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The 10th strongest skill, Vanquish of Evil, can now be used because of the rising assimilation rate of Descent.

A merciless, zero-tolerance execution skill that cuts off an existence equal to the total amount of evil possessed by the target.

Following the trajectory drawn by my finger, a white crack appeared in Rodrigo’s body.

Around the crack, his body began to shatter like a mosaic.

The target of Vanquish is pure evil, and demons are evil itself.

Therefore, now, the extinction of Rodrigo Orsche is being executed.

“My, my body……! Oh, no!”

“Ah, yes.”

Rodrigo cried towards the hole in the ceiling.

“Damn God, why! You threw away this hideous world, telling us to do whatever we wanted with it! N-N-Now, why are you coming back to judge us! Ahhh! AHHHH……!”

The scream didn’t last long.


Rodrigo, who felt certain extinction, stopped the pointless consumption of energy and fell to his knees.

“Hahaha…….You win, Fiance.

This……It must be the fate of an inevitable love.

My heart and my soul were all stolen… … .”

“Stop being pathetic and die already.”



His body, shattered like a crystal and was blown away in the wind.

The death message popped up.

[ Congratulations! You defeated Rodrigo Orsche, the owner of the dungeon, ranked 778th in the Demon World.]

“Whew……it’s over.”

The gap between an A-Class Boss and an S-Class one was huge.

Considering the time I spent subjugating Ardiman, I could easily see the difference between one grade while struggling by myself, but I think this one was done easier because of Thesilid.


Healing Field.”

[ Advanced skill ‘Healing Field Lv.45 ( 10)’ is activated.]

Lights like haze and fireflies rose from a certain area.

Area Heal was used to treat the wounds of the children, including Thesilid, all at once. 

Conveniently, there was no need to take any special action as the flowers in the head melted by the strong divine power.

After finishing all the work to be done, the Divine Descent was released.

“You worked hard, Terry.”



I looked back at Thesilid, who didn’t answer.

He was staring at me without moving.

“Hey there, Thesilid Argent”

“Just now……Isn’t that Descent of Divinity”

Thesilid’s voice that came out after a while, trembled slightly.

[‘The World-building God’ snorted and said, if you know, apologize for not knowing your place and rudely speaking about things such as ‘not a Saint’.]

How can such a malicious interpretation of his past words be possible 

I didn’t know what to say now so I only nodded my head. 

“That’s right.

It’s Divine Descent.

I even called out the skill name.”

“Oh My God.

Then the person the Church is looking for…….”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“Then the Saint…….”

“It’s an embarrassing title, but I will accept it.

It’s me.”

“Th-that, I didn’t even know that and…….”

After reality hit, Thesilid’s face turned red.

He seemed to be remembering the words he had told me earlier about me not being a Saint.

His flustered face was cute, so I’ll take the apology for him.

“It’s a secret, but it got caught.

But, well, you don’t have to tell me your secrets.”

I know about it anyway.

Thesilid, of course, didn’t seem to want to tell as he was out of his mind.

He seemed to have many questions for me.

“How could a child like you be able to use Descent”

“You’re a kid, too.”

“No, well, yes.

Age aside, even now, I can’t feel any divine power whatsoever.

How is Descent possible”

“It’s thanks to God’s gracious love.

He said I was far from awakening the divine power, so he told me to start with the Divine Descent first.”

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ is surprised that the memory of ripping off bug rewards could be glorified so much.]

Then a murmur hit my ears.

“Is there such a thing with ‘Strict Order and Goodwill’ It can’t be……”

Thesilid seemed to have a good grasp of the pettiness of the God he believed in. 

I didn’t have much time, so I hurriedly spoke.

“Terry, I have a favor.”

“What is it”

“I know the Church is looking for me, but I have no desire to belong to the Vatican or to donate my talents with the title of a Saint for the rest of my life.

So, I want you to keep the secret about me.”


Thesilid was silent.

I felt a little nervous.

What if the main character with a strong sense of responsibility and mission says, ‘Because you are a saint, you have to serve humanity!’

As a matter of fact, when I tried to negotiate with Rodrigo, he gave a passionate speech not to sacrifice myself because I’m a civilian.

But, on the other hand, wouldn’t he change his attitude towards an opponent with special powers

Just then, Thesilid answered with a serious face.


“Well, I thought so……what, you won’t tell! Huh What Really”

“Yes, I won’t tell the church.

I swear by the name of ‘Strict Order and Goodwill.”

It seems that the question “why” was etched on my face.

Thesilid knew the reason and told me.

“You have a family.

Go home.”



It’s touching.

Thesilid’s words did not end there.

“No one can force you to be a hero.

