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Chapter 58 – “Shi Ran, do you want to try being my girlfriend”

A gust of wind blew through the window, wrinkling the calm lake in people’s hearts.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s tightly closed eyes and even thought that she had a third eye.

Otherwise, why would she be discovered every time she peeked at her

The room was a little quiet.

The obvious shadow before Chen Ruoyu’s meeting did not move for a while, and she slowly opened her eyes.

The slanting light fell on the newly awakened pupil, and it was as clear and bright as if she had woken up long ago.

The cold was much better, and I have the strength to fight with people.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu and asked deliberately, “You are not afraid that I will infect you with a cold”

“Not afraid.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly, with a calm expression as if she was not worried at all.

After getting rid of the uncertain emotion that was attached just now, the current kiss has become a lot less burdensome.

Chen Ruoyu always responded like this, and Shi Ran lowered her head and kissed her.

Shi Ran ground her teeth maliciously from the corners of her lips, until Chen Ruoyu’s lips turned red and then she pried open her teeth.

Chen Ruoyu’s tongue stirred in her mouth.

Chen Ruoyu rarely kept up with Shi Ran’s rhythm and whimpered softly in her ear.

The bite of the teeth touching the tip of the tongue made the scalp numb, and Shi Ran’s ears felt numb.

The tip of her heart was trembling, for nothing but the voice Chen Ruoyu made in her ear at this moment.

Small, like the most common delicate flower in the grass, but cunningly spread out a large piece of sweet love in her heart.


The phone on the bedside table lit up at this moment, and the wide-opening kiss came to an abrupt end.

Chen Ruoyu calmed her breath, took the phone over, and said to Shi Ran, “I’m going out to pick up the work.”

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded, sat on the bed that Chen Ruoyu had slept on, and watched her leave.

Her blunt head seemed to dig out some forgotten memories from the corner of her memory.


“If I encounter anything in the future, I will explain it to you.”

“I will pay you.

I will pay you.”

Shi Ran’s memory stirred, and she remembered that this seemed to be what happened the day HNA Star was exposed to plagiarism.

He was drunk at the time and said a lot of awkward words to Chen Ruoyu.

This person was neither angry nor cold-faced; she just supported herself like this and promised herself.

So Shi Ran looked at the closed door of the ward and then realized: So was Chen Ruoyu explaining to herself just now

Did she do this because she was afraid that she would worry about her again

The sun was warming people’s hearts, and Shi Ran swayed her legs to the side of the bed.

Even though she couldn’t remember the drunken words, she said she was still fulfilling her promise.

How could there be such a good person in this world


Two regular knocks on the door interrupted Shi Ran’s sweetness echoing in her heart, and a nurse with a cart walked in.

“How are you resting Let’s take the temperature first.”

Shi Ran obediently clipped the thermometer to her armpit while the little nurse stood beside her, preparing something for the infusion later.

No one spoke in the room, and it was a little too quiet.

The little nurse flicked the infusion tube with her fingernails and said, “I feel like I had a good night’s rest last night, and my complexion is getting better.”

“I didn’t expect Ms.

Chen looks cold, but she is caring.

I think she didn’t sleep last night.

She set the alarm clock for fear that her blood would be drained and blood would return.

Our nurses are standing by.

Before the timed reminder rang, she had already come to us in advance.”

Shi Ran was stunned for a moment after listening to the little nurse.

The medical tape that was stuck to the infusion last night was still attached to the back of her hand, and Shi Ran remembered later that she fell asleep after the infusion last night, completely ignoring the fact that she was still infusion.

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu was so rude.

How could she “take advantage of the emptiness” when she was not feeling well

Again, she brought herself to the hospital, and she got herself a ward, and she even went to buy hot milk to help her warm the medicine.

In the end, I even helped myself to watch the drip after I fell asleep.

The entire three bottles were lost, drop by drop, and most of the night would have passed.

Shi Ran remembered the obvious black circle around Chen Ruoyu’s eyes.

No wonder she slept until noon and didn’t wake up.

What happened last night obliterated the ambiguity they often had when they were together.

There was no kissing, no water, no milk blending, and at most, it was just a chin lightly resting on the shoulder, but Shi Ran recalled it now, but she didn’t remember it at all.

I think it was worse than any time the two of them have been together in the past.

No one had ever protected herself like yesterday’s Chen Ruoyu.

The seed dormant in Shiran’s vast world shook the depleted land once again at this moment, as if it was about to burst out.

“It’s great that you have such a girlfriend.” The little nurse sighed and said to Shi Ran, “Okay, five minutes are up.

You can take out the thermometer.”

Shi Ran listened and took out the thermometer, but as if she hadn’t heard the previous sentence, her tightly closed lips didn’t have the slightest move to explain.

If it was understandable that Chen Ruoyu was her girlfriend in front of Shi Haijun last time, it could be explained as forced by the situation.

Then this time, Shi Ran had no reason.

She admits she was selfish.

She was not Chen Ruoyu’s girlfriend.

