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The brain refused to move and stuttered, but a man that I believed to be Argen narrowed his eyebrows. 


“Why do you stop talking”


It looks like Argen, should I change the title now 


However, it was difficult to change the title easily because of the possibility that this man might not be Argen. 


“—I think you need to check the chain.”


In the end, I chose not to call him by his title. 


Unlike me, who is thinking hard about the title, the man smiled happily as if he didn’t care about it. 


“The maids have been incompetent so far, but this maid seems to be useful.” 


“That’s not true.

I’m useless because I dropped the bowl and I’m clumsy.”




I drew a line right away in case the man in front of me would make me work as Richard’s exclusive maid. 


I think one of the maids became the dedicated maid in the original story, but I can’t remember it well. 


‘As long as it’s not me.’


“You’re a strange kid.

I see.

I’ll check what you saw and pass it on to the Marquis.” 


—But I think he’s Argen though. 


But I couldn’t be sure.

If I think about it, there is no reason to deceive me. 


Even so, I don’t think he’s a butler.


“Yes, I hope everything will be solved well.” 


As long as it’s not Argen. 


I bowed down to the man and turned around. 


“Wait, maid.”




Why are you holding me like that 


“What’s your name”


“—I think the people around me were calling me Rosie.”


“You tell me your name in a unique way.

I’ll remember it.” 


Why me 


I blinked curiously, and the man smiled happily.


—What a strange person. 


When I instinctively thought that I didn’t want to get involved with him, I took a step back. 


“—Then I’ll be leaving.”


I quickly disappeared from the man’s sight.


It was such a tiring day. 


My mind was filled with thoughts of lying in bed.


As I was about to enter the room, I saw the maids who were nearby and had a conversation.




I smiled brightly and approached them. 


Before resting in the room, I think it would be better to find out about the body I possessed.




Who am I


It sounds like a philosophical question, but it was a serious question. 


Pink hair and pink eyes that look like they’re colored with pink cherry blossoms. 


Contrary to her lovely appearance, her eyebrows are raised up and thick red lips with slightly curled ends. 


It was a pretty appearance reminiscent of a pink cat. 


Come to think of it, there was a saying in the original work that Argen loved beautiful things so much that he selected servants who entered the mansion by looking at their appearance. 


I sighed when I saw myself vaguely reflected in the window. 


How did I end up being possessed by this body


After accusing Richard of his escape attempt yesterday evening, I went around to inquire about this body through the maids around me, but nothing came of it. 


All they knew about this body was the name is Rosie.


‘It’s kind of mysterious, right’


The only person I was close with was Emily, the maid who took care of me yesterday, so everyone seemed to be curious about what I was talking about.


Should I say that it’s a relief No one will notice if I act differently from Rosie. 


“Here it is.”


The chef put the bowl of rice down in front of me.


While I was lost in thought, I had arrived in the kitchen.


Today was also a dog bowl.


Suddenly, the original story reminded me of a cruel scene in which Richard slaughtered the chef.


“What’s wrong”



It’s nothing, but there’s a lot of dishes piled up over there.” 


“What’s wrong with that” 


“I think it’s going to be quite hard to clean the dishes.”


“Well, it’s not like I’m doing it anyway.”


The returning answer seemed to be annoying and blunt. 


“May I help you” 


“Do you have to Just leave it alone.

The maid will come and take care of it soon.” 


The chef looked at me as if he were looking at a strange person, but I smiled like a good person.


“When will the maid come”


The chef mumbled with his chin, saying, ‘Let’s see,’ and answered my question. 


“Why do you ask that”


“I just asked.”


The chef looked at me as if seeing a strange person and beckoned me to go. 


I greeted him and left the kitchen. 


I pondered about the fact that Richard attempted to escape yesterday.


How will he spend the remaining 9 days


During this period, it would be better to be as close to Richard as possible. 


And also I think it would be better to keep an eye on him. 


If I find Richard trying to run away, I can also report him right away.




As I entered, Richard, who was leaning against the wall, looked up at me. 


His blue eyes bent beautifully. 


“You’re here, Maid.”


“Yes, the meal—”


As I tried to respond to Richard, I saw a green bruise and a severe wound on Richard’s ankle. 


—It must have been done by Argen. 


He must have twisted his ankle in anger at the fact that Richard was trying to run away.


“I got hurt a little.”


Richard, who noticed where my eyes were headed, smiled sadly. 


“—It’s not a little.”


“Are you worried about me”


Guilt was ahead of worry.


This was what happened when I accused Richard.


However, if Richard tries to escape next time, I can’t ignore it.


Because then I’ll die.


‘I want to live.’


It was human instinct to be obsessed with life.


“—The Marquis didn’t give you any treatment.” 


“I recover quickly, so they say this will be okay.” 


Those with magical powers suffer for the rest of their lives, but on the contrary, they are said to have an excellent ability to recover. 


“—Please eat.”


I put down a dog bowl in front of him. 


I lowered my head to avoid his gaze.

It was my fault, so my conscience hurt. 


“I guess you’re not curious why he suddenly acted like this to me.” 


He said in a way that he was jealous and disappointed.

I smiled awkwardly when I saw the corner of his mouth that went up. 


He must have been trying to seduce me and use me for escape. 


I didn’t know I’d be attacked by Richard’s technique in the original. 


“Do you want me to ask you”


“Yes, please ask.”


“Why did you get hit”


“That’s right.

I don’t know either.”




Are you asking me to play with words


Not knowing how to respond, Richard burst into a small smile as I looked at him hard.


Then, he tapped my forehead with his pretty finger. 


“Maid, your expression is wrinkled.”


“It’s going to be crumpled, so don’t touch it.”


“Is it because of me What should I do because I feel sorry”


“If you’re sorry, you can stop talking and eat.”


“You’re so cold-hearted.”


Richard began to eat.

I quietly waited next to him for the meal to finish. 


At the end of his meal, I silently put Richard’s empty plate in a tray and stood up. 


“See you again, Maid.”


Richard greeted me in a gentle voice. 


I went outside without answering back. 


Richard’s injured ankle tingled as he was trying to go and do what he had to do. 


Guilt like I broke his leg.

I pressed down my throbbing head. 


“Hey, Emily.

Can I know where to get an ice pack” 


If I said Richard was sick, not me, it was obvious that she would not tell me the location, so I acted with all my might to hurt my ankle. 


Emily immediately showed me where the ice was with worried eyes.


Then she kindly advised me to wrap it in a thin towel and press it. 


When I took the ice, I turned to the next place. 


“Rosie, you’re hurt! Where are you going!” 


“To steal!”


“Don’t run and be careful!”


At Emily’s persistent gaze, I ran as if my legs hurt. 


As I looked around and went near the kitchen on time, I could see a young-looking girl.


Is it a kitchen maid


That’s how I tried to get past her.

If only one part of the original had not come to mind at that moment. 


I hurriedly headed somewhere and knocked her down. 


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