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Chapter 68 – “Come and see our Nancy.”

Shi Ran can’t remember when she started wanting a home that was completely hers.

Maybe it was when she played with others as a child, or maybe she was sitting by the lake in a daze, watching other girls ride home on Dad’s shoulders.

She knew nothing.

She looked at the harmonious family and blindly thought that they had the love she wanted.

However, after a series of disappointments, Shi Ran briefly owned two “homes”, but they collapsed after a few years, even though she had thought about running a good business.

Under the moonlit night, two shadows overlapped and projected on the ground.

Shi Ran hugged Chen Ruoyu like this, feeling very at ease.

The next day, the sun hung brightly in the sky as if to put Shi Ran in a good mood.

After breakfast, Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu got into the elevator.

There were already residents upstairs in the elevator, and the two were not too close.

“Hey, the boss of Chenneng Assets went in.” A girl with a high ponytail looked at her phone and said, “Surprise.”

Gossip starts early in the day.

Another girl with curly hair was even more surprised than her: “What”

“Hey, on the morning news, it is said that they embezzled public funds, bribed state officials, and embezzled a lot of money.” Gao Mawei said.

“Mom, look at his villa.

There are 10,000,000.

Oh, there are eight zeros.

” The girl continued to be surprised.

Maybe these two people are also engaged in Shi Haijun’s industry, and they didn’t care that there were others in the elevator.

“I really brought his family’s old snacks to drink spicy food, and squeezed us social animals.”

“Look, this is his son, photographed by reporters.

He is quite handsome!”

“Hey, didn’t he say he still has a daughter Why didn’t he see it in the news “

“Who knows, maybe the little princess is not familiar with the world.

She should panic and hide in the room when she encounters such a thing.

“Oh, I envy the little princess, and I also want such an enormous villa.”

“You want your father to be in the game too.”

“Don’t allow people to get money legally Don’t you want to be the daughter of a rich family Being spoiled as a princess, the bag you wanted to buy last night was just a matter of raising your hand and waving your card.”

The two chatted happily, imagining how Shi Ran should have been treated in such a family.

Shi Ran felt a little nervous when she heard it, and there was some sneering mockery in her lowered eyes.

Shi Ran couldn’t tolerate any more self-mockery, and Shi Ran felt that someone had inserted her fingers.

Chen Ruoyu held Shi Ran’s hand silently.

Her slender fingers had a familiar touch, gentle and powerful.

Shi Ran was lying in bed yesterday when Chen Ruoyu told her about Shi Haijun, who then hugged her all night.

Now that she had heard the gossip and ridicule of strangers, she still sent strength to Shi Ran and interlocked with her.

The elevator stopped on the first floor, and the girl with long hair sighed while looking at the busy traffic outside.

Then the two ended the conversation with one sentence about capitalism and walked out of the elevator.

This time, the opening of the elevator door did not loosen Chen Ruoyu and Shi Ran’s, but raised their hands and placed them on Shi Ran’s head.

The fingers ran through the long hair, softer than the holding hand.

Shi Ran understood that Chen Ruoyu was comforting herself.

She stared at the two girls walking out of the elevator with an obscure gaze, raised her lips, and smiled at Chen Ruoyu: “I’m not that little princess.

I’m fine.”

It was just that this sentence was okay, or it was broken at noon.

Today, there were sweet and sour dishes in the cafeteria, and Shi Ran was in a much better mood, but when she put the dinner plate in the recycling area, she found that the phone in her pocket was vibrating as if there was some news.

Shi Ran was suspicious, but when she took out her mobile phone, she found it was a private message sent to her by a few painter friends who had met several times on Weibo:

“How are you Are you okay now”

“SaRah, although we haven’t been in contact with each other often in the past two years, you can contact me if you need it.”

“Don’t be influenced by the outside voices; we all believe in you.”

Shi Ran looked at these comforting words, and not only did her doubts not decrease, but they increased.

She never said that Shi Ran was SaRah, let alone that Shi Haijun, who was arrested and imprisoned today, was her blood father.

How did these people know

Shi Ran had an awful premonition in her heart, so she quit the private message and clicked on the hot search list.

At the very bottom of the hot search, she saw SaRah’s name and linked it with Shi Haijun’s.

It was obvious in the entry that the marketing account was in rhythm, and in real-time there were passersby full of question marks.

Shi Ran looked at the unified “what do you think about this matter” of those marketing accounts and found it extremely dazzling.

They didn’t know where they got their real identity information, and they speculated wildly while watching the excitement.

Shi Ran’s hand holding the phone tensed slightly, and her fingers became cold.

She did nothing, or because of Shi Haijun’s stain, she was put in the public eye.

