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Chapter 10.

Filial piety trip


We heard the news when my dad and I were making the deliveries for next month.

“Rodellaine, do you have any potions in stock We must deliver immediately!”


Treasurer It has only been a week since the last delivery, is there any defect in the delivered item If there’s a lot of items necessary to be exchanged them…….”

“No! A month’s worth of stuff has already been sold.

Now, the clients are begging for more!”


The Treasurer told us in detail about the outcome of the potion sale.

The three stores ran out of stock in less than a week.

In particular, in the vicinity of the ‘Contaminated Crystal Cave’, it was sold out within two days as if there was even strong word of mouth, and adventurers were even making reservations.

Selling a month’s worth in a week wasn’t the only problem.

As rumors spread to other regions, it was estimated that demand would gradually increase.

[‘The World-building God’ encourages you to buy the ticket to change the genre if you keep working hard like this.]

The dream of childcare rises again.

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ says that by the time you collect 10 billion cash you are already an adult.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ whispers that an R-rated romance is good because the main character here is handsome.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ peeks at the GL.]

[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ strongly shouts that the actual genre is good enough because the transmigrator can climb the tower.]

Yes, yes.

While the gods expressed their tastes, I gave up my dream of changing genres.

Dad, who had been dazed for a long time even after the treasurer went away, came to his senses.

“Hey, I shouldn’t waste time right now! We must hurry up production!”

“Yes, Dad!”

We immediately put everything aside and started production.

We even called Frintz and borrowed his hand.

As a result of staying up all night for two days. 

“Ah, Dad, it seems that the amount requested by the customer for this week has been met.”

“Yes, Eli.

Great job.

Get some sleep now.”


Taking away the blanket from Frintz, who had fallen asleep, I asked.

“Dad, aren’t you sleeping You look very tired……”

“Dad will do more.

I think we should have a week’s worth of spare time.”

“A week”

Dad smiled like a spring breeze even though he had a blank face.


I have to make it if we want to go to the house where we lived with mom.”


I procrastinated crawling into the blanket and complained a little.

“If you collapse….”

“Dad is fine.”

The power of love had the same effect as stamina potions.

Even at this moment, Dad’s hand movements, making potions, were unparalleled in speed and accuracy.

In the last two days, Dad must have leveled up too.

I talked to him while I was slightly awake. 

“Dad said that you two lived together when you were young and training at the Golden Ivory Tower, right”

“Li-Li-live together….uh yeah it, w-we-we did.”

“Then our house must also be in the Principality of Hispenril The Golden Ivory Tower is around there, right”


A small principality ruled by the Duke of Hispenril, who was given the title of Prince.

Taking advantage of the geographical advantages located in the center of the Serentra continent, it was a place that took charge of logistics between countries and established various craftsmen guilds, including alchemists, through active policies. 

It is no exaggeration to say that it is the core of logistics, commerce, and technology of the Serentra continent.

My dad, who knew I was sour about my runaway mother, tried to get my attention. 

“The Principality is a place with a lot of fascinating things, Eli.

Imagine going on a family trip.

Aren’t you excited”

Love that makes you willing to go back to where you have bitter memories of being kicked out of the Golden Ivory Tower. 

“……I will sleep.”

“Well, yes.”

I pulled the blanket over my head.

‘Hey, World God……’

When I called god with hesitation in my mind.

[ The ‘The World-building God’ consumes probability and gives you a quest.]

[ Hometown Tour (Difficulty: D)

Let’s take a look around the hometown where the whole family lived together.

Success Reward: 30 Packs of Ginseng Extract

Failure Penalty: None]

Oh, before I even spoke.

What’s more, the reward is next month’s Ginseng extract package

‘World God, you are the best!’

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ protests that the reward level and the difficulty of the quest do not match.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says to change the quest to S-level difficulty.]

[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ says that’s where the Golden Ivory Tower is located, so how about conquering the top floor of the tower]

[‘The World-building God’ pretends not to hear.]

