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Chapter 72 – She didn’t want to be a dodder.

The smell of disinfectant in the hallway was sobering and excessive, and the sound of the rolling wheels of a small cart ran over.

She felt a panic attack after seven years.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the person who had just said this to her and said, “Shi Ran, if it’s because of things in the gallery, I can explain it.”

Shi Ran shook her head: “It’s not just because of this.”

“Then if you bring it up, I will give you a reasonable explanation.” Chen Ruoyu said.

All her panic was revealed in her words.

Shi Ran still shook her head, her fox-like eyes lowered, and said, “You can’t give it to me.”

Because now it wasn’t just about Shen Yan’s conflict, but Shi Ran herself couldn’t tell whether she liked Chen Ruoyu or whether she was attached to her rights.

Just like what Xiao Ba said before, Chen Ruoyu and Zhou Yuan were like Zhou Yuan.

They were great to their lovers; they were always protective and partial, and they would not even show their exhaustion to the other party.

But it was this perfection that made their other half uneasy.

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip and said to Chen Ruoyu the thoughts that had accumulated in her heart these days: “There are some conflicts between us.

You know everything about me, but I thought I knew everything about you, but I found out that you still haven’t There are a lot of things I don’t know.”

“I didn’t know that your skin is sensitive and can get worse without water.”

This was just a minor point about life, but Shi Ran mentions it.

But it seemed like there were thousands of waves raging in her heart.

She used to think that she knew more about Chen Ruoyu than Zhou Yuan.

The two of them shared many secrets.

However, her understanding of Chen Ruoyu became very poor after Shen Yan’s arrival.

There was a seven-year gap between them, and they had different social circles.

The reversed sequence blurred Shi Ran’s emotional transition towards Chen Ruoyu, and Shen Yan was just the biggest root tumor derived from this lack of understanding.

The people inside the elevator came out, and the people outside filed in.

After returning home, the decision to wait for her to talk about it wasn’t implemented.

Shi Ran didn’t leave in a hurry but took a shallow breath of the air mixed with the smell of disinfectant and said, “Chen Ruoyu, I just found out now that I don’t know you very well, and I don’t mind this kind of thing.

It feels like it makes me less like me.

For Shi Ran, love should be equality.

She would no longer be so extreme as to be accommodating, like when she was with Song Yi, and she would not be attached to the favor Chen Ruoyu gave her, as she did in the past two days.

She didn’t want to be a dodder.

even if it was coerced by fate.

She needs to prove, or even rediscover, her feelings for Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran clenched her hands on the plain silk and satin and continued: “And there have been so many things happening here in Shi Yu recently, I’m really at a loss for what to do.

You can also see how my mother looked just now.

I know you will say, she’s not a trouble, but I don’t want to hear her grinding my ears repeatedly; it’s so annoying, right”

Shi Ran smiled reluctantly at Chen Ruoyu as if asking for opinions.

The fox’s eyes would still be curved when she smiles, but without the light, the dimness would only make people feel distressed.

Shi Ran laid the groundwork for a lot, said a lot, and gave a lot of examples.

She was looking for a suitable reason not only for Chen Ruoyu but also for herself.

A group of passengers had just left the elevator, and the two of them were left alone.

In the quiet hospital, it was another kind of quiet.

Shi Ran clenched her hand again, her slightly open lips sucked in the cold air.

As if it took a lot of effort, she finally opened her mouth again and repeated and said firmly: “So Chen Ruoyu, Let’s stop here.”

When the words fell, Shi Ran summoned a lot of courage to look at Chen Ruoyu.

There was still no expression on the man’s face, but Shi Ran read grief between her brows.

Shi Ran felt as if someone had pinched her heart with a fingernail.

She was afraid that her heart would soften, so she lowered her head at a glance and added, “I have to take care of Shi Yu in the hospital these days, so I won’t return for the time being.

It’s home.

The room over there should be almost renovated, so you should pack your things and go back to life.

The key to the house, just put it on the cabinet at the entrance when you leave…”

Shi Ran arranged the separation of the two people sentence by sentence.

Beneath the calm voice was a bluntly beating heart.

Only then did she realize that her choice at the beginning was simply an impossible thing to achieve.

“Life” was not a game, so there was no way to delete files without deleting them.

Some people silently merge into your world, live in your heart, and if they think about letting go and leaving, it could only be a pain in their hearts.

The sun hangs straight on the dome, and the warmth of the late spring makes people unable to open their eyes.

Chen Ruoyu just listened, and after Shi Ran’s last sentence, she finally said, “What if I say ‘no’”

Shi Ran expected that Chen Ruoyu would ask such a question, but she still didn’t have the courage to look up at Chen Ruoyu, and she only said, “As you said, I can unilaterally terminate the contract.”

“What if I unilaterally disagree What if I unilaterally want to continue with you” Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s profile and asked two unanswerable questions in a row.

Then, without waiting for Shi Ran to say anything, she said to Shi Ran firmly: “I can accept the suspension of our relationship, but I absolutely do not agree to break up.”

She listened to what Shi Ran told her just now.

