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Ch63 - Little Sugar Cake Entertaining His Friends

The Shura Field was Scheduled in Advance 

After betraying countless of his morals, Little Sugar Cake, who forfeit sovereignty and humiliate the country, finally got Fu Xiao to agree to let Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei stay.



Walking out of the door of the study, The always meticulously groomed Little Sugar Cake, with some messy cat fur on his face, walked to Silly Bai Tian with tears in his eyes, and said: “You can stay.”

Silly Bai Tian breathed a sigh of relief, then smiled sweetly at Little Sugar Cake: “You’re amazing, Little Sugar Cake.” 

Little Sugar Cake reluctantly smiled and said: “Of course, I’m the one who keeps my words at home.”


And his heart couldn’t help but cry ying ying ying.

Silly Bai Tian’s paw was only a little swollen, and it wasn’t serious.

Naturally, it would be fine after a period of rest, so Little Sugar Cake did not grind Fu Xiao to call the doctor.

As if he’s really the master, Little Sugar Cake took Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei on a tour of his home.

So, this afternoon, you’ll see a snow-white fur ball with two orange and black dumplings going in and out of each room.


And the three cats would also gather together with their heads, while meowing.

They’re really cute like this.

The butler passed by and couldn’t help bending down to touch the fluffy head of Little Sugar Cake and said with a smile: “Little Sugar Cake brought friends home to play, ah.”


Little Sugar Cake raised his head and shook his fluffy tail proudly: “Meow~” 

Little Sugar Cake climbed upstairs with Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei.

The white cat jumped up to the floor vigorously, and Xiao Hei followed closely.

After waiting for a long time, the two cats saw Silly Bai Tian fluttering its short legs, moving up the stairs little by little.

Xiao Hei hated the iron for not becoming steel and ran back again.

The robust and strong black cat held the back of the neck of the cute orange cat, and the orange cat curls its tail obediently, as if it was used to it.

After arriving at their destination, Silly Bai Tian licked Xiao Hei’s fur intimately: “Thank you.”

Xiao Hei rolled its eyes uncomfortably and said: “Hmph.

Thanks, what thanks.”

Little Sugar Cake, who couldn’t bear to look directly, covered his eyes, and then pushed open the door on the top floor. 

The top floor was cleared into a room, which contained all kinds of Little Sugar Cake’s toys, as well as his cat climbing frame like a small house.

It’s a cat paradise.


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The countryside cat Xiao Hei’s golden eyes widened in disbelief: “These, are these all yours”

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Olaaif Veujg Jjxf tjr cba yffc ab atf abq oibbg obg j ibcu alwf.

Ciatbeut atlr kjr tlr jmalnlas gbbw lc cjwf, tf kjr jirb raeccfv ktfc tf rjk atlr gbbw oeii bo atlcur tf vlvc’a xcbk ktfc la kjr ybeuta.

Dea lc bgvfg cba ab rtbk tlr alwlvlas lc ogbca bo tlr ilaaif oglfcvr, Olaaif Veujg Jjxf rjlv lc j aglnlji abcf: “Tfr, P jrxfv atfw ab jggjcuf la tfgf, jcv atfs klii qea ktjafnfg P afii atfw ab qea.”


As soon as the three cats turned around, they saw an entire wall.

The wall was filled with a variety of photos of Little Sugar Cake.

From when he was still the size of a palm to the present.

When he was eating, playing, sleeping, numerous and densely packed together.

Xiao Hei looked at Little Sugar Cake in shock—— 

That look is just like ‘I didn’t expect you to be such Little Sugar Cake’.

Arranging a whole wall of pictures of himself is too narcissistic.

Meanwhile, Silly Bai Tian looked at Little Sugar Cake thoughtfully.

Little Sugar Cake can’t talk to his owner, so how could it be arranged according to his wishes With so many photos, it can only be said that the owner of Little Sugar Cake really likes him, ba.

Little Sugar Cake was also stunned. 

Immediately, he realized that these were photos taken secretly by Fu Xiao, because the photo of him stuck in the vase was right there.

It turns out that Fu Xiao actually saved all these photos

Why would he have to do this, ah.

he felt strangely embarrassed.

He doesn’t know what to think of this. 

Little Sugar Cake’s face was hot, and his expression changed, then he stood up abruptly and walked to the side with his small paws.

At lunch time.

The butler specially prepared a rich cat meal for them.

As the master, Little Sugar Cake was very and extra generous, the cat rice, which was piled into a hill, was distributed to Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei. 

When the butler saw it, he couldn’t help but praise: “Our Little Sugar Cake is really sensible, can even take care of his friends.”

Since Little Sugar Cake has to accompany his friend to eat, Little Sugar Cake, together with Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei squatted on the floor to eat today.

The three cat bowls were placed side by side, and the three cats lay down neatly, revealing their round buttocks.


At this moment, there was a commotion at the door.

Three cats with mouths full of oil looked up 

Outside the door, Fu Wei broke in.

When he saw Silly Bai Tian, he said with relief: “Where have you been I was so worried.” After that, he was about to take Silly Bai Tian home.

Xiao Hei, with exploding fur, stood in front of Silly Bai Tian.

With a raised tail, it arched its body, and snarled at Fu Wei.

Little Sugar Cake hurriedly stood between Fu Wei and Xiao Hei to protect Fu Wei!

What a joke, Xiao Hei can fight all nearby invincible in the neighborhood, ma. 

Fu Wei, this weak chicken, is not enough for Xiao Hei’s claws.

Fu Xiao walked over and frowned: “Fu Wei, where have you been studying all these years What do you think you’re doing barging in like this”

Fu Wei was also impatient.

