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Chapter 69 – She was so jealous, really jealous

Thin clouds drifted across the sky, obscuring the full sun, and the already dim light in the corridor deepened.

On the other side of the glass, there was a blurry cat, and Shi Ran looked at it and felt that the meowing cat was grabbing her heart and playing with it like a ball of yarn.

Shi Ran wanted to break free from the grip of this emotion, but she couldn’t shake it off.

After the video was played, Chen Ruoyu’s eyes still lingered on Shen Yan’s mobile phone screen.

However, Shen Yan turned to look at Chen Ruoyu and was reminded, with some dissatisfaction, “Have you been drinking a little less water recently”

Chen Ruoyu pursed her lower lip, and before she could deny it, Shen Yan said again: “It’s not that you don’t know that your skin will become terrible if it lacks a little water.

Now the sky is moister, but you can’t replenish water in time.

Eight glasses of water a day is just too much.

Shen Yan’s words were filled with caring nag, and Chen Ruoyu only replied indifferently, “I see.”

It looked like she was taking on a mission, and there was no change in her expression.

“It’s almost the same.” Shen Yan smiled with satisfaction.

A slanted smear fell through the glass and fell into Shi Ran’s line of sight, looking particularly dazzling.

The two seemed to have nothing to say, but neither of them said to go first.

Shen Yan just raised her head to look at Chen Ruoyu.

Her amber eyes were bright in the dark, and before Shi Ran could guess what she was going to do, she saw her raise her hand and probe Chen Ruoyu’s face.

Those slender fingers probed infinitely towards the cheek that Shi Ran had stroked countless times, making people look as ambiguous as they were.

Shi Ran felt she should rush in now and ask them what they were doing, but her body seemed to have a cold, shaking like the dead branches blown by the wind in the autumn.

The hand holding the doorknob dropped suddenly, and Shi Ran turned around abruptly, unwilling and daring to look any longer at her messy steps.

She found that Shen Yan knew a lot of Chen Ruoyu’s habits, and the two of them were closer than she thought.

Shi Ran’s mind was in a mess; all kinds of guesses and all kinds of voices were churning in her mind.

“Because I always feel that Sister Shi Ran looks a bit like my sister, so I’m naturally closer to Sister Shi Ran.”

“Look, does Ah Ran look like our President Shen”

“It’s just that I always think that you are quite similar to Senior Sister Chen Yan.

That’s the… She’s like Bai Yueguang, and you’re a cinnabar mole.”

“Then how is your relationship with Chen Ruoyu”

“In the words of our class, it’s…”

“Sisters of love”

“Water and fire are incompatible.”

The bright corridor lights stretched the shadow of the person very long, and the thin and thin body was like a crumbling flower stamen.

Messy conversations kept passing through Shi Ran’s mind, shattering her originally unshakable confidence.

Yes, why did the two people who were incompatible before have a one-night stand on the day of their reunion

Alcohol was the best excuse to hide everything and the mirror that best brings out a person’s desires.

They were a couple now, but it was only limited to the couple.

It was a secret that only those who were close to them knew.

And those close people include Shen Yan, who just returned to China.

A thought suddenly popped into Shi Ran’s head that made her chill.

Everyone could see that they look similar to Shen Yan.

Couldn’t Chen Ruoyu see it

Hasn’t she looked into her eyes every night

She was so jealous, really jealous.

Jealous of the cat that Chen Yan and Chen Ruoyu raised together, and jealous of Shen Yan and Chen Ruoyu’s staying abroad for so many years.

Jealous of her coming one step ahead of herself

In everyone’s mouth, she was just a similar product with eyebrows and eyes like hers.

That was when Wan Wan Leqing, whom she thought about in Chen Yinbing Gallery that day, unexpectedly fell on her.

Shi Ran’s world silently cracked a trace in the warm noon of spring, and the stairwell where everything was seen was still quiet, even a little embarrassed.

Shi Ran didn’t know that, the moment she turned to leave, Chen Ruoyu avoided Shen Yan and reached out.

Shen Yan’s hand in the air froze awkwardly.

She forced a smile and reminded: “There is something on your head.

I’ll just take it down for you.”

However, Chen Ruoyu still refused to let Shen Yan touch her, only saying, “Where is it”

Shen Yan heard that, although her face was not obvious, she was disappointed for a moment in her heart.

She retracted her hand that was hanging in the air, pointed to the corresponding position in her hair, and said, “Here, a little white hair.”

“Thank you.” Chen Ruoyu said without emotion, raised her hand, and took off the little white hair stuck to her hair.

Then she crushed the thing in her hand and said, “It’s better to tell me first.”

Shen Yan laughed, pretending to be relaxed and teasing: “Really, if you have a girlfriend, you won’t keep your distance like this, right”

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu nodded seriously.

Both of them were the same, with small hearts.

However, Shen Yan said, “She can’t see again.”

Chen Ruoyu denied it, saying, “It doesn’t work either.”

Shen Yan rarely saw Chen Ruoyu being so serious about a trivial matter, leaned against the wall and sighed, and said frankly, “Can I say I’m a little jealous”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer.

She just glanced at the watch on her wrist and said, “It’s getting late.

I’ll go back first, and I’ll go to Chengcheng in the afternoon.”

Shen Yan nodded and said again, “Would you like me to go with you”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu refused, “You will only make them feel that SaRah is very serious about our studio.”

“Got it.” Shen Yan smiled, “It’s enough for you to protect her.”

At noon, Xiao Ba and the others who helped Shi Ran spoke, and no one in the office wanted to get in trouble, and it was not obvious.