Today, the Transmigration Management Bureau is also at peace.

Using the chatter of the gods as a lullaby, I fell into a deep sleep.

The Mansion of the Duke of Hispenril, Raemian House.

Also known as Prince.

Unlike a place in a lively city center, Raemian House was eerie.

The current Duke, Aaron Jake Hispenril, was admired by the people for governing the Duchy with firm force and fair rule.

However, compared to the country’s excellent livelihood, the household seems to be poor. 

After the incident 13 years ago when his biological daughter declared separation from the Lord and ran away from home, his Grace lived a workaholic life.

At least a few years ago, he adopted the hobby of muscle training, it’s a shame to say that otherwise, he might have cleaned up the invoice from the office.

It has already been two years since he endured the pain of being abandoned by his daughter with an obsession for muscles.

As a result, the Lord left all administration to his aides in the name of closure training and was locked up in the dungeon for several months.

Most recently, a month ago, he disappeared leaving only a note saying he was going to practice in the ‘Contaminated Crystal Cave’.

Aides predicted that it would take at least two more months for him to return home.

But today, to everyone’s surprise, the Lord returned to Raemian House.

Chief Adviser Edgar said as he picked up his old jacket.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, sir” 

“I don’t know what my daughter is going through, how can this father be comfortable”

“For you to say that, seems like your muscles have become more plentiful.” 


There was no cloth under the coat.

The artistic muscles that were revealed without regret wriggled shyly.

“So what’s the rush and the important thing I feel uncomfortable because I stopped training because of you.” 

On the day he left the dungeon, he struggled to shake off the clinging younger brothers he made on the mine saying for him not to go.

Edgar said to the disgruntled prince.

“I have found the traces of Princess Elthea.”


The prince jumped up from his seat.

“Where is it! Where the hell is she!”

“It was surprisingly close.”


Edgar opened the map with an apology.

It was only after he delivered the news that the Duke understood why he had dared to summon him to the mansion again.

Edgar’s index finger was pointing to the mountain behind a small village nearby.

It was not far from Raemian House.

“A sword mark, presumed to be the princess’s skill, was found in this dungeon.”

Traces of a daughter found after 13 years.

There was a glimmer of hope in the Prince’s eyes.

‘Hmm, this is where we are going.’

I was looking at the system map.

Near the Principality’s capital, a small town with a mountain behind was marked as the destination.

Today is the day I go on a filial trip with my father to my hometown.

It was time to depart.

Having finished storing the necessary items, I stood up carrying the satchel bag diagonally over my shoulder.

“Eli, have you packed all your travel items”

“Yes, I packed more than last time.”

“Yes, well done.

It’s dangerous outside the house.”

“I’ll be back soon.

Stay healthy, Bia.”

I hugged Bianca once and went to my dad.

“Eli, Frintz.

Hang on to Daddy.”


I and Frintz answered at the same time and hugged Dad’s waist.


The space transition stone shattered, and the view was erased with a bright light.

Soon a familiar message arrived.

[ You have entered the Peronsa area, the capital of the Principality of Hispenril.

Adjusts the current time according to the time difference.]

We arrived in the middle of the city.

It was a bustling street lined with cute and pretty shops on both sides of a neatly paved boulevard.

Everywhere my eyes touched was like a watercolor landscape painting.

“Hey, look over there!”

There was a landmark of the Principality to where my eyes were dragged at Frintz’s cry.

Golden Ivory Tower.

A place where gold, the symbol of materialism, and the ivory tower, a symbol of noble learning, were combined.

Faithful to the concept, the cream-colored exterior walls were covered in sparkling gold paint, and true to its name, the tower’s height stood out from the surrounding low-height buildings.

I measured the floor, finger by finger up the window, and was disappointed.

“Hey, it’s only up to nine floors.”

Isn’t it a bit low to call it a tower

Soon an expert’s rebuttal came in.


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