The elevator door opened in front of Shi Ran, and she walked in a little unrealistically.

It wasn’t until the elevator door was closed for a while that she remembered she had forgotten to press the floor.

The phone vibrated again.

This time it was Shi Yu who sent the message: “Sister, I discussed it with Song Lan.

Song Lan said that he could send you to study abroad.

Don’t worry about the money.

How about avoiding the limelight”

Shi Ran was not the one who escaped, so she pretended to be relaxed and asked: “Why do you think your sister is a little princess who can only escape”

“A true warrior dares to face dripping blood.”

Shi Yu couldn’t bear it: “But this time it pushed you to the cusp of the storm.

Your company will come up with emergency measures, but I’m afraid it will be detrimental to you.”

The changing numbers in the upper right corner of the elevator brought Shi Ran closer to where she was working.

Shi Ran looked at Shi Yu’s news and smiled: “What’s wrong Even if I’m fired, you can still get two more months of salary.

What are you afraid of”

The worst result, she said,

But she, who always prepared for the worst early, couldn’t face this result this time.

Shi Yu still felt uneasy and said again: “Sister, I think you should consider the matter of going abroad.

Further education is not a bad thing.

When the storm passes, no one will remember it.

Shi Ran understood the truth in Shi Yu’s words, but she just didn’t want to leave.

Even though this was the center of the storm vortex, the person who could give her a sense of security was also there.

Shi Ran knew that Shi Yu was thinking of himself and that he must be in a mess right now, so she didn’t bother him but said, “I’ll think about it, and take care of your health.”

Shi Yu: “I know, sister, you must also think about it.”

Shi Ran replied with an “um,” and as the elevator door slowly opened, she called again: “Don’t say I’m at the company.”

The office at lunch break was quiet, as if the sound of high heels hitting the floor tiles was a sin.

Shi Ran let out a long sigh and walked out of the elevator, saying that she should not pay attention to these things, but she still lowered her head and opened Weibo.

But when she opened the hot search on Weibo again, she found that all the entries about SaRah had been suppressed.

Shi Ran knew it couldn’t be Shi Yu, so a name appeared in her mind unconsciously.

—The man who held her hand in the elevator this morning.

Although the hot search had gone down, people’s memories had not been erased.

Shi Ran, through the faint attention she had received along the way, knew that many of her colleagues in the studio already knew about it.

“It turns out that her father is so rich, no wonder she usually looks down on others.”

“Of course, otherwise, where will the capital come from Now, her father is in.

“Let’s see if she can be proud of herself later.”

Passing by the tearoom, the harsh conversation was more noticeable than the gaze that was spied on.

Shi Ran abruptly stopped walking towards the workstation and frowned and looked towards the tea room.

One was a woman who played well with Xiao Mei, who was fired from the modeling team, and the other was a woman who suspected Shi Ran of plagiarizing SaRah last time.

The two were in a state of embarrassment, and they were holding cups and whispering at the bar when they fell into trouble.

Xiao Ba, who was picking up the coffee, heard it, and scolded: “Hey! What are you talking about Although Ah Ran is indeed arrogant in normal times, at least she won’t get in trouble behind her back!”

Xiao Mei’s friend laughed: “Xiao Ba, you and Shi Ran usually have a good time.

Of course, we have endured her bad temper for a long time.”

When Da Xiong heard what she said, he whiffed his hand: “Hey! You are alone.

Don’t represent all of us, but we all like tsundere.

“That’s right.” Xu Mengtian echoed, “It’s like your elder sister Ku Shiran has been there for a long time, so if you have the ability, don’t bear it.

You also say the same when you can ask for help!”

“I’m afraid I don’t dare.” Xiao Ba said and pointed to Xiao Mei’s friend: “Last time, you stubbornly worked on the design for three days and drew nothing that satisfied Sister Xiaoyuan.

Is it because Ah Ran is off work Stay here to help you decide!”

“And you made a mistake in saving Ah Ran’s picture before, which caused her to paint from scratch.

Did Ah Ran grab you by the neck and beat you, or scold you behind your back “

“I don’t know if these things are done to the dog.

I don’t read it at all, the blood is almost dripping from my eyes!”

Xiao Ba yelled and replied word for word to these two people who were chewing their tongues behind their backs, gasping for breath.

Shi Ran’s heart was always warm when she heard that.

She stepped forward and put her hand on Xiao Ba’s shoulder, looked at the two people standing opposite to say nothing, and said, “Xiao Ba, don’t be angry with this kind of person.

Let’s just when a kind heart feeds a dog, then let it fend for itself; just walk around.

