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Chapter 65 – “Then give me a kiss, and I will promise you.”

They met in a coffee shop early in the morning, and both of them were a little surprised.

Shen Yan’s eyes were the same as when she was with Chen Ruoyu and the others yesterday, and the smile was a lot less harmonious.

The unfamiliar atmosphere circulated between the two, but because they both greeted Chen Ruoyu on the company’s mobile phone yesterday, who was it It embarrassed them to walk away as if they didn’t know each other, and everyone was waiting for the other party to speak.

At that moment, Shi Ran noticed a familiar figure trotting over to the coffee shop.

Like the savior in the TV series, Xu Mengtian pushed open the door and walked in, greeting both of them very well, “Sister, Sister Shi Ran.”

The expression on Shi Ran’s face also instantly became a lot more friendly.

She smiled and replied to Xu Mengtian: “Good morning, sweet.”

Then she looked at Shen Yan standing beside Xu Mengtian and said, “Mr.

Shen, I still have work to do, so I’ll go up first.”

Shen Yan nodded slightly, while Xu Mengtian waved to Shi Ran relatively vivaciously: “Goodbye, Sister Shi Ran.”

Then she turned around and took Shen Yan’s arm and said, “Sister, what do you think of her”

Shen Yan didn’t answer directly, but asked instead, “Like it”

“Yeah.” Xu Mengtian nodded shyly.

“I like her very much.

I like her paintings, her way of doing things, and her free spirit.

I have never felt that someone could attract me like this.”

For the first time, a little girl liked someone, and her eyes were full of stars.

Shen Yan remembered the only time in the past when Chen Ruoyu mentioned this person, it was the same, with stars in her eyes.

Shen Yan stood in the front of the team like this, looking back at Shi Ran’s back.

She didn’t like to mention that her eyes looked like Shi Ran’s, but she couldn’t help thinking about it this time.

What was the allure of her who resembled her, so that people around her could say “like her”

She had been with Chen Ruoyu for so long, and she had never seen a star in Chen Ruoyu’s eyes.

Single starlight was like the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago, and something had recently annihilated her pride.

This morning’s meeting not only disturbed Shen Yan’s mood but also disturbed Shi Ran’s thoughts.

She was hooking the line draft here, and she was looking for all the memories of the word “Shen Yan” in her mind like rewinding.

Finally, when the online draft was halfway through, Shi Ran remembered.

She remembered that the day Chen Ruoyu helped her move; she had heard the name Shen Yan from Shi Yu.

So, taking advantage of the lunch break at noon, Shi Ran ate her most hurried meal in the company, then went to the rooftop and called Shi Yu.

As soon as the call was connected, Shi Yu’s unusual voice came from there: “Sister, why did you remember to call me”

“Can’t I miss you” Shi Ran spoke harshly.

Shi Yu listened to Shi Ran’s words and noticed that her tone was not simply chatting with herself, so he asked directly: “Tell me, what’s the matter with me Your brother, I will There is no end to words, no words.”

Shi Ran laughed and said straight to the point, “Shen Yan, do you know her”

“Sister Shen Yan, I know you.

What’s the matter” Shi Yu asked, with a familiar feeling in his tone.

“What does she have to do with you, Sister Ruoyu” Shi Ran asked again.

“Well…” Shi Yu held his chin and considered it on the sofa.

“Shen Yan and Chen Ruoyu have a good relationship at the university.

Although they are not from the same department, they have been in the student union together, and then there have been scandals.”

Shi Ran was very good at grasping the key point: “Gossip.”

“But I don’t think it’s true.” Shi Yu denied, “It’s not like you don’t know about Sister Ruoyu; it’s freezing, and Senior Sister Chen Yan standing with her is attractive.” I think it’s mainly these two people.

The family background is the same, the grades are the same, and everyone likes to play this kind of CP.”

When Shi Ran heard Shi Yu’s explanation, her heart that was about to be blocked was unclogged, and only a little awkwardness remained.

At this moment, Shi Yu’s voice came over with a bit of deliberation: “Sister, my brother has something to say.

I don’t know whether to say it.”

