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Chapter 76 – Shi Ran just looked at Chen Ruoyu from a distance across the sea of ​​people

The branches swayed in the moonlight, and the mottled light and shadow stirred the tranquility of the night.

Aunt Yan’s words were concise and to the point, and Chen Ruoyu’s relaxed expression returned to her usual look.

She had long expected that her private revenge against Song Yi would be counterattacked by this person; she tidied up her clothes a little, then got up and followed Aunt Yan downstairs.

It’s just that Chen Ruoyu had just gotten down to the living room on the first floor when someone grabbed her arm.

Mother Song’s crying pear blossoms brought rain, and half-old Xu Niang’s face was full of tears, and she asked Chen Ruoyu with a look of forbearance and grief: “Xiaoyi said that it was you who made things difficult and obstructed in every way but refused to let her in.” The painting world is a way of life, and it made her despair, so she took this stupid route.

How could you treat your sister like this She is a relative who is connected to your blood! “

Chen Yinbing stood aside.

Her expression was unknown, and her tone remained calm: “Ruoyu, what’s going on”

“I just had a meal with Teacher Qin from the Provincial Museum and commented on Song Yi’s paintings.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

“A coincidence It’s a coincidence once, but it’s not a coincidence one after another.

” When Mother Song asked back, her voice was extraordinarily confident and even a little aggressive.

It wasn’t.

As Chen Ruoyu said to Song Yi that day, she did it on purpose.

It was just Mother Song’s question, but Chen Ruoyu didn’t panic at all.

She just explained lightly: “Aunt, I just took over my father’s gallery, and there are many places where I need to contact people to learn, and I have to eat with several curators and uncles to maintain relationships with my father.

Instructed If my aunt thinks that this is not a coincidence, it can only mean that Song Yi also wants to have this relationship, but she just doesn’t know what the purpose of Song Yi’s wanting this relationship is.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say everything, but the purpose of the mother and daughter of the Song family was exposed.

Chen Yinbing has such a big family business, and the two who are used to the dove occupying the magpie’s nest have long coveted it.

Song’s mother felt a little guilty, and she forced herself to explain: “Xiaoyi will graduate this year.

Of course, she wants to find a way out for herself.”

“There are many ways out,” Chen Ruoyu said.

“But people go to high places, don’t they” Mother Song said, turning her head to look at Chen Yinbing, “Brother-in-law, Xiaoyi is a high-spirited child.

You said at the beginning that Xiaoyi couldn’t live forever.

Under your protection, I asked her to exercise.

Since we have met at the banquet more than once or twice, many of them are relatives.

How could Ruoyu break Xiaoyi’s way like this Yi also saved Ruoyu’s life.

Isn’t this a kind of revenge”

As she spoke, the tears in Mother Song’s eyes fell, and she covered her heart with great grief and said, “God, does this poor daughter of mine want to be the same as my sister who is suffering “

The incandescent lights in the living room fell on this person, and her weak appearance was the same as Song Yi’s.

Chen Ruoyu was used to seeing the mother and daughter of the Song family.

She didn’t have any sympathy.

Chen Yinbing, who had been silent for a while, asked, “How is Song Yi’s injury”

“It’s terrible,” Mother Song cried.

“I went to get off work tonight, and I came home after ten o’clock to call the child, but I couldn’t hear her reply, only the sound of water coming from the toilet.

When I went in, I saw my poor child’s wrist was soaked in water and was rescued from the hospital just now by my brother-in-law.

Chen Ruoyu listened quietly to the side, and said with concern: “Why does my aunt feel at ease leaving Song Yi alone in the hospital, and coming over by herself Aren’t you afraid that Song Yi will have any more thoughts of suicide”

Chen Ruoyu said something of concern, but her expression was as calm as ever.

Those cold eyes refracted the light above, which made people who were already in a bad mood feel guilty with no emotion.

Mother Song’s crying paused before she said, “I… I’ve found a nurse.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded when she heard the words, gently pinned the long hair on the side of her face behind her ears, and her eyes fell on Song Mother’s body and asked, “Auntie said that you saw Song Yi’s hand stretched out when you came back from night work.

