlarged and refined facial features appear in her sight.

The light beams in the carriage fell between the two of them, and the interweaving heat was suppressed by the icy rain, leaving only the purest concern.

The small mole that could not be seen easily by looking at it, was flickering in her sight as Chen Ruoyu carefully checked Shi Ran’s condition.

Outside the window, the rain was dripping, and the car drove over the watery road with burst water.

Shi Ran heard it and heard her heart beating.

Boom, boom.

Like a willow branch blown by the wind in spring, the entire branch was filled with green and green.

Shi Ran turned her head weakly, trying to make Chen Ruoyu stay away from her.

Because she was really afraid, afraid that she would not help to get close to the box that she liked.

Then open it uncontrollably.


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