Shi Ran narrowed her eyes and said condescendingly, “Speak.”

Shi Yu: “It’s just that I always think that you are quite similar to Senior Sister Chen Yan.

That’s it… She is like Bai Yueguang, and you are a cinnabar mole.”

Blocked again.

Shi Ran just listened to what she had heard countless times these days, leaned on the railing without saying a word, and stared at the sun in the sky with a pair of eyes.

The sun was dazzling, and it seemed like it was going to take away people’s vision.

But Shi Ran just refused to move away, just like looking at the moon, looking at the source of the white moonlight that gives the moon night.

She didn’t like Bai Yueguang.

Shi Yu expressed his position in a loud voice: “But my sister is the most beautiful one! The cinnabar mole is a pendant! Bai Yueguang is in front of the cinnabar mole.

It’s worthless! My favorite is the cinnabar mole!”

“Shi Yu, did you know that if you were next to me right now, I would definitely kiss you and kick you,” Shi Ran yelled angrily.

Shi Yu shut up.

Had he received such treatment before

“Invite me to dinner.” Shi Ran said, while taking advantage of the fire.

But to her surprise, Shi Yu, who had justified the loss this time, did not agree: “It’s not good, sister.”

Shi Ran was a little uncomfortable and asked, “Why did the business go bankrupt”

“Crow’s mouth.” Shi Yu said, “bah,” on the other end of the phone, and then said: “Our company is now on the break-even stage, okay”

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows and said, “Is there no profit”

Then she leaned against the railing and said, “It doesn’t matter.

You can swipe your father’s black card to invite me.” I don’t mind spending his money to fill my stomach.

“But… I feel like Lao Shi has encountered some trouble recently.” Shi Yu’s voice was a little worried.

Shi Ran: “How do you say”

Shi Yu counted Shi Ran with his fingers: “Lao Shi just took back the black card he gave me last year, and he has been drunk every day recently.

He also sold a set of his family’s houses in City A, and is preparing to sell the one from City C.

If they said that putting away the black card was to restrain Shi Yu, then it was serious to sell the property.

Shi Ran knew that something must have happened to Shi Haijun and sneered, “He also has today.”

Shi Yu pursed his lower lip and called Shi Ran, “Sister.”

Shi Ran also restrained her sarcasm and instead urged Shi Yu seriously: “These are not important, you should also properly clean up your property recently, especially your company better not have anything with him.


It doesn’t mean that it will separate you from each other when you are in a disaster, but he should not implicate you for your efforts.”

Shi Yu nodded and said, “Don’t worry, my company didn’t use a penny of Lao Shi’s money.

Song Lan and I started from scratch.

Another familiar name.

Shi Ran thought for a moment: “The son of Uncle Song’s family that your father wanted to curry favor with”

Shi Yu nodded, “But although he looks like a fool, he’s not bad, and he’s quite righteous.”

Shi Ran laughed and complained, “That’s because you both smell the same.”

Shi Yu retorted there, and the vibration of Shi Ran’s phone washed out his voice.

Shi Ran was puzzled that someone would call her, thinking that something had happened at work, so she interrupted Shi Yu and said, “Okay, I won’t tell you, I’m calling again.

Maybe it’s a work thing.”

“Yes, yes yes.” Shi Yu nodded hurriedly, dragging a long voice to deliberately flatter: “Got it, my great painter SaRah.”

Shi Ran, knowing that Shi Yu was burying himself, scolded, “Get out” and hung up the phone unilaterally, and then the words “Xu Mengtian” jumped on the screen.

“What’s wrong, sweet”

Xu Mengtian leaned on the trunk of the car, frowning as if distressed: “Sister Shi Ran, can you come to the underground parking lot.

I bought something, but I can’t get it.

Can you help me get it”

“Is there a lot of stuff Do you want me to call your eighth sister too ” Shi Ran asked.

“No, no,” Xu Mengtian hurriedly refused, as if there was something she couldn’t let others know, and told Shi Ran, “You can come alone.”

Although Xu Mengtian was a few years younger than Shi Ran, she really didn’t have any scheming, but her voice made people hear problems.

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows but agreed: “Okay, just wait for me.”

