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Chapter 9 – Soft mouth


Still on a lunch break

Shi Ran’s mind had some images that were not suitable for children, either because the chandeliers in the room were too dazzling, or because the wine taste of the lunch at noon had not faded away.

But before it could be withdrawn, Shi Ran saw that Chen Ruoyu simply threw one word back at her: watermark.

Shi Ran looked at these two words, and her mouth, which was nibbling on the apple, froze.

She secretly handed over her resume, thankful that she didn’t have to post photos, but she forgot the watermarks she put on the portfolio she submitted.

Shi Ran didn’t use the watermark very often anymore, but it was an Easter egg that she often left in the picture when she was drawing board newspapers in high school.

Shi Ran had been keen on making brushes for a while.

Out of the idea of collecting, she also made such a watermark brush.

Today, she hurriedly organized her portfolio and used it easily, but Chen Ruoyu saw it through.

Shi Ran was surprised that Chen Ruoyu still remembered the details a few years ago.

It’s just that she was still stubborn, saying: “The producer still looks at the resume in person.”

Chen Ruoyu replied simply, “Yes.”

Shi Ran smiled, “Then it’s quite a coincidence that I submitted this resume.”

Shi Ran’s words were just meant to make fun of her good luck, and she didn’t think Chen Ruoyu would reply to her.

But not wanting the phone to vibrate, Chen Ruoyu still sent one word: unfortunately.

The light of the screen printed that word on Shi Ran’s eyes, and Chen Ruoyu’s crisp voice could not help but emerge from her ears.

Shi Ran seemed to see Chen Ruoyu sitting in front of her expressionless face with her ice cube face, stating the facts to herself.

But the fact sounds unrelated to her coldness, and it was so full of ambiguous things that she didn’t know where to start.

It was not clear whether it was King Xiang’s intention or whether the goddess was ruthless.

Shi Ran frowned, looked at the chat records of the two of them, and complained as if changing the topic: “Can you only type one word”

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s news, and silently deleted the two words she had just typed down on her phone.

After thinking for a while, she asked, “Have you eaten yet”

Shi Ran couldn’t help but laugh when the message came.

This time it was good.

She sent four words.

The little fox looked at the news, tapped a few times on the screen with her fingers dexterously, and gave Chen Ruoyu one word wickedly: Eat.

Then she thought about the interview tomorrow and added, with a bit of desire to survive: Thank you, Producer Chen, for the dinner.

I am short-handed and soft-hearted.

I will perform well in the interview tomorrow.

The bustling city night sky reflected neon lights, but there was rare peace in a high-end residential area in the old city where the trees were intertwined.

The green bamboo leaves rustled in the night wind, and the slender and slender shadows swayed under the computer fluorescence.

Chen Ruoyu sat in front of the computer desk, and the screen magnified was one of the paintings sent by Shi Ran.

The magnificent colors changed with the smooth lines, which differed completely from the freehand ink paintings hanging at home.

Wanton publicity, deviant.

It’s like coming from another world.

Chen Ruoyu pursed her lower lip expressionlessly as she looked at the new incoming message on the vibrating phone.

Soft mouth

It was quite soft.

The Monday after the weekend was always sluggish, and just after getting off work at noon, the people in the art team all leaned on their chairs and lay down there.

After Xiao Ba finished the last stroke, she picked up the phone and bounced from the chair.

She turned around to ask Shi Ran to go to dinner, but saw that she was putting on lipstick in front of the mirror.

Xiao Ba watched the beauty’s makeup with interest and said leisurely behind Shi Ran: “Oh, some people are still thinking about her resume, and some people are already preparing for interviews.”

“Shi Ran, are you planning to go to the cafeteria for dinner A Jiu heard that there was a sweet and sour pork rib today, but if you go late, it will be gone.”

Shi Ran paused for a moment while holding the lip gloss.

That was her favorite sweet and sour platter, and she was forced to give it up today to go to the new studio for an interview.

Shi Ran looked at herself in the mirror, and shook her head helplessly at Xiao Ba: “I have to go secretly, otherwise it will be bad for Sun Shiren to see.”

Xiao Ba patted Shi Ran’s shoulder and comforted her: “It doesn’t matter; what you lost is just a sweet and sour platoon, and what you got is a new job where you don’t need to be angry anymore!”

Shi Ran listened, and there was a lot of resentment on the little face in the mirror.

“If I don’t get this job, I will hate Chen Ruoyu.”

“You can do it, my original painting of Shi Da! Come on! A bright future is beckoning to you.

” Xiao Ba cheered Shi Ran on but kept walking towards the elevator, “I won’t follow.

As you said, there will be no more delays in the sweet and sour food.

Shi Ran looked at the cheerful back of Xiao Ba walking into the elevator.

She wondered if the’sweet and sour’ platoon had stimulated her, but now she regrets it a little.

But what’s the use of regret Shi Ran cut off her retreat early.

Maybe studying art was always a bit bohemian or deviant.

Shi Ran didn’t like being bound by rules, so she obediently chose a small suit for the interview, but she wore a low-cut corset.

The noon sun filled the corridor with golden light, and the satin suit made Shi Ran’s back slender and capable in the light.

And the blue-purple low-cut corset had a lot of flirtatiousness that escaped the shackles of the rules.

No matter who looked at it, they would be hooked.

But only Shi Ran knew that her current beauty was bought with an empty stomach.

