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At that time, Bianca, who had regained her unique composure to a certain extent, showed excellent situational judgment.

“Eli, I think this place… is the dungeon.”

“Well, of all things, it`s a cemetery dungeon, the Count’s Castle was built in a bad place.” 

“What should we do It’s said that we couldn’t get out of a dungeon without subjugating the owner.”

“It’s okay.

I’ll protect you, Bia.”


Her rabbit-like eyes were filled with emotion, but there was no trust.

It was a mournful look, like hearing a promise to die together as if I was her real blooded sister.

I emphasized.

“It’s true.”




I’ll protect you too, Eli.”

It seems that the truth will not go through.

“How long has it been since I’ve had guests! I, Ardiman, have personally come to meet you!”

[ The owner of the dungeon, 2039th place in the demon world, ‘Necromancer Baron Ardiman’ has appeared.]

He came out of nowhere.

The owner of the dungeon was a typical warlock wearing a black robe.

The evil energy rising from the whole body, his bright red eyes, and the horns of the goat in the head that pierced through the hood made it clear that he was not a human, but a Demon. 


Bianca let out a small gasp.

Human fear was nothing short of a sweet scent to the devil.

The demonic baron Ardiman, who smelled it, revealed a creepy smile.

“You are too young to be an adventurer! Is this the pure soul of a child sent by humans to win my favor”

“If I make a sacrifice… will you let me live”

Bianca let go of my tight grip and stepped forward.

“My name is Bianca Gillette, and as the next head of Count Gillette, I promise you.

I will offer a hundred children, so send me and Ellet back.”

“Ho Would you like to make a deal with me”


Ardiman pretended to touch his chin with his bony fingertips.

It looked like he was playing a trick.

“It’s trustworthy that it’s a promise of the next head of state.

Not bad.”


“Leave the kid next to you instead.”


“Isn’t it enough of a price to go back alive It looks like she’s just a maid, just leave her behind and give the other 99 after”

Bianca didn’t even bother to think about his offer.

“No way! She’s not just a maid.

She’s my…”

“My what”

“Anyway, this is not an option! I’ll give you 200 people, so send me and the Eli back.”

Even with a face that looked like she was about to faint from tension, Bianca tried to be confident.

However, it was as if the demon who had smelled the fragrant smell of fear had already found out her intentions.

“No, there is no need.

I must receive one on the spot, so one of you two remains.

You decide who will be the sacrifice.”


He was a demon, after all.

A human’s desperate heart was just a joke to him.

Bianca’s eyes trembled as she looked back at me and my mood sank to the bottom.

Oh, I hate this, it’s better to just smash it as soon as possible.

“Hey, ugly graveyard sh-…huh”

I was about to go in front of Ardiman with a full course of swearing, but suddenly my wrist was grabbed.

It was Bianca.

“Don’t go, Eli.”


“I will stay.”

Bianca’s face was quite grim.

It seemed that she misunderstood my actions when I went in front of her.

“No, Bia.

This is not like that…”

“As the next head of the household, it is natural to protect the estate.

And… you are my friend.”


Bianca whispered softly while I was at a loss for words, she had a slightly watery voice.

“Eli, you’re smart, so you know what to do when you get out I will wait until you come to rescue me.”

A voice that caught our attention rang aloud.

“Boring kids! Do you think that I teased you to film a melodrama like this Enough.

You all are going to die!”

A blood-red orb was summoned from Ardiman’s hand.

The black energy emanating from it was unusual.

“That’s not what you promised!”

“Hahahaha! Foolish, human child! I never said I would agree to your offer in the first place! Kuhahaha!”

“This, this, this demon…!”

“Pu ha ha! Did you just curse Didn’t you intend to do the same You, too, offered 100 children or 200 children, why tell me that after selling a pure lie without any intention of giving them to me, at least you must have thought to send the corpses of dead children.”

“How do you…”


Still young, you are still wet behind the ears.

It was a pretty good joke, little Next Lord.”


This time, I gabbed the trembling Bianca and pulled her back.

Now it was my turn to face Ardiman.

“Now you are revealing your true nature, ugly grave keeper.”

“Seems like you are not surprised! It seems you have accepted the fate of being ripped off from your bones, flesh, and soul! Know it’s an honor for the likes of you! Your white bones will join my army of skeletons loyal to this Ardiman, your flesh will become manure for my beautiful signature garden, and your souls will become an instrument that plays the screams of pain for eternity!”

After listening to all the chattering, I replied.

