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Chapter 91 – First-hand love letter

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The next day, the sky was clear.

The glass covered with gauze curtains cut off the hot temperature outside, and the sound of cat food falling into the small bowl was heard in the air-conditioning wind blowing slowly.

Dousha wagged his tail and lightly stepped over the crumpled white shirt on the ground, then strolled to the machine that automatically dispensed cat food and feasted on it.

The second floor was chaotic and quiet, and the blanket halfway around Shi Ran’s waist couldn’t cover up the beautiful spring light in the room.

Chen Ruoyu leaned against Shi Ran’s arms, her long hair intertwined, and comfort was written in her relaxed eyebrows.

It was still early, and both of them were still dreaming.


Suddenly, Shi Ran’s mobile phone on the bedside vibrated wildly, and the wooden bedside also resonated, breaking the tranquility of the morning in an instant.

Shi Ran woke up, frowned, didn’t even look at the caller, and answered in a low voice: “Hello”

But the person on the other end of the phone seemed to be more anxious than she was, and didn’t seem to care at all about the fullness of waking up in her tone: “Sister, are you back with Sister Ruoyu”

Shi Ran heard the caller was Shi Yu.

She lay on the pillow, closed her eyes, and threatened: “Didn’t you see it earlier Don’t tell me you called me this morning because of this.

Shi Yu rolled his throat bluntly and said, “The key is…our mother knows.”

When Shi Ran heard these words, she sat up from the bed, “What So how did Mom know What did Song Lan say “

Shi Yu nodded, “He was drunk last night, so I took him to our house nearby.

He seemed to be quite brokenhearted, and he kept talking about you and Sister Ruoyu, and what about Waterloo, and then mother I just heard it.

“Come and ask me in the morning if it’s true.

Shi Ran supported her forehead.

Why was it not her turn to officially announce in person every time that her relationship with Chen Ruoyu was accidentally broken or on the way to being accidentally broken

At this moment, Mother Shi’s voice came from the other end of the phone, “Of course, it’s mother.”

She was a little nervous and said cautiously: “Well, I want Xiao Chen to come and sit with us.

I have prepared a large table of dishes… That’s not just for today, but tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Just come back when you have time.

The main thing is that Mom was too hasty to meet Xiao Chen last time, thinking about entertaining her at home.

Shi Ran knew when Mother Shi mentioned it the last time, and that unpleasant episode not only affected the two of them but also Mother Shi.

Satisfied with the bean paste, he climbed up the cat climbing frame in front of the window.

The closed curtain was hooked by the furry claws, and the dazzling light person closed her eyes tightly, unprepared.

Shi Ran thought about the presumptuousness last night and hesitated: “Maybe today…”

It’s just that before Shi Ran’s words were finished, the hand holding the phone was wiped by a burst of warmth.

The phone changed hands and the people who were also woken up by the phone call, as well as Chen Ruoyu, took Shi Ran’s phone into her hands.

“Auntie, I’m free.

I’ll go back with Shi Ran to see you today.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Mother Shi was overjoyed and said, “Okay, I’ll go out to buy vegetables, fish, and meat.”

After thinking about it, Mother Shi asked: “By the way, Ruoyu, auntie still doesn’t know what you like to eat.

Say, “Auntie cooks it for you.”

Although it was said that there were no domestic servants or cooks in Shi’s family, because of Shi Yu’s health, Shi’s mother was also eager to learn from the neighbors.

Mother Shi, who used to only rely on others, has changed from not touching the spring water with ten fingers to barely being able to cook a few dishes that can be eaten on the table.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t have any favorite dishes; she just said, “I can be an auntie.”

Shi’s mother smiled, “Well, auntie is waiting for you to come.

You must come, Ruoyu.”

“En.” Chen Ruoyu nodded.

The call did not go on and was hung up by the eagerly prepared mother, Shi.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu beside her with some surprise, “Are you going”

Chen Ruoyu gave a light “um,” and said, “I also want to get the approval of your family.”

Shi Ran didn’t care if she was recognized.

Her feelings for that family are not deep, and emotional matters have always been very personal to her.

It’s just that she just heard Chen Ruoyu say this, and she couldn’t help but pull out a few fireworks, which exploded in her sky unprepared.

