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Chapter 85 – like never before

The cicadas outside the window continued, and the cool breeze of the air conditioner reverberated in the room, fighting against the noon sun.

Dousha had already inhaled a whole can of canned food and was lying on Chen Ruoyu’s bed leisurely licking her hair.

The second floor was quiet, the slender shadow was surrounded by origami roses, and the letter that was hidden in the box was taken out.

Shi Ran looked at the font on the envelope that belonged to her and found out that Chen Ruoyu had kept the second-hand love letter she threw at her.

She realized she seemed to have discovered a big secret, the secret hidden in the girl’s heart under the so-called “not dealing with it”.

Shi Ran once thought that Chen Ruoyu had many, many secrets.

She has a secret with Song Yi, a secret with Shen Yan, and she has a secret with even more.

She was curious, surprised, and mindful of this, but in fact, she seemed to be Chen Ruoyu’s biggest secret.

After licking the hair, the beanbag got up from the bed and walked down the second floor slowly, swaying his tail and skipping Shi Ran’s sight.

She looked at the bean bag she had lost and found and remembered Icarus, whom she had identified.

Shi Ran’s secret joy when she discovered Chen Ruoyu was like the foam on the beach when the waves hit the beach and gradually dissipated.

Instead, she realized Chen Ruoyu had been paying her silent attention for seven years.

Shi Ran stood up from the ground, holding the love letter in her hand, put on her skirt Chen Ruoyu, and walked out.

The origami roses were scattered on the ground, as bright red as they were alive, rolling with the brushed skirt.

She couldn’t wait for Chen Ruoyu to understand the “other her.” She told her that day she was going to find it now.

Chen Ruoyu.

The street lights at the crossroads in the distance came on, and an empty rental car drove towards Shi Ran in the distance.

He waved and got in the car.

Shi Ran gave the master the address of Chen Ruoyu’s hospital and urged the master to hurry.

I don’t know if every taxi driver has ever had the fantasy of such an emergency.

The taxi uncle said ok and drove her car to the edge of speeding.

The street scene outside the window quickly receded; the wind from the car swayed over the street trees, and the turquoise leaves swayed and made a rustling sound.

Shi Ran thought a lot in her heart.

Her heartbeat had never been beaten so violently for a person before.

The car passed by the bridge that had a great relationship with them once again.

The sparkling water on the river was flickering.

During the day and on different nights, the boats and ferries swimming back and forth broke the calm that the river maintained at night.

Shi Ran remembered Icarus, who would chat with her many nights during her annual leave.

She stayed with her for many nights, not because of the jet lag when she was abroad but because the other party was Chen Ruoyu and she was Shi Ran.

She told herself on this bridge that day that she was always there.

It’s the truth.

It’s the truth.

She has always been there.

Shi Ran just watched the bridge getting closer and farther away from her, all the while Chen Ruoyu was surging in her mind.

From when they started hanging out again, to when they pressed pause for their love affair in the hospital, to Chen Ruoyu asking whether or not to try with her, and then their reunion at the company and the bar …

In the end, it stopped in the high school classroom full of familiar faces.

Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting in the middle of the second row, raised her eyes when she introduced herself.

The love letter in Shi Ran’s hand was light, old, and weightless, but it felt heavy to her.

She found out that she could be cherished for a long time and that she was also worthy of being loved.

They get along as equals and love as equals.

No one’s dodder.

Shi Ran’s heartbeat was uncontrollable, and she clearly described the “heartbeat” to her.

Shi Ran didn’t know when she fell in love with Chen Ruoyu, but now she could admit with absolute certainty that she liked Chen Ruoyu like never before.

The suddenly opened door broke the silence of the ward, and Chen Ruoyu was looking at the document with a hint of displeasure between her brows.

But when she looked up and found that the person standing at the door was Shi Ran, the displeasure between her brows disappeared instantly, and she asked in a calm tone, “Why did you suddenly come”

Shi Ran squeezed the letter that was folded in her pocket and said, “I just miss you a little.”

Can’t wait to see you right away.

Chen Ruoyu recognized Shi Ran’s clothes as her own, motioned her to sit over, and asked, “Have you had a nightmare”

The gold-rimmed glasses gave her a sense of alienation, but the sunlight gave her another layer of tenderness.

This woman’s voice was soft, but her tone was extraordinarily soft, and the hand extended to Shi Ran took the privileges she only gave to Shi Ran.

Shi Ran listened and shook her head.

There were countless words in her heart that she wanted to tell Chen Ruoyu, but they were all piled up in her heart, and the bustling weaving could not form a complete sentence.

After sinking for a while, she called out Chen Ruoyu’s name seriously and said, “Chen Ruoyu, can I ask you a few questions”

Chen Ruoyu rarely saw Shi Ran show such an expression.

She nodded and said, “Okay, you can ask.”

“How on earth did you notice Dousha ” Shi Ran asked.

