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Chapter 70 – They were the partners who had a tacit understanding in their hearts.

She didn’t know if it was because of the presence of a familiar person beside her that Shi Ran’s tense emotions were snapped.

She felt the moisture in her eyes, and the swirling tears gathered from her eyes, wet her eyelashes, and Chen Ruoyu’s palm in front of her eyes.

The teardrops were light, but Chen Ruoyu felt that her heart was smashed by the teardrops.

She hugged Shi Ran from behind and said, “Sorry, it’s the Final that has troubled you, and I’ll handle it.”

This man still had the same determined tone as before, comforting Shi Ran’s frightened heart.

But this time, she didn’t have the peace of mind she should have in the past.

Shi Ran shook her head: “I’m fine.”

As she said that, she took away Chen Ruoyu’s hand that was blocking her line of sight, and the tears also retreated to her eyes with her deliberate movements, and she asked, “Why are you back”

Shi Ran’s voice was a little weak, as if she didn’t want to be okay at all.

Chen Ruoyu did not expose it, but replied, “I found you were not there when I got home.

I went to the eastern suburbs first, and then I came to the company, which took some time.

Shi Ran heard and knew that she should be at ease, but she still asked mysteriously: “What if I’m not here yet”

“Then I’ll call the police.” Chen Ruoyu said.

The man was serious, and Shi Ran raised her lower lip with a smile.

It was just that she couldn’t lift her spirits; her lips were raised reluctantly, and there was only a sense of humor in her tone that was almost the same as usual: “Why, you’re so afraid of not being able to find me.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “Yes.”

It was an affirmative answer, like a reassuring pill that fell into her heart along with Shi Ran’s ear canal.

The atmosphere was one of silence, where the lights were gradually being swallowed by the darkness.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu standing beside her, and there was something to say in her eyes, but the red lips were always closed, and the words she wanted to ask did not form a sentence in her heart.

had collapsed.

Although Shi Ran didn’t want to admit it, she was already shaken by Shen Yan’s words that she heard in the safe passage.

She didn’t dare ask Chen Ruoyu about the cat or about the substitute; she guessed.

Shi Ran silently picked up her mobile phone from the smashed desktop, slammed it backward, and exited the interface just now.

She realized that after she was frightened just now, there was also the feeling of stability brought by Chen Ruoyu covering her eyes.

Shi Ran needed Chen Ruoyu to stay by her side now and was even more afraid that if she asked, she would lose her forever.

She was now like a person who fell into rushing water, clinging to the life-saving straw, regardless of whether the straw was really herself.

It was better to stay by your side, anyway.

Be with you and never leave.

The first day of Chen Yinbing’s art exhibition was on Saturday.

While Shi Ran was still sleeping, Chen Ruoyu had already set off.

When she woke up, there was only the warm sun in the room with her.

Shi Ran was a little disappointed.

She knew that spring had finally come for a long time, but she still felt cold.

Chen Ruoyu’s message was posted on the refrigerator, and there was a breakfast in the microwave that only needed to be warmed.

When the time was set, the sound of the microwave oven broke the silence of the small room.

Shi Ran was standing in front of the microwave, not knowing what she was thinking.

She didn’t take out the things until the beeping sounded for a long time.

Shi Ran forgot to wear gloves, and the slightly higher temperature burned her hands.

The pain made her frown, and she finally realized that something was wrong with her these last two days.

The aftershocks of Shi Haijun’s incident hadn’t dissipated, and the studio was running fast every day, while Chen Ruoyu went out early and returned late almost every day.

Shi Ran felt her emotions were being involved in various things, and her brain was living numbly with selective avoidance.

This isn’t the way to go.

Shi Ran sighed, feeling that she should face reality.

Shi Ran watched and decided in her heart.

The sticky note with Chen Ruoyu’s message on it was still firmly attached to the refrigerator.

When she came back today, she would have to have a good talk with her.

Even Shi Ran was resisting the decision she had made at the moment.

It was as if she had already decided that she was the substitute.

The mood fell again for no reason when Shi Ran’s mobile phone vibrated.

It was an unfamiliar number from the local city of S.

