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Chapter 86 – as if she had tied herself into a gift.

The last sentence was that Chen Ruoyu changed the content of the last paragraph of Shi Ran’s love letter.

It was also something that she fantasizes about for a long time every time she looks back at this love letter that does not belong to her.

The wind blew through the willows outside the window, and the drooping branches piled together to make a rustling sound, blowing away the scorching heat of early summer.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, who was sitting beside her, and said, “A lot of times I think about how nice it would be if I was the one who gave you the umbrella that day.”

“If only I could have come out of the classroom earlier on that rainy evening.”

One or two “ifs” became unwilling to wear for seven consecutive years, surging in the dead of night when Chen Ruoyu was abroad.

She clearly knows that there was no “if” in fate, but she can’t help but think about it, unable to restrain herself to choose calm silence.

Chen Ruoyu once thought that she cared little about her mechanical life and that her life was calm without turbulence.

Shi Ran was the exception.

Shi Ran listened to everything Chen Ruoyu told herself, and was moved but also guilty.

Because this letter was written by her to Song Yi, even if Chen Ruoyu cherished the love letter she wrote, every time she opened it, she would see the dazzling name, and she kept silent.

People who like themselves get hurt like this time and time again.

“Sorry, I…”

Before Shi Ran could finish what she wanted to say, she was interrupted by Chen Ruoyu extending her finger.

Chen Ruoyu shook her head at Shi Ran like this, with a calm expression: “Shi Ran, you don’t need to apologize to me.

I have never hated you, and I am just cold to you because I don’t know how to get along with you.

noticed, but I used to be mean and a thief watching you out of the sun.

“Because of your light, it shines into the world I have lived in.”

Shi Ran couldn’t believe that Chen Ruoyu said these words.

In her opinion, Chen Ruoyu in high school was the moon that everyone couldn’t touch.

She was excellent and beautiful.

She was among the best, and her family was superior.

How could there be someone who could make her choose to watch silently and not approach, and who could make her describe herself as despicable

Shi Ran smiled at Chen Ruoyu with emotion and asked arrogantly, “Am I that good”

Chen Ruoyu stroked Shi Ran’s head and whispered, “Of course you are.”

This person’s gaze was too gentle, like the warmth of the melting glacier in the spring.

Shi Ran looked at the love letter in her hand and decided that this kind of thing had to be done by her.

The air conditioner cooled the sunlight falling into the room, and Shi Ran sat upright beside Chen Ruoyu’s bed.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu seriously, held her hand dearly, and said, “I think our internal test can end.”

“Let’s officially test Chen Ruoyu.

Be my girlfriend, okay “

Although she had already prepared in her heart just now, when Shi Ran said these words, her heart beat uncontrollably, as if it was about to fall into her throat in the next second.

in her palm.

The sunlight outside the window was not too dazzling, but it still made Chen Ruoyu feel that this moment was like a dream.

Others thought she had everything, but no one knew that what she wanted most was the heart of the person in front of her.

Losing the dream in the middle of the night finally became a reality, and the corners of Chen Ruoyu’s calm lips were rising.

Nodding and agreeing was a natural thing, but this person was a little too impatient.

Chen Ruoyu cupped Shi Ran’s face in response, leaned over, and dropped a kiss on her lips.

The delicate, rhythmic light sucking makes the tongue tingle and the scalp tingle, and it fuses Shi Ran’s restrained nerves in one fell swoop.

On the day of work on Monday, Shi Ran was called out by Zhou Yuan.

Shi Ran looked at the elevator that showed that it had reached the first floor, and asked, “Sister Zhou Yuan, what fieldwork do we need for the original painting in our studio now”

“Yes.” Zhou Yuan nodded with great certainty, walked out of the elevator, and walked towards her car parked not far away, pretending to smile mysteriously: “Today, this big business depends on you, SaRah.”

Shi Ran’s doubts were a bit removed upon hearing Zhou Yuan call out her other name.

But only a little.

She had never heard of it, and she had seen no original paintings that were going to be sent to the field.

And because the person who brought her out was Zhou Yuan, Shi Ran’s doubts naturally pointed to Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran was a fox because she was cunning enough.

Zhou Yuan’s car drove to the hospital where Chen Ruoyu was, just as she expected at first.

The two stood in front of the familiar front door.

Shi Ran did not go in but smiled and signaled to Zhou Yuan to go in by herself, reminding her: “Go in, Ah Yu has been waiting for you there for a long time.”

The silver-white door knob was held in Shi Ran’s hands, constantly conveying expectations to her.

She knew that Chen Ruoyu would never let Zhou Yuan bring her here for no reason, and the day in her heart that she deliberately ignored today was just around the corner.

However, this eagerness came to an abrupt end after the door was opened.

In the ward, Chen Ruoyu was the only one sitting on the bed.

It was clean with no sign of surprise.

There was a flash of disappointment in Shi Ran’s eyes, but she didn’t show it on her face.

She walked in and complained, “Sister Zhou Yuan was mysterious just now.

I thought something was going to happen.

Chen Ruoyu saw clearly and asked deliberately, “What do you want”

“It’s nothing.” Shi Ran shook her head, pretending to be relaxed.