But Xiao Ba and the others could intimidate the bright spear, but they couldn’t stop the dark arrow.

In the online world, there would still be people who claim to be the messengers of justice, who would send private messages to scold Shi Ran and scold Shi Ran, and their swear words were unsightly.

She did nothing, and today she just wants to get rid of Shi Haijun’s restraint.

But because of the title of “Shi Haijun’s daughter”, these people rushed over to remind her, and let her take on these responsibilities that she didn’t have to bear at all, which became an outlet for these people to vent their emotions.

And the apostles were also involved.

In the early stages, how deeply SaRah was bound to the apostles, and now how many opponents have bought navy troops to sow discord.

Xiao Ba looked at the rhythmic person in the apostle’s super words, and the screen cracked when she knocked on the screen.

The super words were also a cloud of smoke, and there were even people who wanted the apostle to fire SaRah.

The large conference room that was not commonly used in the studio was opened again after the last final closed beta summary meeting.

Shi Ran was very confused as she watched the leaders of several large groups and the responsible person go over there.

Shi Yu’s speculation at noon was being staged.

She was like meat on a chopping block, but her emotion was not fear, but reluctance.

She hadn’t seen her Icarus come out, hadn’t shared the character she’d created yet, and she didn’t want to leave Final.

Shi Ran’s distraction was so obvious that even Xu Mengtian noticed it.

She put her chocolate box in front of Shi Ran and said, “Sister Shi Ran, do you want to eat chocolate You’ve been sitting in front of the computer all day, so add some energy.

“Thank you.” Shi Ran said, picking out a bar of dark chocolate from it.

The bitter taste spread to her taste buds along the tip of her tongue.

She didn’t like to eat bitter things, but this time she ate the whole chocolate.

It was also at this moment that the door of the conference room in the distance was pushed open from the inside.

Everyone’s faces looked a little dignified, and even Shen Yan’s, who had always been silent, came out with a dark face as if she had chosen the most difficult plan.

Zhou Yuan was the last one to come out.

When she went out, she just put her mobile phone in her pocket.

She walked to Shi Ran’s workstation and gave her reassurance: “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Final will not give up any partners.

There is a long way to go.

Score twelve points.

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded, but there was no joy on her face.

When the company’s rights struggle was heating up, her incident would definitely become a handle for the family.

No wonder everyone’s faces were not very good-looking when they came out.

Zhou Yuan saw the smile on Shi Ran’s face when she couldn’t wait for a long time and then leaned over to her side and whispered, “Ah Yu said she is here.”

This sentence was like a reassurance pill, and like a thorn, deeply penetrated into Shi Ran’s heart.

It made her truly feel her dependence on this person, and it made her think of the cat named Nancy with great pain.

Shi Ran forced a three-point smile on her face and said to Zhou Yuan: “I know Sister Zhou Yuan, I will try my best to do all the work at hand so as not to embarrass our original painting team.”

“That’s right.” Zhou Yuan said and patted Shi Ran on the back, “You did nothing wrong.

Straighten your back.”

Maybe Zhou Yuan’s words encouraged Shi Ran, or maybe she simply wanted to numb her nerves through hard work.

As night fell and the lights came up, the light above Shi Ran’s station became the only light in the original painting group.

After saving the line draft, Shi Ran looked up only to realize that it was almost ten o’clock.

There were many unread messages on the phone, but none of them was what Shi Ran was looking forward to.

She did not contact Chen Ruoyu, and this person did not contact her.

A little lost.

Shi Ran packed her things with a sullen face and was about to get off work, but her hand holding the bag still unconsciously opened the phone and clicked on the hot search.

The hot search was long gone without her, and Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu would do it, but she just wanted to confirm it again, and anxiously wanted to confirm it again.

It was as if she was making sure that Chen Ruoyu was still on her side.

The hot search did not find her, but the private messages were lit up with red circles.

It was like Pandora’s box, tempting her to open the box that would make her uneasy.

Shi Ran stared at the red circle of 99 , her fingers hanging on the screen.

After a long while, she couldn’t help but click on the private message.

Just like what she said to Shi Yu, loyal warriors dare to face dripping blood.

There were many private messages, both good and bad.

The light fell on Shi Ran’s face, and her expression was sometimes relaxed and sometimes tense, but she accepted it very well.

Harsh words hurt June Han, but a warm word could also make her feel relieved for a while.

She didn’t deliberately look at the private messages that she knew were bad words at a glance but opened those private messages that encouraged and comforted her, like a homeless person walking alone in the cold winter picking up firewood.

After a while, Shi Ran previewed the last private message: “Madam, work hard!”

Shi Ran looked at the encouraging words in front of her and the happy-smiling image in the back.

She thought it was someone who didn’t surf the Internet very often and misused the yin and yang expressions, which finally clicked her.

The person also posted a moving picture above the private message, and several pictures of spring flowers were beating on the screen.

Shi Ran looked at the relaxed mood and slowly raised her lips, and at this moment, many terrifying pictures rushed out of the picture.

Open intestines and belly, blood dripping.

Countless pale limbs filled her screen.

Shi Ran was frightened in an instant, and the phone was thrown out suddenly, cracking one after another.

Her whole body froze, and in the dark environment, she uncontrollably circulated the picture she saw in her head.

The night outside was the warmth of spring, but Shi Ran felt that there was a chilly wind raging around her.

The terror continued, and a warm hand suddenly blocked her vision.

The fragrance that she hadn’t smelled for a long time fell on the tip of her nose with cold air.

Chen Ruoyu stood behind her and covered her eyes: “Don’t look at it.”


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