Shi Ran frowned and picked it up carefully, “Hello, hello.”

“It’s me, Shi Ran.”

The voice on the other end of the phone rang, and Shi Ran’s expression changed.

This unfamiliar number was not a harassing call from human flesh, nor was it a sales promotion.

It was Song Yi who should have taken part in the Chen Yinbing painting exhibition today.

Shi Ran’s face was stiff.

“What’s the matter Song Yi.”

Song Yi was mentally prepared for Shi Ran’s response and said in a calm voice, “I just heard about your family and wanted to take care of you.

Don’t be so wary of me, okay

“I’m fine, I’m fine.

Thank you for your concern.”

Shi Ran always felt that Song Yi’s concern was abrupt, and she was about to hang up.

But Song Yi seemed to guess that she would do this, and she said hurriedly, “Don’t hang up first, okay I have something to tell you, and I think you will want to hear it.

Shi Ran was unmoved and still wanted to hang up.

Song Yi didn’t wait for her to speak and said, “About your brother, don’t you want to hear it”

When the voice fell, Shi Ran fell silent.

The only people she cared about were those around her, and Song Yi caught the one she cared about the most.

Song Yi listened to the silence on the other end of the phone and said, “I heard that his business has encountered a lot of resistance because of your father’s relationship.” Did Ah Yu tell you that today was my uncle’s art exhibition You also know that my uncle is in the art world.

Many people from all walks of life have come to the exhibition today.

You might as well come over and ask your family friend Ah Yu to introduce you.

Maybe you could help your brother through this difficult time.

Shi Ran was a little hesitant and shaken when she heard Song Yi’s stony expression.

Although she didn’t know where Song Yi heard about Shi Yu, what she said was not without reason.

Although Shi Yu had never told herself what happened to her these days, how could she be better than herself if she was still like this

There must be a lot of bigwigs in the industry today.

If she could hold such an olive branch for Shi Yu under the recommendation of Chen Ruoyu, presumably her next road would not be so difficult.

“I know I’ve done a lot of bad things before, but this time I’m really thinking about you.

I’m still looking forward to your coming today.

I didn’t expect Ah Yu to bring you, so I called you.

“You don’t want to see me, but give your brother some thought.

I won’t bother you, really.”

Song Yi’s sincerity sounded like she was thinking of Shi Ran completely.

Shi Ran was also shaken, and her tone sounded much softer than before: “Okay, I see.

Thank you, Song Yi.”

Song Yi heard a satisfied smile on her face and said, “No thanks, this is what I should do and I owe you.”

“Come early.

I’m afraid you won’t have so many opportunities if you come late.” Song Yi urged, not bothering Shi Ran like before, she hung up the phone on her own initiative.

After exiting the call interface, Shi Ran hesitated and called Chen Ruoyu.

The sound of vibration rang out from the bag, and the paper towel carefully swept the surface of the leather bag soaked with water, as if not hearing the vibration from inside.

Seeing this, the servant in the room hurriedly recalled: “Miss Song, the phone is ringing in Miss Chen’s bag.”

Song Yi still unhurriedly wiped the bag of Chen Ruoyu that she accidentally poured the champagne on just now, pursed her lips, and said, “It doesn’t matter.

I saw it just now.

It’s just a sales call.

Just wait for her to hang up.”

The servant still found it strange, but because she was a servant, she didn’t dare ask any more questions.

Shi Ran tried to get through to Chen Ruoyu’s phone but didn’t get through, but the car had already arrived downstairs.

After seeing the driver’s master urging a few times, she sent Chen Ruoyu a few messages and went alone.

Shi Ran went to Chen Yinbing’s gallery, and the journey was smooth, and she arrived in less than 15 minutes.

This time, the art gallery was not as deserted as when she went there a few days ago.

The unnamed flowers on the roadside were blooming brightly in the sunny sunshine, and the cars parked in the parking lot were expensive.

Shi Ran sorted out the cheongsam she bought from Yan Ning a few days ago, took a breath, and got out of the car.

At the door, there was a person waiting for her to come.

It was just that the person waiting for her was not Chen Ruoyu, but Song Yi, who just said that she would not pester her anymore.