The home she wanted was right here with Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran raised her hand and pinned the long hair on Chen Ruoyu’s face behind her ear, and the tip of her nose slowly rubbed against her side face: “What should I do”

Inexplicably, Chen Ruoyu raised her heart.

Just the next second, the woman lowered her head and lightly pecked her ear, leaving a numb electric current in her ear: “I find I like you more and more, Ah Yu.”

Plop, plop.

Even if it wasn’t the first time that she heard Shi Ran say the word “like,” Chen Ruoyu’s heartbeat would continue to speed up and beat uncontrollably.

Ripples reverberate.

“Then don’t leave.”

Chen Ruoyu spoke like this, clasped Shi Ran’s fingers, and dropped a deep kiss on her lips.

Because it was expected that this family banquet might involve drinking, Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu simply took a taxi to Shi Yu’s current home in the evening.

The elevator went straight to the top floor, and there was no need to distinguish between the design of one elevator and one household.

Shi Ran took Chen Ruoyu to directly open the door that was specially opened for the two of them.

Shi Ran could smell the food as soon as she walked into the entrance.

Although this smell was not a luxurious and delicate aroma, it was like the smell from someone’s kitchen that Shi Ran would smell on her way from school a long time ago.

Mother Shi made a large table of dishes, and Shi Ran was a little dazzled while sitting at the dining table.

Shi Yu moved the stool and leaned closer to Shi Ran and said with some distress: “Mom has been preparing since she hung up the phone.

No matter how you stop it, I feel like I will eat leftovers for several days.”

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows and said lightly, “Diligence and thrift are Chinese virtues.”

Shi Yu hummed, “In that case, would you like to share the burden with me”

Shi Ran didn’t refuse, and nodded generously in agreement: “I don’t mind.

Later, Ah Yu likes to eat that, so we will pack it back.

Before I even ate, I already ate a mouthful of dog food.

Shi Yu, a single dog, felt a little bitter in his heart.

The originally quiet house gradually became lively, and Mother Shi also served the last dish from the kitchen, and said with a smile, “Okay, you two should stop arguing.”

Shi’s mother placed the pine nut mandarin fish drenched in sweet and sour sauce in the center of the table, and the beautiful golden luster fell into Shi Ran’s eyes, which made her a little surprised.

Mother Shi untied her apron and sat down, put the most tender piece of fish belly into Shi Ran’s bowl, and said, “It may be a little different from what the aunt made, but it should be delicious, but of course, you try it.”

Shi Ran listened to Shi’s mother’s words and bowed her head to take a sip.

There was a minor difference in the taste.

It was not delicious, but it made Shi Ran’s heart astringent.

It was as if the yearning she had been suppressing all these years was finally filled by this piece of fish, and the squeezed emotions made her not know how to react for a while.

Shi Ran’s hand on her lap clenched her skirt slightly.

The fabric was pulled and wrinkled but loosened slightly in the next second.

Chen Ruoyu’s hand came to this side, silently and accurately covering the back of Shi Ran’s tense hand.

That warm palm with a hint of dampness was like a rose blooming in summer, which gently soothed her complicated and uncontrollable emotions.

At this moment, Shi Yu whispered in Shi Ran’s ear, “Mom has been learning this dish for a month.”

Shi Ran knew what Shi Yu meant, gave Shi Yu a proud look, and nodded to Shi’s mother: “It’s delicious, Mom.”

When Mother Shi heard the words, her face immediately showed joy: “It’s good to eat; it’s good to eat.”

Then she picked up the public chopsticks and clamped the fish near the piece just now and said to Chen Ruoyu, “Ruoyu, you can try it too.”

Chen Ruoyu hurriedly supported the bowl with one hand, “Thank you, Auntie.”

The chandelier was intertwined with the setting sun, and the gentle light fell on the restaurant, reflecting the harmonious picture of a family of four sitting down together.

Seeing it, Mother Shi couldn’t help feeling up and down.

After thinking for a while, she picked up the wineglass that she had prepared a long time ago and said, “Actually, some words have been held back in my heart for a long time these past few months.

That’s what I said here shamelessly.

The wine swayed in the glass, reflecting the guilt in Mother Shi’s eyes.