She could understand Shi Ran’s anxiety now, but she would never let go of Shi Ran again.

Shi Ran shook her head: “There’s no such reason.

It’s unfair to you.”

However, Chen Ruoyu said, “You could be more selfish towards me.”

The passers-by around me were noisy, but Chen Ruoyu’s voice was obvious.

Shi Ran listened, her sour heart softened as if being hugged and cared for, the tightly closed lips opened and closed, and the smell of disinfectant was even colder than before.

Shi Ran struggled to say no, but Chen Ruoyu was assertive.

After only a few seconds, she said, “The three-second countdown is over, and you have no right to refuse again.”

It was arrogant and unreasonable, but Chen Ruoyu said it seriously.

Shi Ran looked at the childishness on this man’s face, and the corners of her mouth raised a bitter smile under the light.

Facing the man in front of her with a bit of helplessness, she recovered a bit of spirit and complained: “This is not an auction.” You just don’t want to break up with me.

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “Yes.”

She watched Shi Ran finally turn to look at her eyes and said to her with deep eyes, “I can’t bear it.”

The love words of separation always seem to be more moving than usual, and Chen Ruoyu’s voice was far gentler than when she was affectionate.

Shi Ran heard her heart shaking and looked at Chen Ruoyu without saying a word.

There were people coming and going around, and the light gave everyone a phantom, leaving only the two people who were entangled.

Shi Ran put on the red lipstick she used on weekdays today.

It was as plump and delicious as the most beautiful cherry in summer.

Chen Ruoyu looked at it, hooked Shi Ran’s hand slightly, and asked softly, “Last kiss”

Shi Ran smiled this time, raised her hand, and hammered Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder, “How can you take advantage of your ex-girlfriend if you break up”

“Isn’t it just for the time being” Chen Ruoyu said.

It’s a trial.

Shi Ran knew but did not answer, turned, and walked towards the elevator.

She had no answer in her mind.

She still separated, whether it was because she didn’t want Chen Ruoyu to be harassed by her mother or because she didn’t want to be a dodder.

Although it was said to be suspended, it was still unknown whether it would be suspended indefinitely.

There were many people getting on the elevator, so Shi Ran walked over and was at the outermost line.

The people in front were constantly advancing, but Shi Ran seemed to have thought of something, and stopped suddenly, turned around, and said to Chen Ruoyu: “Chen Ruoyu, Shen Yan was more suitable for you than me.

Her family background is innocent, her personality is good, and her appearance is good.

… the appearance is as well

Shi Ran said with difficulty the last sentence about the two of them looking alike, enduring the repulsion in her heart to test the person who had sworn to her just now.

However, Chen Ruoyu gave Shi Ran something she would never have thought of: “I’m not my father.”

Obscure but straightforward.

It was something that only the two of them knew.

Shi Ran remembered the word “Shen Yan” once more.

She put Shen Yan into the ranks of those not knowing about this matter, looked at Chen Ruoyu from a distance, and walked into the elevator without speaking.

Chen Ruoyu just watched Shi Ran disappear through the crack of the slowly closing door as if this meeting was really their farewell, and her chest felt involuntary dull colic.

She didn’t answer the question that could make her feel at ease when she left; she seemed to take her own heart with her when she left.

Nails embedded in flesh, pale palms hidden in clenched fists.

The crowded elevator scattered light on Chen Ruoyu’s face, and those dark and bright eyes of the past were completely dimmed.

like a puppet with a lost soul.

The lights were on, and night fell.

The bizarre lights were intertwined in the bustling streets, and the neon signs flashing in the bars were eye-catching and lit up in unique patterns.

The red Porsche parked in the parking lot in front of the bar was like a knife cutting through the night.

Many people’s eyes followed the car to stop, looking forward to what kind of person would come out of this car.

The door was pushed open from the inside.

Zhou Yuan rarely wore a hot black skirt with hip wraps, and the short leather jacket made her look a little awkward.

The stilettos stepped on the stone and brick ground, and the force seemed to break a person’s leg bone.

She was called out to drink by Chen Ruoyu.

Because I have been really troubled recently, my clothes were also ostentatious.

The weirdness outside the venue continued into the bar.

The huge light ball was slowly rotating in the center of the venue.

A woman in a rock and roll dress was holding a guitar and singing an English song.

The slightly low, smoky voice seemed to rise from the desert.

A handful of sand.

The position Chen Ruoyu sent to Zhou Yuan was the bar, and Zhou Yuan walked towards the bar in the dim light.

As soon as she arrived nearby, she saw a somewhat handsome man leaving the bar with her head drooping, with a faint embarrassment on her face.

Zhou Yuan looked a little curious, but turned her head and didn’t feel curious anymore.

Looking in the direction the man left, I could see a woman sitting alone at the bar drinking.

The long, violet velvet dress had a fork slanted, and the slender and well-proportioned legs were not half eye-catching in the dim light.

Chen Ruoyu held a tall cocktail glass in her hands, and her own eyes wrote of the danger of refusing people thousands of miles away, as well as the gloom and loneliness that still attracted people who were not afraid of death to come and chat.


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