Xiao Ba sneered and said ruthlessly, “That is, you are kind.

If I see this kind of thing on the side of the road, I have to go up and kick two feet to finish the job.” I have the skill to draw two more strokes, and I still need to stare at other people’s housework here.

“Okay, Miss Ba, let’s go back.” Xu Mengtian was afraid that the dog on the other side would bite her in a hurry, so she walked toward the workstation after soothing the little girl.

Xiao Ba’s anger was mainly gone, and she held Shi Ran’s arm to comfort her and said, “Ah Ran, are you alright Don’t listen to these people.

Although Uncle went in, let’s still look forward and not be sad.”

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba’s busy manner of caressing herself except for the traitor, and smiled, “How can you see that I’m sad”

Seeing Shi Ran like this, Xu Mengtian was not very relieved: “Sister Shi Ran, if you are sad, just show it.

We are all by your side.”

“Yes.” Xiao Ba nodded.

Shi Ran felt extremely warm.

Two pairs of eyes with the same concern fell into Shi Ran’s line of sight.

But the warmer she is, the less she can show her wounds to them.

It was her fault.

She didn’t like others to pity her, and she couldn’t stand the complicated and loving eyes her friends would show her when she told her stories.

Shi Ran shook her head at Xiao Ba, and the others reached out and took out the cigarette she had put in the drawer.

Xiao Ba hurriedly asked, “Where are you going”

Shi Ran shook the cigarette case, “Smoking.”

“I’ll accompany you.” Xiao Ba knew that Shi Ran was smoking and went back to the rooftop, and was worried about getting up, but was pressed down by Shi Ran: “Have you finished your work Go to work.

I promise you I won’t go to the rooftop.

After speaking, Shi Ran looked at Xu Mengtian, who was about to stand up, and pointed at her with a cigarette case: “Not obedient”

Maybe this was a person’s natural aura.

Xu Mengtian sat back after Shi Ran pointed at her.

Shi Ran, as she told Xiao Ba, did not go to the rooftop to smoke this time.

It was not that she was afraid of jumping off, but she wanted to smoke, and she couldn’t wait for a moment.

I mentioned the discomfort in her heart in her mouth, and the anxiety in her heart seemed to be that many little wild cats were grinding their claws in Shi Ran’s heart.

Shi Ran went to the inaccessible safe passage, and as soon as she put her hand on the doorknob, she stopped.

She saw two figures of the same stature inside; one was Chen Ruoyu and the other was Shen Yan.

“We have already removed it for you, and will not come up again.” Shen Yan said.

“Thank you.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly.

Shen Yan waved her hand: “What’s there to thank for this We all know exactly what’s going on.

This time, the valuation of the game has been affected, but as long as it is suppressed, it will not be a big problem.

Speaking of Shen Yan’s words, it became obscure: “It’s just that now, that person can’t be kept.”

“It’s not just him, but the people there have to be dealt with together.”

As Chen Ruoyu said, even just a back figure standing in the shadow made people watch the hair stand up.

The person between the two of them had already touched the reverse scale.

Shen Yan nodded and said, “You can decide.”

Shi Ran felt that the conversation between Chen Ruoyu and Shen Yan was like playing a riddle.

And even if Chen Ruoyu and Sister Zhou Yuan had been together before, Shi Ran had never seen such an atmosphere.

The quiet space could hear the muffled chatter of the people inside.

Shi Ran knew she should leave, but the hand holding the doorknob was released, but the people were still standing outside motionless.

She couldn’t understand what they were talking about, and she felt a little uncomfortable and awkward.

“I know you’re upset, but can you stop frowning” Shen Yan’s voice became softer than before.

She took the phone and placed it in front of Chen Ruoyu, “Come and see our Nancy.”

A rectangular light flashed from the glass, and Shi Ran heard meowing from the phone.

“Do you know what Nancy is talking about She’s talking about her mom.

Mom, be happy.

If you frown all the time, there will be wrinkles, and it will look even more fierce,” Shen Yan said.

Chen Ruoyu did not return to Shen Yan but just looked at the orange cat in the picture and commented, “I am fat.”

“Of course.” Shen Yan seemed to be praised by Chen Ruoyu, a little proud, “I asked my aunt to study cat rice, and she eats there every day with a round belly.”

“A-Yu, look, our Nancy is no longer the poor skinny little girl she used to be, is she”

When the voice fell, Shi Ran suddenly felt like five claps of thunder hit the top.

Shen Yan said “our”.

Shen Yan asked her cat to call Chen Ruoyu “Mom.”

Not only did they have words they couldn’t understand, but they also raised a cat together.

It was exactly like a family.


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