She lowered her head slightly and said, “I know I owe Ranran.

I didn’t stop her father from throwing her at her grandmother.

I have always been partial to her over the past few years, and I have always avoided her affairs.

I know that I am not qualified to preach or let Ranran respond to my requests.

After that day, I also regretted it.

I always feel that it is because I let Ranran choose to draw a line with you.

“Now that you are together again, I am thrilled.

As soon as the words fell, Chen Ruoyu felt Shi Ran’s emotional fluctuations.

The hand on her knee shrugged slightly, and Chen Ruoyu stroked it with her fingers, soothing the pain of the thorn in her heart suddenly being pulled out.

Shi Ran felt like there was a tsunami sweeping towards her in the daytime, ferociously but gently washing away all the bad things she had in this house for the past twenty years.

She didn’t want to use her mother’s words.

It was just this sentence that made her feel the warmth of the blood umbilical cord for the first time.

After a pause, Mother Shi continued: “Ruoyu, I am very happy to have your girlfriend, of course, not only because of your family background but also because of your family background, and my aunt can see When you come out, you like Ranran.

Not all of them say that in life, it is rare to meet real people.

Speaking of this, Mother Shi’s mood fluctuates a bit.

She lowered her head and let out a sigh of relief.

When she looked at Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu, who were sitting together again, her eyes became more relieved, and the wineglass that she had been holding in her hand was raised again: “I’m here.

I wish Ranran and Ruoyu a good relationship forever, as sweet as honey.

The words fell, and several wine glasses touched together.

The inverted bell-shaped wine glass reflected the bright light, and the crisp percussion sound was like the best blessing in the world.

This somewhat early dinner ended when the sun went down.

Shi Ran took a few packed dishes and walked home with Chen Ruoyu slowly.

They didn’t take a taxi, and the warmth of early summer became comfortable at night.

The wind removed the coolness of the three seasons, leaving only the warmth of the sun after a day.

It was time to go out for a walk after dinner, and there were always couples on the road.

Shi Ran looked at the shadow reflected on the side of the road under the illumination of the street lamp and knew that she and Chen Ruoyu were among the couples.

The river surface reflects the neon lights of the surrounding bustling cities, sparkling like stars falling into the water.

The two walked to the bridge again like this.

Shi Ran copied the pocket of her little suit jacket and said to Chen Ruoyu, “Ah Yu, close your eyes.”

Chen Ruoyu was puzzled and followed Shi Ran to stop.

Her eyes were full of doubts.

Shi Ran didn’t explain it to her, she just smiled and said, “Close your eyes, close your eyes, and you’ll know.”

The wind by the river was soothing, and the cunning in Shi Ran’s eyes seemed to be filled with surprise.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t get into it, and she closed her eyes obediently.

The paper came out of the pocket with a slight rustling sound.

Vehicles were speeding by, but Chen Ruoyu heard the voice.

Time lost its latitude in the dark, and after an unknown amount of time, Chen Ruoyu noticed that a slightly thicker piece of paper was placed in her hand.

Shi Ran carefully sorted out the slightly creased envelopes in her pocket and said, nervously and expectantly, “Okay, open your eyes.”

The starlight fell under the thick eyelashes, and Chen Ruoyu slowly opened her eyes under Shi Ran’s gaze.

She saw that there was an envelope in the hand she was pulled in front of by Shi Ran, and a beautiful red heart-shaped flame lacquer was brightly printed on the junction of the envelope.

Shi Ran gave Chen Ruoyu a love letter that belonged to her.

Shi Ran had been secretly writing this love letter for a long time, but it was given at a good time.

But whether it was the underground parking lot, the desk, the pillow at home, or even the fingertip box, she was not surprised enough.

Walking around, the two silver bracelets on my wrist collided and made a crisp sound.

Shi Ran suddenly felt that Chen Yinbing was right.

Maybe it would be better to choose a day rather than to hit the sun.

This bridge was their greatest fate, so why not just give it to Chen Ruoyu here

Shi Ran watched Chen Ruoyu take out the letter inside the envelope, and recited: “Ah Yu, this was the first love letter I wrote to you, but it was the one I revised eight times.

Tonight, the moon outside the window is strangely round, and you are sleeping beside me.