In our house, you come home from night work at ten o’clock in the evening.

It takes twenty minutes for the ambulance from the nearest hospital to arrive at your home.

Then it takes about forty minutes to go back and forth.

What brings you here at 11:45 a.m.Did you come here to ask for the guilt before Song Yi’s surgery was completed, or the wound wasn’t big at all, and Song Yi’s consciousness remained constant Are you awake”

Chen Ruoyu’s words are long, but the logic is correct.

In just a few sentences, Song Mother’s “fact”, which was full of flaws, was defeated.

Mother Song didn’t expect that Chen Ruoyu, who used to be silent in the past, would be so reluctant today and expose her words so frankly.

She is used to being respected by people on weekdays.

said, “Ruoyu, how can you talk to your aunt like this Are you questioning me Brother-in-law, I know I am an outsider and may not get Ruoyu’s respect, but she can’t just slap me on the face like this.


Chen Yinbing was unmoved, standing beside Chen Ruoyu, and said, “Qingxiu, I hope you can answer Ruoyu’s question just now.”

“I…” Mother Song hesitated, not knowing how to answer.

Chen Ruoyu understood the authenticity of Chen Ruoyu’s reasoning just now, with obvious disappointment written on her face.

With his hands behind his back, he spoke to Mother Song with a serious expression: “Qingxiu, because of your sister, it’s difficult for you to be alone with your children these years.” Our family doesn’t help your family less, but I may have neglected to teach you.

It is better to teach a man how to fish than to teach him how to fish, which has made Xiaoyi what she is now.

My original intention was to keep her down-to-earth, but I didn’t expect this situation to happen.

Our Chen family will be responsible for the cost of Xiaoyi’s hospitalization, but that’s it.”

Chen Yinbing’s words were sincere and sincere, and every sentence made sense, but some people only heard the last half of the sentence.

Mother Song panicked.

Her eyes were more frightened than what she had just said about Song Yi, “Brother-in-law…Are you going to stop worrying about our orphans and widows If my sister…”

It’s just that Chen Yinbing didn’t let Mother Song move out of her deck of cards this time, so she interrupted her: “Your sister doesn’t want to see you like this.”

“To be honest, Xiaoyi’s talent, Qingxiu, you know better than me.

In the past few years, she has learned enough painting skills from me to make her find a job that is much better than ordinary people.

It’s not good to be too ambitious.


Mother Song collapsed with her back still upright and looked at Chen Yinbing pitifully: “Brother-in-law…”

Chen Yinbing ignored her and greeted Aunt Yan, who was standing not far away, “Aunt Yan.”

Aunt Yan stepped forward: “Master.”

“Call the car at home to take Auntie back to the hospital, and you will follow along and help me with the cooking.” Chen Yinbing then ordered.

Aunt Yan also understood what he meant and nodded respectfully, “Yes.”

Song’s mother’s guilt ended with a complete failure.

She couldn’t understand why Chen Yinbing, who had always been partial to Song Yi, would stand on the top platform of fairness and examine the matter this time.

The Chen house, which was still noisy just now, suddenly became quiet, and Chen Yinbing and Chen Ruoyu were left in the living room.

When father and daughter rarely coexist in the same room, Chen Yinbing put his hands behind his back and said in a deep voice, “You were never such a child in the past.”

“I’ve always been like this.”

However, Chen Ruoyu replied, her calm eyes were like a pool of cold water, and she could not see much emotion.

This is the first time Chen Yinbing has seen Chen Ruoyu today, but as she answered, her meticulous calmness cannot be cultivated overnight.

His daughter, who had grown up unnoticed for a long time, could compete with him.

He should have understood long ago that since Chen Ruoyu returned to China and wanted to not take over the gallery at home, there was a way not to take over.

Thinking of this, Chen Yinbing asked again, “That’s why you agreed to take over the gallery at home.”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu denied it.

“Accepting the gallery at home is my decision.

I didn’t do it deliberately to embarrass anyone.

The cost is too high.