But in fact, today was her lunar birthday.

Chen Ruoyu also didn’t seem to care, pointed to the small refrigerator facing Shi Ran, and said, “I froze your favorite watermelon in the small refrigerator, and it was just right to eat it now.”

The heat outside was heavy, and Shi Ran was still a little happy knowing that Chen Ruoyu had specially prepared for this for herself.

She smiled and said “so good” to Chen Ruoyu, then strode towards the small refrigerator.

It was said to be a small refrigerator, but it was half the height of a person.

Shi Ran gently opened the door of the refrigerator, as usual.

The cold air hit her, and the eyes that were originally written casually widened suddenly.

There was no watermelon, as Chen Ruoyu mentioned, in the refrigerator.

It was full of flowers.

Pink, orange, and violet, all kinds of flowers covered with pouring light, filled Shi Ran’s sight.

And right in the middle of these flowers, there was a beautiful birthday cake box.

Shi Ran seemed to realize something, and her eyes turned red.

Her desire to move, her guesses, and her expectations were confirmed by Chen Ruoyu’s feint shot.

Shi Ran was at a loss for words.

She didn’t know that when she was extremely happy, her nose would become astringent and her heart would ache.

She always followed Xiao Ba in the video to envy the love of other people’s homes, complaining about exaggeration, but she never thought that such exaggerated exaggeration would appear on her today.

Shi Ran looked at the clusters of flowers in the refrigerator and turned to look at Chen Ruoyu.

This person was slowly unbuttoning her hospital gown.

There was a red velvet choker around her well-covered neck just now, as if she had tied herself into a gift.

“Happy birthday, Shi Ran.”

She was already ready.

She just sat on the bed and waited quietly for me to fall into her trap.

Shi Ran brought the cake out of the refrigerator, still curious: “How did you know”

“It’s very simple.

I know your birthday in the solar calendar, and I know you were born in that year, so just check the calendar.” In Chen Ruoyu’s tone was very relaxed, and indeed, in today’s technologically advanced era, I want to find out a person’s identity.

Birthdays are easy, but the difference was not a matter of the heart.

“It’s just that I can’t sneak out, so I have to celebrate your birthday here.” Chen Ruoyu said that there was still some regret in her tone.

Shi Ran shook her head.

She saw several colors of ice cream cakes through the small transparent window above the cake box.

She felt that this was enough.

If someone remembered her birthday, if someone celebrated her birthday once, she would be very satisfied.

When Shi Ran was twenty-six years old, she finally had someone who could accompany her on her birthday.

The shapeless happiness turned into Shi Ran’s tears, which slowly piled up in her red eyes.

Just before the tears fell from her eyes, a hand reached out and gently wiped away the tears for her.

Chen Ruoyu understood Shi Ran’s mood at the moment.

She was planning this day as early as last year when Shi Ran celebrated her birthday.

She held Shi Ran’s small face in one hand and comforted her softly: “Okay, how can you cry on a birthday “Dousha will laugh at you when she sees it.”

“Come on, let’s eat cake.”

Chen Ruoyu couldn’t bear to see Shi Ran cry, so she took the cake in her hand and led her to the sofa.

As she took the cake out of the unpacked box, she told Shi Ran, “This is a six-flavored cake; no mango, no durian, all the flavors you like.

However, even though it’s summer, you can.

You can’t be greedy; you just got your period yesterday.

You can only eat a small piece today, and you can eat an extra piece tomorrow.

Shi Ran was told to manage.

Shi Ran did not rebel or disobey.

She nodded obediently to Chen Ruoyu and agreed, “Well then, I’ll listen to you today.”

The cool cake was the sweetest that Shi Ran had eaten over the years.

Chen Ruoyu sat aside and watched, leaning slightly towards Shi Ran: “Is it delicious”

Shi Ran nodded very seriously and dug up a spoonful to feed Chen Ruoyu without hesitation.

It’s just that there was one greedy person in this ward, Shi Ran.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the spoon that Shi Ran stretched out to her and raised her hand.

She didn’t eat the ice cream that Shi Ran fed her, but leaned over greedily to try the ice cream on Shi Ran’s lips.

The sun was shining, creating shadows overlapping the walls.

Chen Ruoyu sucked on Shi Ran’s lips lightly, but Shi Ran was restrained by her wrist and did not dare to move easily.

The warmth of each other’s noses brushed their side faces.

Chen Ruoyu was like a virtuous gentleman and never knocked into Shi Ran’s teeth.

After a long while, Chen Ruoyu separated from Shi Ran contentedly.

She pursed her lower lip lightly and commented to Shi Ran: “It’s very sweet.”

Shi Ran was embarrassed and annoyed.

She hugged Chen Ruoyu’s waist to meet her and kissed her.

The breath that had not calmed down became heavy in the opening and closing, and the small piece of ice cream cake on the spoon also melted into a pool of sweet water stains.


The sound of the doorknob hitting the wall resounded in the quiet room, and the three brothers and sisters of Chen Yinbing, who were standing in the bright doorway, came to see Chen Ruoyu.


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