“Okay!” Xu Mengtian responded, her voice soft and crisp, as if she could still detect the corners of her mouth raised.

What was there to be happy about

Shi Ran was puzzled.

As soon as she got off the roof and walked into the elevator, she received two messages.

One was Xu Mengtian’s location coordinates, and the other was unexpectedly from Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu: “You may not come.”

Shi Ran was the only one who was quiet in the elevator.

The reflected lights added an inexplicable horror to the news.

Shi Ran could feel the coldness in Chen Ruoyu’s tone through the phone.

Chen Ruoyu knew what Shi Ran meant by this news, but her hand hanging over the F1 button unobtrusively pressed the button to go to the parking lot.

The more Chen Ruoyu kept herself from coming, the more curious Shi Ran became.

She was a fox who liked to explore the unknown.

There were few people in the underground parking lot, and the elevator door was slowly opening, and there was no cool breeze in the evening.

Shi Ran looked for the coordinates given by Xu Mengtian and walked towards Area B.

The dim light made her walk slowly, and the green light of the emergency passage flashed unhurriedly.

Suddenly, a cold white hand appeared diagonally to the side of the line of sight.

Before Shi Ran could see who was coming, she was pushed directly behind the emergency exit door.

The woman with the hard door had a sore shoulder, but her head was protected by a soft hand.

Shi Ran’s vision suddenly darkened, and there was a “click” sound of the door locking right next to her ear.

The familiar smell enveloped Shi Ran with a sense of oppression.

Chen Ruoyu imprisoned Shi Ran in her arms in a posture of absolute possession and asked coldly, “Why are you disobedient”

There was almost no light in the emergency passage, and the bitter voice made Chen Ruoyu look extremely difficult to mess with, but Shi Ran was not afraid.

She leaned against the door like this, raised her chin slightly, and asked back, “When have I heard that”

There was a feeling of doting in this person’s voice.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t have the slightest idea of refuting it.

Only a pair of eyes stared straight at this little fox who was never obedient.

Shi Ran had nothing to say, and Chen Ruoyu had nothing to say.

She raised a hand and hooked Chen Ruoyu’s neck and asked, “What is it that makes you nervous”

Chen Ruoyu was seen through and frowned slightly.

She had always been at ease in shopping malls, and this was the first time she had such strong emotions in all these years, so the successive attempts to stop her have leaked the stuffing in front of Shi Ran.

Shi Ran watched, her fingers slowly wrapped around Chen Ruoyu’s long hair, and she asked with ease, “Does Xu Mengtian want to confess to me”

A hint of surprise flashed in Chen Ruoyu’s eyes, but her voice was controlled but calm: “How did you know”

After seeing each other this morning, Xu Mengtian’s desire to pursue Shi Ran was even more eager to move.

Because today was the first day of Shen Yan’s official return to work in China, Xu Mengtian asked Zhou Yuan as a consultant to help her pick flowers for Shi Ran, and the news came to Chen Ruoyu’s ears.

She knew that her behavior was not fair, but she did it anyway.

Even if there was only a little that might make Shi Ran shake the idea of staying by her side, she absolutely could not let this possibility exist.

Shi Ran heard the words and cast a sly smile at Chen Ruoyu through the dim light.

She learned from Chen Ruoyu’s words on the morning of the first night and said, “I didn’t know it just now, but now I know.”

Was put together.

A sullen breath followed Chen Ruoyu’s heavy breathing, and it felt hot on Shi Ran’s neck.

Chen Ruoyu lowered her body and restrained Shi Ran tighter in front of her.

She looked up at the man, her pupils appearing even darker in the dim environment.

“Don’t go.” Chen Ruoyu said although it was an order.

She did not mean it to be aggressive.

Others, such as Sun Lian, often use a domineering attitude to force people to submit and obey, but Chen Ruoyu used a soft ending to neutralize her overly aggressive aura at the moment as if she was good-natured with Shi Ran.

Shi Ran badly liked Chen Ruoyu, who had no way to take her at this moment, and put both hands on Chen Ruoyu’s neck with smiling eyes and said, “Then give me a kiss, and I will promise you.”


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