Even if you are a Saint or a special being, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”


My character interpretation is wrong.

Thesilid didn’t urge me to serve humanity.


You have a more flexible way of thinking than you look.”

“I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult…….”

First of all, I said it as a compliment.

Then an important fact came to mind.

“Oh, Looting! I don’t have time.

I need to loot now!”

I approached the wreckage of Rodrigo’s remains that had turned into shards of glass.

The loot was two skill books.

It was for a tanker and a healer, respectively, but even though the two formed a set, it was impossible for one person to learn both.

Seeing that it was impossible to read the detailed information, it seemed that I had to learn to figure out what kind of skill it was.

“You and I should have one.

Take it, Terry.”

“Spoils should be discussed with friends…….”

“You are the only tank here.

Don’t act like a pushover and hurry up.”


“There is such a thing.

Anyway, it seems that people who learn this skill influence each other somehow.

Learn and tell me what skills you have.”


I counted to three and we learned the skill at the same time.

Only then was it possible to view detailed information about the skill.


‘No, what is this!’

[ ‘Healing for the Beloved (Passive)’)

The ultimate skill for healers in the ‘Beloved Lover’ package.

Increases the effect of all healing-type skills by 5 times, limited to the partner (Tanker skill holder).

Note: This is a skill book that Count Orsche had saved to give to his future fiancee.

It is useful in bed because it shows a significant clinical effect on the partner’s stamina recovery…….]

……Let’s stop looking into it.

Holding my burning forehead I only spoke of the core points.

“It’s only applicable for you, Terry.

Healing skills have an increased effect of 5 times.”

“Five times more…….”

For a moment, I could read the conflict that arose in Thesilid’s eyes.

It seems like you want to take me to the Vatican right away…….

I called his attention before he put it into action.

“What skill did you learn”

“It’s a skill called ‘Guardian of the Beloved’…….”

The system doesn’t give skill information to Tesilid as it does to me.

But as soon as he learned it, he immediately realized what kind of skill it is.

“If you get hurt, I can make the wound be transferred to me.

But, the pain is shared by both.”

“Are you going to get hurt instead”

How the hell did he manage to get the ultimate pushover skill! 

“It’s not good for Tankers.

You can’t use it recklessly…….”

I couldn’t finish speaking.


“Oh, it’s time…….”


In fact, the fever has been rising since before.

I thought I could hold out for a little longer because the rate of assimilation of Descent rose, but now it was impossible.

I lay on the floor in a straight posture in advance so as not to fall over and hit my head.

Then, looking up at Thesilid, I breathed out my last greeting with quick breaths.

“Terry, the truth is that Descent is a double-edged skill.

So, please, take care of the rest.

And it was really nice to meet you.


“What Hold on! Ellet……!”

[ You suffer from ‘God fever’ as a result of unreasonable use of the Divinity.

Sleep is recommended for recovery.

Remaining time 1 day 23 hours 59 minutes.]

My consciousness sank.

I was sad, but it was time to say goodbye.

“Hmm, Count Orsche has disappeared”

Golden sand sways on the horizon like a dry tidal wave that devours life.

This sandy hell was the territory of Carpeus, the second in the demon realm and one of the Three Great Demon Lords.

He buried himself deep in a sun-shaped throne that seemed to have been made by kneading rocks.

His castle, built on a rocky cliff, was a raw-made building.

The view was open in all directions, a bloody full moon adorned his side like a masterpiece, and a thousand-meters cliff stretched below him.

On the winding stairway that stretches like a pilgrim’s path, lowly demons of different ranks bowed their heads.

“T-That’s correct! Master of Sanarak of the Three Great Demons Lords!!”

Carpeus swept away his reddish-blonde hair towards the end.

“From Ardiman Ramble to Rodrigo Orsche…….was Rodrigo even destroyed”

“Y-Yes! We don’t know if that’s really the case but, an ‘Executor’ seems to have appeared.”

The extinction of existence was a different threat from death.

The demons were trembling, but Carpeus was merely bitter.

“Well, extinction is better.

If he had to reincarnate, he would have to repeat the life-death cycle a million times in the form of a cockroach until he’s resurrected as a demon again.

How does one endure such humiliation In the end, it’s a good thing, a good thing.”

“Well, but inside a million of times, there is a chance that he will be born as cattle! If it’s a cat, it might be a decent life……!”

“Oh, that’s not the point right now.” 

The atmosphere changed with a single word.

The majesty of the Demon Lord was encroaching upon the palace.

“What kind of…..whim is ‘Strict order and Goodness’ doing”

Carpeus ordered.

“Find out who is the Executor who used Vanquish of Evil.”


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