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Chapter 62 – “If you laughed like this earlier, I might have been tempted already.”

The lovers’ long hair shook, and the wind blowing from both sides of the strait entangled them.

Chen Ruoyu smiled at the camera lens of Shi Ran’s raised mobile phone.

A small swipe of the arc swept away the atmosphere of her that was repelling people thousands of miles away, like the gentle wind in spring, so beautiful that Shi Ran lost her mind.

Shi Ran looked a little dumbfounded and commented with a smile on the corner of her mouth: “That’s right, Ah Yu.”

“If you laughed like this earlier, I might have been tempted already.”

Chen Ruoyu listened to Shi Ran’s words and asked, “What about now”

Shi Ran didn’t know the answer to this question.

She thought she could have a bit of temptation for today’s Chen Ruoyu, tempted to carry herself from the other end of the bridge and tempted that on this night she found that there was another person like her in the world.

The box was unlocked and wanted to be opened.

This man was still arrogant.

She raised her hand and patted Chen Ruoyu’s palm, and said, “Now, it’s up for discussion.”

The traffic that was eager to go home gradually decreased, and the lively lights and neon lights of the city at night were quiet, but only the sound of the wind remained.

Shi Ran’s twisted foot was much better, so she took Chen Ruoyu’s arm and trudged back home with her.

Could go on like this for a long time.

Although Shi Ran’s fever had subsided, she was still half a patient.

When she got home and took the medicine, her drowsiness came up, and she fell asleep after laying in bed for a while.

Chen Ruoyu cleaned up lightly, came out of the bathroom, and looked at Shi Ran’s peaceful sleeping face with her eyes closed.

The warm yellow light on the bedside, fell on Shi Ran’s face, and the little fox faded away from her usual arrogance and unruly.

Why did she agree to it as soon as she proposed it

Just like in a dream.

She still remembered the nightmare she had when she heard Shi Yu say that Shi Ran and Song Yi were together, and she still remembered reading the second-hand love letter alone in the dead of night, hoping that the “you” in it referred to herself.

Shi Ran was not her daughter, but she truly illuminated her world.

She had finally regained her daughter.


Chen Ruoyu carefully lifted the broken hair that was blocking Shi Ran’s face.

Her dark pupils were full of heavy love.

She was like a child who finally got her beloved toy, holding her beloved, and she didn’t want to be separated from her for a moment, even in the blink of an eye.

There was only Shi Ran’s light breathing in the quiet room, and the full moon outside the window silently witnessed the deep affection in this room.

Chen Ruoyu, who had been busy all day, couldn’t take it anymore until her eyes were fighting until her thoughts got distracted and she fell asleep.

The next day was sunny.

The sun flooded Shi Ran’s small loft apartment with sunlight through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass.

This person had a good night’s sleep last night, and she slowly opened her eyes until she felt the sun scorching her eyes.

Shi Ran had some doubts about today’s weather.

Why was the sun so bright in the early morning in summer

Shi Ran turned on her alarm clock and the still ringing mobile phone, and her eyes widened involuntarily in the next second.

——She slept until ten o’clock in the morning!

Shi Ran looked at the sleep report on the notification bar of her mobile phone and determined that her alarm clock had gone off.

But why didn’t she have the slightest memory of hearing the alarm clock

Shi Ran quickly thought of the person who slept with her last night—it was Chen Ruoyu who turned off her alarm clock.

Shi Ran wanted to blame Chen Ruoyu, but as soon as she got emotional, she was attracted by a faint scent.

She stepped on her slippers and went downstairs to look at the kitchen.

She saw a familiar figure bustling back and forth in the kitchen, with green cabbage leaves on a water-stained cutting board and a small brown casserole being slowly swept down below.

Slowly simmering.

Shi Ran’s thought of attacking was instantly dissipated in the warm spring sun along with the steaming heat.

If you were angry, you would have no wife.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to have noticed that the person upstairs was awake, and turned around calmly, with a natural and gentle tone: “Awake”

Shi Ran peeked at the captured bag, gave Chen Ruoyu an “um”, and nodded obediently when she saw her wearing her apron again.

I complained in my heart: why every morning when I peeked at Chen Ruoyu, who was cooking in the kitchen, she would use her head to get out of the gap between the armrests, which was unsightly.

Shi Ran was curious about the aroma of the food, and her empty stomach also made a greedy sound.

She briefly said a few words to Chen Ruoyu, then retracted her head from the gap between the armrests, walked lightly and quickly to the kitchen, and stuck a small head behind Chen Ruoyu: “What are you doing”

“I learned a soup that nourishes Qi and blood from Aunt Yan, and it’s ready.” Chen Ruoyu turned off the fire, took a pair of heat-insulating gloves, pinched the two small ears of the casserole, and walked towards the island dining table on the side.

Shi Ran was a little surprised when she heard the words, “Did you do it yourself”

Chen Ruoyu nodded and opened the lid of the casserole under Shi Ran’s gaze.

The aroma of the meat wrapped in the hot air from the shop rushed towards Shiran, and the fresh taste of lotus root and corn also appeared.

The leaves of the green cabbage soaked up the soup and softly covered the ribs, which sold very well.

Shi Ran boasted without hesitation: “I didn’t expect Director Chen’s craftsmanship to be good; it’s cheap for me.”

Chen Ruoyu listened to the corners of her lips slightly raised, but quickly pressed them down, and said in a flat voice, “This is Aunt Yan’s exclusive secret recipe.”

Shi Ran heard the surname familiar and couldn’t help guessing, “Aunt Yan is Yan Ning’s mother.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “Yes.”

Shi Ran took the soup bowl that Chen Ruoyu had scooped, skipped the vinegar bottle beside her, and took the black pepper bottle: “No wonder the two of you have a good relationship.

