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Chapter 75 – I did it on purpose

The night was not too dark, and the feasting night scene was just now.

The car parked on the side of the road received the news and slowly stopped downstairs at the hotel.

Teacher Qin, who was supposed to be chatting with others in the box, came out of the hall with a blank face and got into the car.

Several juniors were by the roadside.

Farewell, this dinner did not take long to end.

Teacher Ning looked terrible and said to Song Yi: “Xiao Song, you promised me so much at the beginning.

I thought you really had something you could do, but it turned out to be just an embroidered pillow.

I don’t think I can do anything.

You’d better find another place.

Song Yi wanted to explain, but Teacher Ning didn’t give her a chance and turned around and got into her car.

At that moment, only Song Yi and Chen Ruoyu were left at the entrance of the hotel.

Song Yi suppressed the anger on her face and asked kindly, “Ayu, aren’t you planning to take over my uncle’s gallery Why did you take over so suddenly “

“This is my family business.” Chen Ruoyu replied calmly.

Song Yi’s expression was unnatural for a moment, then she raised her head and looked at the lights in the distance, and said, “I am also the niece of my uncle and aunt.”

It means that she and Chen Ruoyu are also a family.

Hearing this, Chen Ruoyu turned her eyes slightly and divided her gaze with Song Yi.

The dark night and the dim light made her look more like the mother Chen Ruoyu had only seen in the photos, but she knew this person was no longer her family, so she said in a light voice: “But your surname is not Chen.”

Song Yi was surprised by Chen Ruoyu’s words, stabbing the most vulnerable part of her vanity.

Harmony was broken.

She turned to look at Chen Ruoyu and sneered: “Then I have enough face.

Please take over the things you don’t want to take over, just to hinder me this time.

“Congratulations, you did it.

What you said during the banquet successfully spoiled the opportunity I finally won.

Are you happy ” Song Yi said, and the anger in her eyes could no longer be seen.

She covered it up and stared at the culprit.

She thought she was the culprit.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer Song Yi, but she knew what she meant, and said clearly: “You don’t have to put all the responsibilities on me.

The upper limit of your ability is there.

No matter how you beautify it, the flaw is still there.

Another denial of her own strength.

Even though it wasn’t the first time Song Yi heard about this, she still felt that the harsh words made her angry.

Looking at Chen Ruoyu who was alone, she was a little furious, and said: “Then you can’t just destroy the relationship that I have worked so hard to maintain, the matter between you and Shi Ran is originally between you, you If you feel uncomfortable, take your anger out on me.

Did you do it on purpose “

Chen Ruoyu didn’t expect Song Yi to mention Shi Ran so quickly, and she really admired her reaction speed.

This time, Chen Ruoyu didn’t ignore Song Yi’s innocent clamor and didn’t deny the question; she just admitted in front of her: “Yes, I did it on purpose.”

She was waiting for her little fox to come back.

But before she can wait for her little fox to come back, she has to solve the surrounding crisis.

The first to endure this course was Song Yi, who was not good at learning no matter how many lessons she took.

In the past, she made knives and fish, but she was completely disappointed with this family.

But now that she has someone she wants to protect, it’s time to change it.

Song Yi did not expect that Chen Ruoyu would answer her so straightforwardly, and she cursed in vain, “Chen Ruoyu, are you sick!”

She was a little flustered and warned incoherently: “Do you know that you are taking malicious revenge now! Aren’t you afraid that my uncle will know You and I are sisters, blood relatives.

You can’t repay me A report! “

Chen Ruoyu sneered after listening to Song Yi’s far-fetched blood theory.

The pitch-black pupils half-dropped and looked at the bluffing person, and returned the words to her word for word: “I want to pay for it.”

As soon as the words fell, Chen Ruoyu’s car stopped in front of the two.

Her conversation with Song Yi was just a boring joke while waiting for the car.

Now that the car had come, Chen Ruoyu withdrew her gaze from Song Yi, said “Excuse me”, opened the door and sat in the back of the car.

The bright lights passed through Song Yi’s eyes and merged into the night traffic.