“Are you done Then I’ll also show you my true colors.”



[ Using the Transcendental Skill ‘Descent of Divinity’, ‘The divine spirit that builds the world dwells in your body.]

[ You can now use Godly Skills ‘omniscience’ and ‘omnipotence’.]

“W-What is this……!”

The night sky of the dungeon split apart and a fresh white light fell on me.

My whole body was surrounded by divine energy, and my feet floated in the air at the same time.

As if they could not dare step on the same ground as lowly creatures.

[ Your ranking changes rapidly.

Current ranking: 7th (▲ 1,528,673,467).]

[ The conditions for completing the tutorial quest were met, but an abnormal ranking change was detected.

The system will exclude your rank.]

Even the system is confused.

I slowly opened my closed eyes.

What was reflected in my vision was the terrified face of the Necromancer, Baron Ardiman.

“Di-Divinity! No way! G-God would have abandoned this world and left! The divine power was also steadily weakening, wasn’t it O-obviously God threw this world away so that we could eat it all as we liked!”

I threw a word to Ardiman, who was confused.

“A successor is here.”

“What! What does that mean…!”

“No more small talk, let’s fight now.”

“Wait a minute……!”


I immediately used the God skill.

“Wh- what kind of twisted trick are you trying to play here!”

Ardiman, who felt an unusual omen only just from the energy emanating from me, was terrified.

But when I saw a new screen pop up, I was a little perplexed.

‘What is this’

[ Starting the new world-building knowledge search engine.

Please enter your search term.]


What appeared on the screen was a search bar.

I put my embarrassment aside and followed the guide.

‘Holy skills in order of highest strength.’

[ ‘Serentra Continent’s Holy Skill Rank TOP 50’ has been searched.]

I checked the list in descending order.

I went down to the bottom and checked the name of the No.

1 skill in this world setting.

It was easy to use.

Another God skill, Omnipotence, was activated and the skill name was called.


It was then.


[ You can use the skill below 11th place due to the low assimilation rate of the descending form.]


This is good enough.

I was a little annoyed by the sudden restriction, but I could see Ardiman preparing to attack in front of me.

His blood orb was filled with evil energy.

“Di-Die! I will destroy you at once without giving you time to use God’s power!”


Listening to Bianca’s scream, I activated the 15th skill.


The wall of Mercury.”

[ The ultimate skill ‘Mercury Barrier Lv.15 ( 10)’ is activated.]

(Note: Do remember, that when she awakens, she has a buff of 10 to every Skill.

That’s why 10)


A shield with a huge silver cross on it came out and blocked Bianca’s front.

All the black energy that Ardimant poured out was blocked.

“No, that’s absurd! How can a young human like you achieve the ultimate barrier…! Now even the Pope can’t use it…!”

“Is it my turn now Omnipotence.

Divine punishment.”

[ The ultimate skill ‘Divine Punishment Lv.

15 ( 10)’ is activated.]

As soon as the 11th skill was activated, lightning struck from the sky.


Craklign! Kwawagwagwang!

It was no ordinary lightning bolt, so all the tombstones in the cemetery were crushed, blown away and the floor was sunken.

It looked like a thunderbolt, but in reality, it was as if a bomb had been dropped.


After the dust cloud subsided, what was seen was an Ardiman wriggling in the center of the huge crater.

“Are you still alive”

“Sa-save me… Save me, please…”

“You want to live”

“Ye-yes… please, have mercy…”

The tattered Ardiman submissively begged.

I took a close look at him.

I didn’t know as I was looking from afar, but his body, hidden in a robe, was a skeleton.

Was this guy an undead too Then…….

I smiled and held out my hand.


I’ll treat you now.”

“Tr-treatment Wh-what…”

“You said you want to live.”


I immediately activated a basic skill that was not even in the rankings.

[ Basic skill ‘Healing Lv.102 ( 10)’ is activated.]

It was at that moment when a holy and warm white light that came out of my hand wrapped around Ardiman’s body.

“Ah, n-no……! Kieeek!”


The body of the undead Ardiman was burned without a trace.

Even simple healing power is lethal to the undead, who are especially vulnerable to divine power.


When I stood up, shaking the dust off my hands, another screen popped up.

[ Congratulations! You defeated the owner of the dungeon ‘Necromancer Baron Ardiman’, 2039th in the demon world.]

[ The Demon Realm’s Cemetery buried under Count Gillette’ belongs to the dungeon subjugator, Ellet Rodellaine.]


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