In the past, I always felt that I would not feel lonely by myself, but because I am by my side now, I feel how lonely I was in the past.

The wind blew through Shi Ran’s long hair.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s lips twitching in her sight and felt like her heart was being held up by Jiang Feng, and her whole body was unreal.

The dream she had been dreaming of came true on this night when the stars fell into the river.

Shi Ran quickly recited the content of the letter.

In the penultimate paragraph, Shi Ran pursed her lips, rarely shy.

The hands behind her back were entangled, and the little fox bit her lower lip and said: “Some words, even if you write with a pen, you will feel ashamed to say them, but I still want to say them.” Chen Ruoyu, I like you.

The likes of yesterday are more liked, and the same is true every day.

Chen Ruoyu heard her eyes were a little red and calmly commented, “The writing is backward.”

Shi Ran saw Chen Ruoyu’s reaction.

Knowing that she was just pretending to be calm, she simply hugged Chen Ruoyu’s waist and deliberately asked, “Then what should I do, Teacher Chen”

Chen Ruoyu looked down at the love letter in her hand, slowly raised her eyes, and said, “Go back and I’ll teach you.”

The night boat rowed across the river, causing ripples, and Chen Ruoyu’s kiss fell on Shi Ran’s lips in the moonlight.

The love letter blocked the lights on the roadside and Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu’s faces behind, leaving a secret that only belonged to them that night.

[Latest] A minor incident at a high school

Autumn came quietly in the first semester of high school, but Cicada was still clinging to Midsummer’s tail and kept calling.

A few days ago, the rain reluctantly suppressed Qiuhu’s ferocity, and the fans in the classroom were still spinning tirelessly.

The moss-green skirt swayed in the sun, and the hallway at the end of the class was full of loud slapstick.

The tip of the pen swiped across the paper to make a rhythmic rustling sound, and Chen Ruoyu was sitting in her place, like an exceptional sight.

Suddenly, she felt a light shadow falling on her head.

The monitor who came back from the English office of the headteacher was putting her exercise book on the table, smiling and looking at Chen Ruoyu, who raised her head: “Ah Yu, Are you interested in writing “

“No.” Chen Ruoyu had no expression on her face, and she refused directly.

The squad leader pursed his lips: “Ah Yu, don’t be so indifferent.

You didn’t even ask what writing is.”

Chen Ruoyu only gave a faint “um,” and said nothing, then lowered her head and continued to count the math problems she had not yet completed.

The squad leader knew that Chen Ruoyu had a cold temperament and had long been accustomed to her attitude.

He didn’t have any blame on his face, so he picked up an A4 paper notice in the exercise book and walked to the podium.

At that moment, the preparatory bell for the self-study class rang.

The students who were playing around in the corridor instantly scattered and returned to the class one after another.

The monitor stood on the podium and looked at the students who had all returned to the class.

He knocked on the iron sheet on the side of the podium and said, “Sorry for taking up everyone’s time.”

“This semester’s pictorial collection competition has begun.

The theme set by the school’s publicity department is Autumn.

One person is required to write a poem and another to draw according to the poem.

The two cooperated to complete it.

It also reflects the tacit understanding of everyone’s classmates.

“We are also in our third year of high school this year.

This pictorial is the last time for our high school.

We still hope that our classmates will actively sign up.

Our head teacher still hopes that everyone will focus on learning.

To paint, it is only this afternoon.

You can self-recommend your work and submit it to the class teacher.

The students who are to write poems and stories can be given an extra day to prepare, which is also handed over to the class teacher for selection, and the last two people work together to complete it.

In the three years of high school, the class leader has already spoken like a duck to water when he actively mobilizes.

But because of the need to prepare for the college entrance examination, few interested people in the class raised their heads for a long time.

No way, the monitor still bit the bullet and said to everyone: “Okay, students who are interested can come to me to sign up now, and it will be after school this afternoon.”

The voice fell, and the squad leader walked off the podium.

The quiet classroom was dominated by the sound of fans again, and very few people came to sign up for the monitor.

Chen Ruoyu wrote the three-dimensional geometric proof question on the paper to the end; the black dots were neatly inverted triangles on the paper, and another shadow fell on top of her head without warning.

“Squad leader, I want to sign up to paint the pictorial.”