But now she was a little jealous of Chen Ruoyu’s future girlfriend.

Shi Ran felt unhappy that what Chen Ruoyu did for herself last night would also be done for her girlfriend in the future.

She once thought that there was no such unhappiness in her world, but this time she experienced this feeling.

Shi Ran knew that she and Chen Ruoyu were just friends.

She wanted to be nice to herself and she wanted to be nice to herself.

If she wanted to sleep with herself, she would only have herself to sleep with.

There was no moral restraint between them.

But Shi Ran suddenly didn’t want to give Chen Ruoyu to anyone, so paranoid and selfish as she wanted to keep Chen Ruoyu by her side.

It was then that Chen Ruoyu pushed the door and came back.

Shi Ran wasn’t sure if she heard what the little nurse said just now, and she looked at her for a moment of panic.

“Miss Chen is back.” The little nurse greeted Chen Ruoyu with a smile and picked up Shi Ran’s hand that was still stuck with the medical tape.

“Just right, it’s time to give Miss Shi an injection.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer the little nurse but just stood beside Shi Ran just like yesterday.

The familiar fragrance fell on Shi Ran’s shoulders, but the peace of mind she accepted calmly in the past made her feel guilty.

She had just taken advantage of her future girlfriend without Chen Ruoyu’s knowledge.

She still didn’t know what feelings she had for her, but she wanted to keep her by her side.

Sick people always have a kind of melancholy.

Shi Ran’s eyes were filled with a bit of obscure emotion.

She wanted to explain it to the little nurse, but her lips struggled and didn’t want to open.

The cold feeling of alcohol fell on the back of her hand again.

The hand that had blocked the infusion needle from piercing her skin last night once again blinded her.

The darkness of sight amplifies the warmth of Chen Ruoyu’s palm.

Shi Ran could feel the sunshine behind her, the sparrows jumping and chirping among the willow branches, and the gentleness of Chen Ruoyu’s expressionless face.

“I’m not a child anymore.” Shi Ran said, awkwardly avoiding the intimacy that Chen Ruoyu gave her, but there was no feeling in her voice that she was still lively and arrogant despite being sickly yesterday.

She was a little lonely.

Chen Ruoyu could see clearly, and put her hanging hand on top of Shi Ran’s head, “You can be a child.”

The warmth fell, and the loneliness was dispelled most of the time.

Shi Ran just sat like this.

Her jet-black pupils blinked unnaturally, making her heart tremble.

“The relationship between the two is great.” The little nurse didn’t notice Shi Ran’s loneliness.

She looked at Shi Ran’s infusion status and said to Chen Ruoyu, “Miss Shi’s fever has subsided, and she can be discharged from the hospital after the infusion today.

Miss Chen remembers to go through the discharge procedures for her girlfriend.”

Another misunderstanding.

Shi Ran wanted to explain, but heard Chen Ruoyu’s voice come out before herself: “I see.”

“Then I’ll go first.

If you have something to do, you can ring the bell or come to the nurse’s desk.” The little nurse said and pushed the cart to leave.

The door closed, and the ward was completely quiet until the little nurse left Chen Ruoyu without correcting Shi Ran’s name.

She looked at Shi Ran, who was avoiding her actions just now, and asked, “What’s the matter”

Shi Ran didn’t answer but asked, “Why don’t you explain to her I’m not your girlfriend”

Shi Ran asked, some serious confusion written in her raised eyes.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to understand something from the inside, raised her hand, and landed on her chin.

Her fingertips pressed against the delicate skin, rubbing the original bones, and the ambiguity occurred secretly with the provoked chin.

Chen Ruoyu also asked, “Can’t I explain it”

The sunlight cut the shadows of the two men on the ground, one standing and the other sitting.

One in a well-cut dress, the other in a baggy hospital gown.

It looked like a canary, and her master was imprisoned in a hospital ward.

It was just that this Miss Canary didn’t follow the usual routine.

Shi Ran didn’t care if the next action would cause her blood to flow back; she raised her arm around Chen Ruoyu’s neck and half-jokingly and half-seriously asked: “No, you are so kind to me, in case. What if I can’t leave you one day”

The distance between the two was drawn closer, and Chen Ruoyu’s eyes raised a bloodless lip, weak but tenacious.

Chen Ruoyu moved the hand holding Shi Ran’s chin up slowly and stroked her cheek along her jawline.

She stared at Shi Ran deeply.

Her thumb dabbed the corner of her lips and attached a touch of red that she had pressed out on it.

Shi Ran was restrained, just like the desire, she was screaming in her mind at the moment.

She didn’t want to explain, she just wanted to make others think they were lovers.

By the words of others, Shi Ran would be possessed by herself.

She should be the canary trapped in Shi Ran’s palm.

“Then don’t leave.” Chen Ruoyu said, clearly seeing the emotion in Shi Ran’s eyes.

She continued to move her fingers upward, carefully pinning Shi Ran’s long hair on her temples behind her ears and coaxing softly, “Shi Ran, do you want to try being my girlfriend”


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