There is no need for me to choose a path because of being an outsider.

This is my own life, Dad.

Chen Ruoyu’s words were smooth and natural, and Chen Yinbing’s eyes gradually became complicated.

The silence she showed in this home is just a corner of the iceberg floating on the water, and what sinks below is the deep city house that has been polished with time.

Chen Yinbing’s complicated emotions finally turned into a long sigh, and he, who has always been strong and old-fashioned, once again compromised with Chen Ruoyu: “Since the gallery has been handed over to you, from now on these are all your affairs.

You can do it yourself.”

“I understand.” Chen Ruoyu nodded, saying nothing more.

No cockiness, no joy.

Chen Yinbing, who was accustomed to Song Yi acting coquettish towards herself every time she got her approval, suddenly felt a little sad.

He seems to have not been close to her since the child was born.

The pain of losing his wife has made him avoid this child, who indirectly killed his wife, but it is the same.

The child in front of him is the biological child worthy of his love.

Chen Yinbing rarely spoke lovingly to his daughter: “If you encounter anything in the future, you can tell Dad, and Dad will agree to what he can do.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Chen Ruoyu listened unmoved.

She had long been used to this not being her home, and there was no way for her late guilt to go through time to remove the scars from the past.

The clock in the room penetrated the room, dull and loud.

Chen Ruoyu looked up at the hour and minute hands that had overlapped on the Roman numeral twelve, and reminded in a faint voice, “It’s getting late, rest.”

Chen Yinbing wanted to say something, but after looking at Chen Ruoyu, she still turned her head back to her room.

The slender figure was printed on the wall, and she trudged toward the corridor of the room.

Chen Ruoyu looked up and walked towards the opposite stairwell.

It’s just that Chen Ruoyu didn’t see it, and the shadow stopped halfway.

Just like that, Chen Yinbing turned her head to look at Chen Ruoyu, who was walking upstairs, looking at her thin back and the expressionless face that flashed by in the corner.

The hair hanging on the side of her face matched the light very well, which perfectly set off the clean breeze between her eyebrows and eyes.

Chen Ruoyu put on a thin cyan silk shirt, and the slightly floating wind lifted the tulle, light and illusory.

In Chen Yinbing’s ears, the words Shi Ran said in the gallery at the beginning sounded again: “Since ancient times, when painting, you only learn the style, not the skin.” What should be cherished the most “

This is what Chen Yinbing thinks of most often these days.

He once thought he understood, but only now has he tasted the more assiduous meaning of this sentence.

He was slow to realize that he had made an irreversible mistake.

Half a month sounds like a long time, but in the blink of an eye, Shi Ran’s annual leave is over.

Those who should be dealt with on Weibo have been punished accordingly.

The first month of the Apostle Public Beta has exceeded 100 million, and everything seems to be developing in a better direction.

On Monday, Shi Ran’s first day back to work at the company.

It is still a familiar environment, the familiar crowded elevator, and the high-heeled shoes on the tiled floor will still make a crisp sound.

Get out of the elevator, and punch in.

Shi Ran thought she would start her work calmly, but she didn’t want to be startled by a few “bangs” as soon as she opened the door of the art group.

Colorful paper flowers exploded from the gun salute and fluttered in front of Shi Ran’s head.

The faces she knew were all at the door to welcome her back, and the entire entryway was covered in her favorite red.

Shi Ran still hadn’t reacted, and a huge momentum embraced her and she stumbled.

The little girl, Xu Mengtian, didn’t know if she was too excited, so she rushed up and gave Shi Ran a big hug.

“Sister Shi Ran, you are finally back!”

Shi Ran was a little awkward in such close contact.

He smiled at Xu Mengtian and let go of her hug.

Those dark eyes seemed to look at the crowd unintentionally as if they were looking for something.

But it stopped in a second.

Chen Ruoyu stood toward Shi Ran’s station, away from the crowd, so that people could see it at a glance.

Shi Ran just looked at Chen Ruoyu from a distance across the sea of people, and the two pairs of eyes that looked at each other were equally calm, but they were also surging under the calm.


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