The warm jade-like arm crossed Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight with the affirmative voice, and the scent of the little rose was carried by the wind and fell between her hair on top of her head.

Just now, the pen that was writing the problem-solving steps neatly and quickly halted, and Chen Ruoyu heard her heart stopping and crashing.

The speaker was Shi Ran.

The squad leader was overjoyed when he heard Shi Ran say this: “Then I’ll leave it to you this time.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised: “Aren’t you picking others anymore”

The monitor took a peek at the people in the class and said, “Everyone is busy reviewing.

It’s impossible if you don’t come the rest of the time now, and the board newspaper of our class is so beautiful, you’re sure.

It’s you.

Don’t live up to our expectations.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but have a bright smile on his face and said, “Don’t worry.”

The discussion went well unexpectedly; the monitor watched Shi Ran return to her seat, and the movements of clearing the table were filled with joy, and he couldn’t help humming a song.

The stopped pen beside her was not picked up again, so Chen Ruoyu reached out and knocked on the monitor’s desk with a blank expression.

The squad leader was stunned for a moment, subconsciously thinking that he was disturbing her by humming, and immediately closed his mouth.

However, Chen Ruoyu did not withdraw her gaze but asked, “Can you still decide now”

The squad leader was surprised: “How did you figure it out”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer but said, “Is it okay”

The squad leader willingly wanted to agree but scratched his head a little embarrassed: “I just let the words out.

It’s a little bad for the default.”

Then she changed the conversation and said, “But I don’t think there are many competitors.”

A bit of loss appeared in Chen Ruoyu’s eyes, but it was fleeting.

She was not worried about competing with someone, but she was unsure how to cooperate with that person, making her a little uneasy.

The squad leader was a little curious: “But Ah Yu, why did you suddenly change your personality”

Chen Ruoyu did not answer.

She lowered her head again and continued to write the math problem.

She was interrupted by Shi Ran just now.

Chen Ruoyu’s answering process was standard and beautiful, but the inverted triangle dot at the end was a little discordant.

It was as abrupt as the beating of Chen Ruoyu’s heart when Shi Ran’s arm slid across Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight.

As the sun went down, groups of students from the school poured out of the gate of the school after school in the afternoon.

The corridor was filled with the sounds of calling friends and companions, but Chen Ruoyu walked out of the math teacher’s office alone.

Everyone in the class was almost gone, and the fan slowly stopped and poured in a lot of hot air.

Chen Ruoyu returned to her seat to pack her things, and Song Yi stood at her desk with her school bag on her back.

Song Yi deliberately waited for Chen Ruoyu to come back.

In high school, she didn’t want others to know about the relationship between her and Chen Ruoyu, and the intersection with her was strange.

Song Yi: “Ah Yu, I just heard from the monitor that you have signed up too.” Can you not take part in this competition I want to complete this cooperation with Shi Ran.

Chen Ruoyu was still young, and her words were more straightforward than now.

Listening to Song Yi’s remarks, she asked directly, “Do you like Shi Ran”

Song Yi was taken aback by Chen Ruoyu’s question and hesitantly said, “I can’t talk about liking it.”

Before she finished explaining her confession, Song Yi changed her words: “But it doesn’t prevent me from working with her, right”

Chen Ruoyu heard a faint “um”.

Song Yi was a little pleased: “You agree”

But Chen Ruoyu poured a basin of cold water on Song Yi and said, “No.”

The expression on Song Yi’s face froze for a moment, and the feeling of failure made her feel very uncomfortable.

Chen Ruoyu has always been a stuffy gourd, and she does whatever she wants, but why was it different this time

Song Yi was extremely uncomfortable with Chen Ruoyu’s attitude towards herself, and her voice became a little colder: “What do you mean”

“It makes little sense.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly, her voice even colder than Song Yi’s.

“I just want to compete fairly with you.”

For no reason, Song Yi felt that Chen Ruoyu’s words had no meaning, and her eyes became more vigilant: “What do you mean”

Although she didn’t like Shi Ran at all, her vanity and paranoia made her not allow others to think of her people.

This other person was Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu did not answer.

She looked at Song Yi’s finally exposed hostility towards herself and asked, “What are you nervous about”

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was as calm and emotionless as usual, and Song Yi couldn’t guess anything from it.