She just stared at the car that Chen Ruoyu was walking away from, and tightly clasped the hands hanging by her side.

No one remembers that the two of them are cousins, and Chen Ruoyu should take Song Yi along for a while.

Only two teachers, Qin and Ning, would praise Chen’s daughter for her eyes when talking with others in the future, and that girl, named Song Yi, was unrefined.

The village was always leisurely and busy at night.

Summer was approaching, and the wind was too warm.

The alarm clock has been ringing for a long time, but Shi Ran still doesn’t want to wake up.

She hugged the pillow and leaned in one direction, as if someone in that position could block the annoying sunlight.

It’s just that she was the only one in this room, and even if she gets to the other side of the bed, there will be no one who can block her from the sun.

Shi Ran bluntly opened her eyes, realizing this.

Her dark pupils looked at the empty bedside and wrote in chaotic frustration.

Because Shi Yu wasn’t stable yet, Shi Ran didn’t dare go elsewhere on vacation, but went to the little old lady’s house in the eastern suburbs.

The mountains and rivers here are beautiful, and the mountains and forests that have not been over-developed are like a paradise, so it was the best place to rest and hide.

In my spare time, I go to the mountains with my easel to collect scenery, and then share my sketches with everyone on Weibo.

Seeing the lively and joyful comment area, Shi Ran kept exiling the things that he deliberately wanted to avoid.

It’s just been almost a week since I came here, and the habit Shi Ran developed in that small apartment in the city still hasn’t changed.

The body that was accustomed to waking up in this person’s arms will still be disappointed.

Some people say that when you wake up in the evening, you can feel the most lonely.

Shi Ran sat on the bed and watched the last ray of light from the window, inexplicably gloomy, echoing this sentence.

For the past two days, she wanted to draw stars, so she stayed up late on the roof every day.

I have to say that the night in the countryside was much more beautiful than in the city.

Shi Ran painted the night scene, but for a few days, the stars were all swallowed up by the sun, and there was still a blank space on the easel.

How could she fill it in Not on.

It was twilight again, and the stars appeared from the clouds.

Shi Ran hurriedly ate a large bowl of noodles and went to pack up the things that she would use later.

She thought that no matter what, the painting must be completed today.

She has used up a lot of the paints she has kept at home these days, and half of the small cabinets that were originally filled, especially white.

Shi Ran eventually found a white one in the cabinet, but inadvertently pushed the other colors out of the table gap.

She was a little embarrassed by her clumsiness; she pursed her lips in dissatisfaction, and still knelt down and reached under the cupboard to reach it.

The paints were piled together and were easily pulled out together, but apart from these paints, there were other things that were pulled out that had fallen into the gaps.

Small glass balls, cloth strips, fine brushes…

… and a plum candy that accidentally rolled underneath.

Obviously, there were a lot of plum candies in the family, but Shi Ran still recognized at a glance who the plum candy belonged to.

She gave it to her once here, but she still remembered it.

The feeling of being deliberately banished was inspired and rushed towards this man.

The sky was hazy.

Shi Ran held the only thing Chen Ruoyu left in her house and went to the roof.

The stars on the drawing board are less than one-third of the sky, and the purity of nature was most convincing.

Shi Ran put down the paint basket and did not rush to paint, but sat on the eaves and enjoyed the scenery.

The skirt was attached to the knee, and the cold cement surface was against the calf and ankle.

Shi Ran just watched as the small village that entered the dark night lit up thousands of lights, uncontrollably remembering that she once had one of them.

Not Song Yi’s two years, but Chen Ruoyu’s few months.

The words “Mei Tang” turned around in Shi Ran’s palm, and the lake at the far end of the village swayed among the reeds, the sparkling waves like the moon reflected in the village.

Only then did she discover that all physical constraints could not restrain the occurrence of sensibility, and a vine was savagely growing on her barren and crumbling heart.

Shi Ran used her actions to prove that she was not a dodder, but she became even more at a loss because of a piece of candy that Chen Ruoyu left at home.

The darkness of the night seemed to consume everything in the world.

She just sat like this, as if she could wait for this night to wear off her dazedness.

At midnight that day, Shi Ran posted a picture on Weibo.

