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With the cracking voice, I quickly came to my senses.


“—I beg you.” 


When I lowered my head towards the direction of the sound, I saw a beautiful man eagerly holding my ankle.

I could feel my ankle hurt a little from being held by him.


How the hell did this happen


Is this a dream 


The man’s silver hair, which glistened as if made of sugar, was messily scattered under my feet.

The man had a very beautiful appearance.

I looked at him blankly and forgot to answer him.


His lake-like blue eyes trembled violently.




“–Please tell me.

I’m in a hurry, so I want you to give me the medicine first.”


Medicine What medicine 




The tone was polite yet urgent.


I was puzzled since I didn’t understand what the man was saying, but he clenched his teeth as if he had misinterpreted my expression.


“—I haven’t been able to take medicine for days already.

Please– I beg you.”


The man’s complexion was pale.


He breathed heavily yet quietly as if he was about to die, so I decided to try to save others first.


“Where’s the medicine”


I asked with the intention of finding it quickly and bringing it, but the man frowned. 


But he softened his expression, thinking he might offend me.


“It’ll be in your pocket.”


Why do I have your medicine in my pocket 


I thought it was nonsense, but my hands were already digging into my pocket. 


I felt the cold glass against the tip of my finger. 


Only then did I realize it.

I think this is a vivid dream.

Although I don’t know why I’m dreaming like this.


“Is this right” 


I shook the small glass bottle filled with achromatic liquid in front of the man’s eyes.


His blue eyes lit up.


“That’s right.



“Rosie! What are you doing!”


The moment I was about to give the man the medicine, a woman dressed like a maid approached me with a surprised expression and shouted at me when she came in.


She was a beautiful woman with fine blonde hair.

While I was bewildered, the woman’s green eyes distorted.


“Did you spill it on that monster”




“Yes! Did you forget that you can’t give medicine without the Master’s permission”


Wait a minute.


Silver-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful man, medicine, monsters, and the Master’s permission—all of these are familiar keywords, aren’t they


Suddenly, scenes from a novel I had read a while ago began to come to mind.


Which was a BL novel.


But that thought quickly flew away as I felt a force pulling my arm.

I was surprised and turned my head.


There stood a woman who nobody knew when she came.

Who was it 


“Let’s get out, Rosie.

If you stay here, you’ll spill it on that monster.”


When a woman in a maid uniform pulled my arm, I followed her unexpectedly.  When I turned around, I saw the man clenching his teeth in humiliation and frustration.


Is it really alright if I don’t give him the medicine


I was worried about the man, so I dropped the glass bottle on the carpet so that the woman wouldn’t notice.


Then, with a slight kick, I made it roll towards the man.


As if he didn’t know I would do something like that, the man hurriedly picked up the glass bottle that was rolling in front of him, his eyes widened in surprise.


Drink it.


I mouth quietly and softly and left the room.


The man’s half-empty eyes followed me.Tam's notes:

Hi! We meet again with a new novel xD But I will explain some parts here.


Title: The Obsessed Maniac Is Trying To Confine Me (집착 광공이 나를 감금하려고 한다) Explanation about the title: 집착 광공이 is a type of character that usually appears in BL genre works.

These days, regardless of genre, it has become widely used as a term to call characters who are madly obsessed with their relationships.So apparently there are two types of leads: 주인공 and 주인수.

주인공, as we all know, is the main protagonist, and 주인수 is the other lead who 주인공 ends up with (romantic interest). In BL projects, 공 and 수 are opposite ends.

공 (공격) = attacking position (top) 수 (수비) = defensive position (bottom).

It's kind of hard for me to explain it in the description of the novel but I hope you understand what I mean xD


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