Final Studio was on the 12th floor of the eastern half of the Chenxi business department.

It was just cleaned up recently, and the computer configuration was much better than in the crisis experiment.

Shi Ran looked at the quiet and uninhabited work area and always felt that she was a little sneaky now.

Fortunately, she hurried to the door of Chen Ruoyu’s office, adjusted her clothes slightly against the frosted glass, and knocked on the door twice: “Director Chen.”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the sound, she raised her gaze to read the document, looked at the hazy and familiar figure at the door, and said, “Come in.”

Because it was an interview, Shi Ran was cautious.

Chen Ruoyu was calmer than she looked, and she watched Shi Ran walk in.

Her voice was light: “It’s so early.”

“Ayu, didn’t you say last night that you had a lunch break today It’s already lunch break now.”

Indeed, Shi Ran’s mouth was still not well-behaved even if she was bound by rules.

When Chen Ruoyu heard Shi Ran say this, there was no sullen expression on her face, and she asked, “Didn’t you have lunch”

“Yeah.” Shi Ran answered truthfully, with a bit of grievance in her voice.

When Chen Ruoyu heard this, she clicked her chin and motioned to Shi Ran: “There is a meal on the table.

Let’s eat it.”

“Isn’t this for you” Shi Ran was a little surprised.

“I’m not hungry.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Then she looked at Shi Ran, who was standing in front of her, and said, “Zhou Yuan will be here in a while.

I don’t want the interviewee to be a hungry person who can’t answer good questions.

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was extraordinarily calm, with no emotion mixed in, as if she was simply preparing for the interview later, not for Shi Ran.

Shi Ran listened, and her heart felt two more emptiness but two fewer worries.

She didn’t reject Chen Ruoyu anymore.

She gave a small “oh”, sat on the sofa beside her, and opened the lunch box on the table.

Sweet and Sour Short Ribs, Baked Shrimp in Oil, Fried Shredded Potatoes…

There was also a bowl of soup that looked relatively light.

The array was dazzling and intimate, as if it came according to Shi Ran’s taste and personal habits.

Shi Ran sat on the sofa and stood up silently, feeling that she should still have room to stuff these things down.

Sunlight fell into the office from the window on one side.

She didn’t know if it was an illusion.

She felt that the room was much warmer than before.

In the quiet room, there was the sound of the nib swiping across the paper.

Shi Ran’s eating was far more restrained than when she and Chen Ruoyu were in the restaurant last time.

Her eyes, staring at the sweet and sour pork ribs, involuntarily looked towards Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu looked very busy and was still processing documents during her lunch break.

Long hair with shaved shoulders hung down on the side of her face, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses were framed on the bridge of her straight nose, adding a bit of elegance to her cold focus.

Shi Ran used to refer to a lot of human bodies in her paintings, and for a while, she couldn’t tell whether Chen Ruoyu was good at bone or skin.

Those thick and natural eyelashes blinked calmly and soothingly, vaguely as if there was a small mole on them.

Suddenly, the sound of the nib swiping across the paper in the room stopped.

Seeing that Chen Ruoyu’s hand was about to stop, Shi Ran quickly retracted her gaze and took a bite of the shrimp that had just been caught.

“Delicious” Chen Ruoyu didn’t notice Shi Ran’s hurried look back and took off her glasses with one hand.

Shi Ran also nodded in cooperation, “Yeah.”

Then she looked at Chen Ruoyu, who had finished her work, and said proactively, “She picked out a few shrimp for you, and the soup didn’t move.

You can come over to make a cushion, and I’ll order you a takeaway later.”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu refused.

Shi Ran didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to reject her so quickly, and her calm heart just hung up inexplicably.

Shouldn’t she have eaten her lunch

Was it just a test she gave herself just now

It’s over, it’s over…

Shi Ran, eventually you will be ruined by your gluttony!

But before Shi Ran painted her life into despair, Chen Ruoyu’s voice interrupted her imagination: “That’s fine.”

Maybe the legend of the cloud turning sunny was just like that.

The faint sadness on Shi Ran’s face had just turned into joy in an instant.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting next to her and had already taken a bite of shrimp, and tilted her head while holding her cheeks and said, “You said I left you with so many shrimp.

Can you give me the same during the interview later release water “

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she slowly swallowed the shrimp in her mouth, and her slightly drooping eyes were calm as a pool of water.

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu ignored her joke, but when she looked away, Chen Ruoyu’s calm voice sounded: “Yes.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised: “So easy to talk”

“Eating people is soft-mouthed.”

As Chen Ruoyu spoke, she slowly turned her head to look at Shi Ran.

The originally cold office was filled with the aroma of spare ribs and fresh shrimp, and the smell of fireworks in the world could not conceal the fragrance of Chen Ruoyu’s body.

Her expression looked serious and serious, and her words sounded like she was simply elaborating on the common saying that Shi Ran had said last night.

But that night, the two of them lingered and added a layer of temptation to that sentence.

Chen Ruoyu’s lips that had bitten the shrimp were stained with a little oil, and they looked crystal clear and full under the light above their heads.

It was like hooking people into thinking between wrong and wrong.

She didn’t know if it was out of stubbornness or something else.

Shi Ran’s fox-like eyes were bent, and she leaned forward towards Chen Ruoyu with a bit of courage: “Do you want to try”


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