Shi Ran looked at this woman from a distance, not knowing why she felt like a weasel was greeting the rooster for the New Year.

Song Yi, however, didn’t care about Shi Ran’s unnatural expression after seeing her, and greeted her with a smile: “Ah Ran, you’re here.”

Shi Ran was vigilant: “Why are you here”

“Wait for you.” Song Yi smiled softly, her eyes bent like cashew nuts.

“Ah Yu is busy inside, so I’ll come to guide you.”

Shi Ran didn’t quite believe it, but Song Yi didn’t give her a chance to ponder it and reminded her: “Come on, it’s getting late.”

The sun was gradually rising over the dome, and the time was quietly approaching noon.

Shi Ran still didn’t trust Song Yi, so he took a cautious step and walked towards the hall while keeping a distance from Song Yi.

Shi Ran had seen paintings of Chen Yinbing before, but the few people in the venue made the whole venue seem quiet.

Shi Ran was still wondering why there seemed to be many cars parked outside but few people when she heard a piano and violin in the distance.

The melodious melody floats from the doorway on the wind, and the ancient paintings pass through the viewer’s line of sight along with the sound, giving people a wonderful feeling of eclectic Chinese and Western.

“These two people have a tacit understanding.” Song Yi commented with a look of enjoyment.

Shi Ran walked beside her and did not respond to her words.

It was just that the sound of the piano and the violin were intertwined, light and ethereal, so she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart: There was indeed a tacit understanding.

The closer you were to the music, the more people were nearby.

Big bosses from all walks of life came in droves, and the graceful and luxurious silk and satin seemed a little blank here.

Song Yi still wanted to take Shi Ran inside, but turned around and saw Shi Ran parked outside the corridor.

The leaves on one side blocked a lot of sunlight, but she still saw the stagnation on Shi Ran’s face.

She recognized at a glance the man who was sitting in front of the piano with only a back view and, even more so, the violin player, who was facing everyone.

Chen Ruoyu and Shen Yan.

They were the partners who had a tacit understanding in their hearts.

“This Miss Shen really matches Mr.

Chen’s daughter.”

“I heard that these two are still studying together for six or seven years.”

“Then what do you mean by saying that Miss Chen brought Miss Shen to the Master’s Art Exhibition today”

“Today, so many bigwigs in the industry are here to cheer for the old man.

Miss Shen has only recently returned to China to help her open up her social circle.”

“I think it’s more than that.

You look at the sullen expression over there, and it looks like you’re very satisfied with Miss Shen.”

“No, otherwise, why did she just push Miss Shen to join her in the middle of the performance Isn’t this a deliberate match “

“One is the eldest lady of YT, and the other is the daughter of everyone in the art world.

Whether it’s family background or looks, they are a perfect match.


The truth was covered up by gossip, and everyone likes to add an ambiguous color to the simple truth, so gossip goes on and on.

Song Yi listened on the sidelines and said, “Actually, I am also very puzzled today.” Shi Ran, since you are Ah Yu’s girlfriend, why did she bring another person and introduce them to so many people today Did I misunderstand something Could it be that Miss Shen is her justifiable girlfriend “

Shi Ran was silent, and her expressionless face was staring coldly at Song Yi, who was smiling at her.

The performance was over soon, and some people wanted to see the cooperation between the two, but Chen Ruoyu stood up from the piano bench with a blank expression.

The servant at home came over and returned the bag that Song Yi had wet just now to Chen Ruoyu, and said in her ear, uneasy: “Miss, you had a few calls just now.

Miss Song said it’s okay, but I think you’d better look.”

“Thank you.” Chen Ruoyu said, her voice low.

Chen Ruoyu always felt that Song Yi wetting her bag was a little deliberate, but now that she heard the servant say so, she opened the bag neatly.

When the screen lit up, she saw that the missed calls and message notifications were marked with the name “Shi Ran”.

Chen Ruoyu was shocked, and an awful premonition came from the top of her head.

She hadn’t read Shi Ran’s message to herself, and she looked out.

The audience who had just watched gradually dispersed, and the two were facing each other far away.

It was not a corridor, but an enormous gap.


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