Chen Ruoyu could probably sense that Shi Ran should have understood something, took off her eyes and told her honestly: “In the beginning, I often saw you feeding a cat after school, so I would also pay attention to it.”

“It rained heavily that day, and I returned from cram school.

I was worried about the Dousha and asked the driver to detour it.

The rain washed the Dousha’s nest away, and the little one huddled in the bushes, screaming pitifully.

I didn’t wait for you; I rescued Dousha without authorization.

The little guy was in a terrible state and stayed in the hospital for a long time before he was out of danger.”

When Shi Ran listened to Chen Ruoyu’s calm narration, she couldn’t help but feel a pain in her heart.

This person talks about how the bean bag was all over but doesn’t say a word about what she experienced on a rainy evening.

Shi Ran asked, “What about you It was raining so hard, and Dousha didn’t have any relatives.

How are you “

“I’m fine.” Chen Ruoyu shook her head as if she had experienced nothing bad.

Shi Ran didn’t.

She fed beany paste for half a year.

She knew better than Chen Ruoyu what kind of temper this little guy had.

Seeing that Chen Ruoyu refused to answer her actual situation, she simply asked Chen Ruoyu to answer, “Did Dousha swear”

Chen Ruoyu couldn’t, so she nodded.

“Did they arrest you” Shi Ran asked again.

Still unable, Chen Ruoyu nodded again.

Shi Ran’s face immediately showed distress.

She put her hand on the back of Chen Ruoyu’s hand and then asked, “Then did your family agree to you raising it”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head and said again, “But I’m going abroad soon, so they don’t care about cats anymore.”

Chen Ruoyu spoke earnestly as always, but her voice was a bit more cunning like she had learned from Shi Ran.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but laugh and retorted, “What kind of trick are you trying to get rid of”

Chen Ruoyu also smiled.

It’s not a good idea, but in the end, Dousha was successfully adopted by her, so that’s enough.

Even though the stories of the past may have had a different meaning when recalled, they always carry a heavy color.

Shi Ran pursed her lips, smiled, and leaned over Chen Ruoyu’s lap.

She felt Chen Ruoyu’s temperature greedily through the quilt, then turned her face slightly to look at Chen Ruoyu, hooked her hand, and asked: “Do you want to know who the other you is”

“It’s me.” Chen Ruoyu replied firmly, but the tablet on the side still used the cover that Shi Ran painted for Icarus.

She gently twisted her fingers together with Shi Ran’s and said, “I’m sorry, I’ve been staying by your side in such a despicable way.”

Shi Ran arched her nose at Chen Ruoyu when she heard this, and said with a smile, “I feel you are a little of a voyeur.”

“Follow me to feed the cat and spy on my private account.

Director Chen, I really didn’t expect you to have two faces.

Chen Ruoyu was a little guilty and quibbled: “I just recognized your painting on the Internet.”

Shi Ran clasped Chen Ruoyu’s hand in dissatisfaction and asked a little perversely, “Can’t you say that you like me That’s why you like me.

Chen Ruoyu was stunned for a moment.

Shi Ran’s words were too straightforward, and every word of the straightforwardness was written “like”.

She simply stopped covering it up, nodded, and admitted, “Yes, I like you.”

“like you very much.”

Shi Ran’s own “like” sounded in Chen Ruoyu’s ears, and she instantly felt that countless fireworks exploded in her heart, illuminating her world brightly and brilliantly.

Shi Ran’s face was filled with an uncontrollable smile.

She awkwardly took out the letter from her pocket and said, “Then why do you keep things like this since you like me Are you angry “

But Chen Ruoyu didn’t.

“Because you gave it to me.

Because it’s a love letter.

She paused for a moment, looked at Shi Ran with sincere eyes, and said, “The first time I saw you were on the morning of your transfer.

Just a quick glance made me unforgettable.

You are so small.

A smile like a sun immediately caught my eye…

Shi Ran was stunned when she heard these words.

What Chen Ruoyu said was nothing else; it was exactly what was written in the second-hand love letter in her hand.

To what extent can she memorize all the contents of the love letters she has written to others

Shi Ran didn’t know anything, only that Chen Ruoyu was looking at her at this moment, which made her ears warm.

“It rained heavily that day.

You came to me from the rain curtain and gave your umbrella to me, whose skirt was wet from the rain.

From that day on, my eyes didn’t even know how to leave you.

It’s as if you are the only one left in this world.

“I know that maybe you have always regarded me as a wonderful friend, tolerated me, and accepted me into your circle, but I don’t just want to be your classmate and friend.

It may be too direct to say this, and it may make us never be friends again, but I am even more afraid that you will be taken away by some classmate, and one day I will not be with you.

The second-to-last paragraph of the love letter was memorized.

Chen Ruoyu paused for a moment, and her thin lips were clearly pursued by her movements.

She carefully inserted her fingers into Shi Ran’s fingers.

Her eyes were cold and hot, and the dark galaxy was full of stars lit up with love: “So Shi Ran, can you promise me this one A small request: stay with me.

I really, really like you.”


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