The painting was looking at the night from her perspective.

In the dark night, the stars seem to be photographed brightly, and the lights of Wanjia are even brighter than the stars.

Only the blank space that she could not draw was black, vaguely like a seated figure.

It was she who finally admitted that she missed the light that belonged to her.

As soon as Shi Ran got off the roof, she opened the animation on the computer, and the phone vibrated.

It’s Icarus: “I haven’t slept yet.”

But it was news from ten minutes ago, and the notification came too late.

These days, Shi Ran’s Weibo business was frequent, and the friendly relationship with Icarus that originally kept a distance had also become a friend without distance.

Shi Ran didn’t answer but asked: “You didn’t sleep either.”

She originally thought that it had been ten minutes since she replied to her news, and she would wait for the other party for a while.

The result was less than half a second, and the opposite side came back: “It’s different.”

What’s the difference

Shi Ran looked at the quiet night outside the window and frowned slightly.

She thought that what Icarus said was “different” because she was abroad and had jet lag.

After all, it is not necessarily a big man who lives abroad all year round who is such a big spender.

Shi Ran was still thinking about the identity of Icarus, and the news of this person over there was sent again: “I have something on my mind.”

It’s a question sentence of concern, but it reads more like an affirmative sentence.

Shi Ran felt a little surprised and asked, “How do you know”

“You rarely use this somber color.” Icarus replied, “Is it in your mind that you haven’t slept so late”

Shi Ran gave an “um,” and after thinking about it, she continued: “I just don’t want to sleep.”

“Why” Icarus was asking.

This barrier of the Internet exists between two people who can only communicate with each other through the Internet.

Shi Ran’s vigilance was much less.

She didn’t want to hide it from Icarus, and replied, “I’m afraid I will dream of her.”

This “she” was vague, but she was specific.

Shi Ran knew that when she said the name “Chen Ruoyu”, Icarus would not know that she was not avoiding this person, but avoiding herself, her heart that had been exiled by herself.

“Why are you afraid” Icarus seemed to see Shi Ran’s heart, and then asked again.

Shi Ran didn’t answer this time.

She didn’t know why she was afraid, but she would definitely be afraid of things related to Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu fulfilled all her fantasies about going home.

She really wanted a home that belonged to her, but she was also afraid that this home would just let her give up the cage of herself.

All the reasons hid in Shi Ran’s heart, and she pretended to be perverse and complained: “You have a lot of reasons.”

Then she glanced at the plot playing on the page and said: “Although you are my gold master, this is my domain.

Please don’t break in randomly.”

Icarus asked, “You are looking at Conan.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised that Icarus actually understood her meme and said, “Yes.”

After all, Shi Ran sent a screenshot.


Subaru was sitting in the car, frightening Xiao Ai, and the barrage of knowing the truth was floating in the sky.

Shi Ran looked at the number of viewers displayed below and pouted, “But I seem to be the only one watching this point.”

She didn’t know if this thing was just unspoken.

As soon as Shi Ran’s voice fell, the number of viewers in the lower left corner became 2.

Those dark eyes suddenly lit up, and Shi Ran excitedly shared with Icarus: “Hey, just after talking to you, another person came in.”

“Wuhu, I am not alone.”

There was a happy feeling in Shi Ran’s tone, and the little penguin on the screen was especially cute.

The national partner always repeats the voice of the voice actor from the computer, and the mobile phone on the table was dark and bright.

The aromatherapy diffused the fragrance of small roses silently.

Chen Ruoyu smiled while supporting her cheek with one hand, enjoying the comfort that seemed a little inconsistent.


Suddenly, a knock on the door broke the balance.

Aunt Yan, who has always followed the rules, opened the door of her room without waiting for Chen Ruoyu to speak this time: “Miss, the master told you to go down.”

Chen Ruoyu saw Aunt Yan’s nervousness and asked calmly, “What’s wrong”

Aunt Yan shook the doorknob in a handshake and said, “Song Yi’s mother is here.

She was out of breath, crying in the living room, saying that Song Yi had just attempted suicide because of you and was sent to the hospital.


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