“Although Yan Ning and I grew up together, Yan Ning is straight, and I don’t like her type.” Chen Ruoyu explained, pushing the vinegar bottle that Shi Ran had skipped to Shi Ran.

Shi Ran glanced at the vinegar bottle in front of her, pouted arrogantly, and said, “I’m not jealous in the morning.”

As soon as the voice fell, she realized that something was wrong, and it was already not morning.

Shi Ran took the accusation that had just been pressed down and asked, “Did you turn off my alarm clock”

Chen Ruoyu said “um” and then put the vinegar in front of her and Shi Ran’s back.

Today, she woke up earlier than Shi Ran, thinking that Shi Ran had just caught a cold.

Just one second before her alarm clock went off, she took the phone to the bedside table and turned off the alarm clock.

Shi Ran frowned, and there was some grievance from the social animal in her voice: “Then I have already asked for two days of leave, and I have no salary for two days.”

Chen Ruoyu said otherwise: “No.”

Shi Ran was startled for a moment, then remembered the fact that her girlfriend was the boss of the studio, and her whole body lit up.

She held her chin like this, looked at Chen Ruoyu sitting in front of her, and asked deliberately, “Is Director Chen taking power for personal gain”

Chen Ruoyu raised a few points to meet the slyness in Shi Ran’s eyes and nodded calmly, “That’s right.”

Such a straightforward answer made Shi Ran very satisfied, and the smile on her face became more and more public.

It was just that the public didn’t last long, and she noticed the Band-Aid wrapped around the fingers of Chen Ruoyu’s left hand.

Shi Ran frowned, “What happened to your hand”

She still remembered that when Chen Ruoyu was carrying her last night, her fingers were still intact.

“Accidental.” Chen Ruoyu replied, and she was about to put her hand under the table.

However, Shi Ran predicted her actions, and stretched out her hand first, with a serious tone: “Let me see.”

The Band-Aid wrapped Chen Ruoyu’s finger well, but there was still a little blood stain on the wound.

The bright red color was eaten by the light-brown Band-Aid, and it looked a little dull.

Shi Ran looked at it, and the little hill between her brows frowned, “Did you make it while cutting lotus root”

“It’s a little strange.

I won’t next time.” Chen Ruoyu was avoiding it, but it was equivalent to admitting.

Shi Ran’s heart was warm when she heard it, but her nose was a little sour.

She concealed her distress like this and asked deliberately, “Isn’t it hurt anymore Next time, you will cook for me by yourself.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded and gave Shi Ran an “um.”

The voice was light and calm, as if it was just a case of work that was not done, but Shi Ran could no longer hide her distress.

Don’t say that Chen Ruoyu’s ten fingers would not touch the spring water.

Even if she touches it, I am afraid that it would make people reluctant.

But such a person who was raised in gold and jade cooked a meal for herself.

The meal was delicious, and she was as stable as she was, but her hand was also cut by a knife.

Shi Ran felt this piece seemed to make her feel more pain than cutting her finger, so her thumb stroked Chen Ruoyu’s hand wrapped around the Band-Aid, and then she lowered her head under Chen Ruoyu’s gaze and kissed it carefully.

Shi Ran’s kiss was separated by a Band-Aid.

It was not painful but warm and moist, making people feel itchy.

Chen Ruoyu just looked at Shi Ran’s drooping eyes in front of her, her heartbeat becoming unbalanced.

April, when the temperature jumped up and down, went away, and May came to S City with the warm sun.

That day, Shi Ran finally got Chen Ruoyu’s pardon and put on the clothes that made her catch a cold.

“I heard that Sun Lian pulled another investment yesterday, and I heard it was Shanghai’s investment.”

“Here, wouldn’t President Wu have an advantage again”

“Oh, I’m eager to kill myself.

What about President Xiao Shen Now that the company is in this situation, shouldn’t she come back too”

“Certainly, even if she doesn’t want to come back, Mr.

Xu will let her come back.

We can’t watch Mr.

Wu dominate, drive Mr.

Xu out, and take the company as her own.”

“What about the boss I heard from people on the crisis side that President Wu also had an idea to win over the boss.”

“Cut, how could the boss ignore her Our Final must be from Mr.

Shen’s side.

We have a solid revolutionary friendship with Mr.

Shen, okay”

Shi Ran was still concerned about whether her lipstick had been painted today in front of the mirror, and the colleagues in the studio over there were discussing the recent major events in the company.

Although it was said that the temperature in May was normal, the company was not normal.

YT’s overseas market expansion had been very smooth, and the factional battle of domestic companies had also begun.

Sun Lian was relying on President Wu, while Chen Ruoyu was on the side of President Xu.

Shi Ran didn’t care about these things very much.

Although she didn’t know Mr.

Xu that well, she felt that Chen Ruoyu would win.

How could their Ah Yu lose

Shi Ran didn’t take part in the discussion over there and walked out of the bathroom with her cosmetic bag.

A group of people walked out of the elevator not far away: Chen Ruoyu, Zhou Yuan, Xu Mengtian, and a person standing next to Chen Ruoyu whom Shi Ran did not know.

“The coffee downstairs in the company is great.

It’s a bit like the coffee we drank in the Thames coffee shop, isn’t it, Ah Yu”

This woman’s voice was gentle and sweet, with a sense of aloofness in her bones.

And also called Chen Ruoyu.

“Ah Yu.”

Shi Ran stood there, not wanting to go up to greet these familiar people.

But Xu Mengtian still noticed Shi Ran sharply.

She walked over and held Shi Ran’s arm, and introduced herself to her in a friendly and warm tone: “Sister Shi Ran, this is what I told you, my sister, Shen Yan.”


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