Then she felt that Chen Ruoyu was unlikely to like Shiran, so she simply shook her head, thinking that she had hidden her hostility to Chen Ruoyu without a trace, and said, “It’s nothing.

I’m so nervous.”

After she finished speaking, she rearranged her hair, looked upright, and said to Chen Ruoyu, “Since you want a fair competition, Ah Yu, let’s see whose poem can be selected by the headteacher.”

Song Yi said these words with extra confidence, and the raised head seemed to be the surest way to win this battle.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t say a word, so she picked up the schoolbag she had packed and said, “Excuse me.”

This was the first time that she wanted to fight with Song Yi.

Facts have proved that if Chen Ruoyu wanted to fight with Song Yi, Song Yi was completely powerless to resist.

Song Yi’s lame poem was defeated by Chen Ruoyu, and the cooperation between Chen Ruoyu and Shi Ran was a certainty.

The school after school reverberated with relaxed and melodious piano music, and Chen Ruoyu’s shadow slanted down the corridor.

The open window framed the picture in the room into a painting.

The girl looked into the classroom calmly and saw that Shi Ran, who had made an appointment with her, had already come here.

The wind swayed the curtains by the window of the state-of-the-art studio, like a brown-yellow ocean wave.

The ponytail that was usually tied high on the top of the head was casually pulled on the top of the head, and the fluffy hair on the forehead at the temples fluttered in the wind.

At that moment, Shi Ran of Code Pigment noticed the figure outside the window, and greeted Chen Ruoyu without noticing, “You’re here, come in.”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she quickly regained her senses, gave Shi Ran an “um,” and walked into the studio.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s little poem on the table and praised: “Your poem is well written.

I feel like a picture is already in front of me when I read it, so I don’t need to draft it.

She showed Chen Ruoyu the painting that she had almost finished this afternoon: “You can see it, right”

The bright yellow of the golden autumn was covered with drawing paper, and the composition was not very delicate, but it depicts the desolation of the autumn day.

Chen Ruoyu, who was accustomed to the exquisite fine brushwork, was a little fascinated by it.

Shi Ran’s too fit with the mood she wanted to express made her throat go dumb for a moment, and she only gave Shi Ran a quiet

Shi Ran was a little dissatisfied and said with a smile, “Chen Ruoyu, do you only say ‘um’”

Chen Ruoyu’s fingers hanging on the side of the skirt twisted the pleats of the skirt, and the feeling of nervousness rarely appeared in her body.

She pursed her lips and thought for a while, then said, “It’s beautiful.”

Three words, with the coldness of this person, but some inexplicable clumsiness.

Shi Ran’s smile grew stronger.

She knocked on the vacant space on the table at hand and said, “Come here, I’ll make room for you.

I’m drawn now.

You practice first, later “After I draw it, you write it down, and we can submit the work.

Chen Ruoyu nodded and walked to the place she prepared for herself as Shi Ran said.

The fine brush was dipped in the prepared ink, and the fair and slender hand held the pen holder upright.

After one stroke and one stroke, the word “Autumn” was written, but Chen Ruoyu’s eyes uncontrollably turned to Shi Ran, who was concentrating on painting.

The sound of the classroom’s ceiling fans turning was uniquely quiet in the classroom in late summer and early autumn.

The girl’s floating hair was dyed with the fragrance of small roses.

The thick eyelashes dropped slightly, and the curved arc hung with serious light, which made Chen Ruoyu almost absent-minded.

The setting sun fell into the room through the clean window, and the orange-red light seemed to extend Shi Ran’s painting on the table to the entire room.

Chen Ruoyu noticed that the shadow of her standing side by side with Shi Ran was reflected on the wall opposite the abandoned tables and chairs.

It was vague and abstract, but it was reflected in her eyes realistically.

Chen Ruoyu wrote her poems in such a serious manner, the brush carried the paper and made a subtle sound.

She heard it clearly and felt her heart beating.

The last rays of the sun warmly fell on the finished pictorial.

The golden orange color was layered.

The words Chen Ruoyu and Shi Ran were carefully and correctly written in the lower right corner of the pictorial.

That was the first time their names were side by side.

Also, the only time.



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