Knowing his little munchkin was missing, he immediately went out to look for it.

After searching for a long time, he still couldn’t find it.

Then a friend reminded him that his little munchkin might go back to where it was before, so he ran over to look for the surveillance, only then did he find his little munchkin.

Not caring much, he barged right in.

After barging in, he felt very uncomfortable. 

Looking at this unfamiliar elder brother, Fu Wei’s heart is complicated.

As a child, he never knew that he had an older brother.

Then suddenly one day, his grandfather bought a strange boy from his house, and he didn’t like it.

Someone told him that this was his older brother.

At that time, he was happy because he finally had a brother.

Later, his mother told him to stay away from his brother, and he gradually got further and further away from Fu Xiao.

And then later when he studied, he was just three years younger than Fu Xiao.

They went to the same middle school, and no matter where he went, he was the younger brother of the legendary Fu Xiao.

He was happy at first, but then, he got fed up with it. 

The two went farther.

In the end, he went abroad to study.

After all, although he and Fu Xiao were brothers, they spent very little time together.

He always had a very complicated feelings towards this brother.

Especially when he knew that he once had an older brother with the same father and mother, who never had the chance to be born in this world because of Fu Xiao’s mother. 

Between him and Fu Xiao, it was difficult to say who was right and who was wrong.

And now that Jiaming is mixed in, he is naturally ashamed to face Fu Xiao.


It’s just that he really likes Jiaming, and if he doesn’t fight for her, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

He will never repeat the mistakes of his father.

He must marry the person he loves the most.

When he saw Fu Xiao, he couldn’t help but feel a little weaker, and said hesitantly: “I’m here to pick up Little Munchkin and take it home.” 

The short orange cat on the ground looked at Fu Wei with round eyes, then turned a blind eye and continued to eat its lunch, as if it had not heard anything.

Fu Wei took a step forward in a hurry.

Silly Bai Tian immediately took a step back, and called out to Fu Xiao vigilantly, with a very clear attitude.

Xiao Hei stood in between him and Silly Bai Tian.

For some reason, Little Sugar Cake could see the sparks and feel the tension between one person and one cat. 

Fortunately, Fu Xiao came over at this time.

Little Sugar Cake breathed a sigh of relief, he jumped towards Fu Xiao’s arms, and chose a comfortable position to nestle in.

With Fu Xiao here, there’s nothing to worry about.

Fu Xiao, who was stroking Little Sugar Cake’s fur, said coldly to Fu Wei: “What are you trying to do What’s all the fuss in my house” 

Fu Wei blushed and explained: “I just want to take my cat back, I——”

Before he finished speaking, Fu Xiao sneered: “Instead of forcibly taking your cat back, think about why it doesn’t want to go back.

Have your piles of troubles been resolved ”

Fu Wei was silent for a while, and then he said: “I will explain it slowly to Grandpa.

Now that I’ve got a new job at Heishan Investment, it will gradually get better.”

In fact, he is not short of money.

In those years abroad, he made a lot of money. 

In addition, he was blocked by almost all enterprises in the city, so he was not in a hurry.

But Jiaming was very anxious.

Because of this incident, they were very unhappy.

Fortunately, Heishan Investment threw an olive branch to him at this time, and Mr.

Kong also called repeatedly to invite him to his place.

So he decided to end his recuperation at home in a few days.

But even so, he and Feng Jiaming were in constant conflict, and two people together always have to have friction.

He didn’t care either, but he didn’t expect his little munchkin to run out on its own. 

Seeing this, the butler said: “Young master Wei, your cat doesn’t seem to want to go back with you.”

Fu Wei also knows that Little Munchkin will not go back with him today.

But he was relieved to know that Little Munchkin was all right.

He knew that no one in Fu Xiao’s villa welcomed him, so he didn’t say much and left Fu Xiao’s house.


Silly Bai Tian didn’t seem to be affected at all, it jumped on Xiao Hei and licked its fur.

The two cats licked each other’s fur affectionately, and played together from time to time.

Little Sugar Cake looked at them enviously. 

He also likes being licked.

If only Fu Xiao could lick his fur.

Little Sugar Cake thought regretfully.

But he is human, how could he licked around with them like that.

So the white cat lay proudly on the sofa like a lady, while flicking his fluffy tail, and pretended to look at the pendulum clock next to him, not really interested in the two cats playing there.

But his eyes skimming over there from time to time betrayed him. 

Silly Bai Tian walked to Little Sugar Cake with bright round eyes.

He leaned down and licked Little Sugar Cake’s fur, and said: “Come and play with us.”

Little Sugar Cake stood up hesitantly.

However, Xiao Hei was much more straightforward, it rushed to Little Sugar Cake and threw Little Sugar Cake on the ground.

The three cats played in a ball, pouncing around, and squatting stickily together while licking each other’s fur. 

When Fu Xiao came down, he saw Little Sugar Cake being pounced on Silly Bai Tian’s body, and Silly Bai Tian stretched out its pink tongue to Little Sugar Cake.

This gesture is as intimate as it can be.

Somewhat dazzling.

Fu Xiao stretched out his hand and called: “Little Sugar Cake” 

But how can the white cat, who was playing madly, hear this.

Seeing that there was no response for a long time, Fu Xiao hummed inexplicably.

He went back to the study and took his phone.

He sat on the sofa, then leaned on the back of the seat, and looked at Little Sugar Cake, who was being licked comfortably, and then made a phone call: “Secretary Zhang I’ve got some business here, let Su Zening come to my house, right now.”

Little Sugar Cake, who was lying on the ground, suddenly stood up, then looked up at Fu Xiao’s direction stiffly.



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