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For a second, it seemed that Aura stimulated Hickim’s body.

But it was an unknown what method of stimulation was used, it didn’t seem like anything had changed much.

Because he didn’t feel anything that could be called pain.

But after a while.

Tok……Tok…….Shas, Sushas…….

Things that he didn’t hear before began to be heard.

Moisture that had condensed between the stone walls fell into water droplets, and the sound of a small insect crawling among the straw pierced his ears.

The hearing wasn’t the only problem.

Hickim’s body was trembling.

The moist air on his skin was cold as rain, and he couldn’t stand it.

Not to talk about the smell.

The stench emanating from his own body seemed to choke him.

He tried to breathe through his mouth, but this time he felt the taste in the air.

The disgusting taste of gutter.

“Wh-what the hell is this……”

“There is a method of communication that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Hispenril family.

It’s very effective for getting close with friends who don’t like to talk.”


Hickey covered his ears.

The Prince seemed to be speaking normally, but it felt like his eardrums were about to tear.

“Y-Y-Your excellency, what is this……Aww!”


When the Prince lightly stabbed Hickim in the head with his index finger, he struggled in pain as if his skull was split open.

“This is an Aura operation method that elevates the senses of the whole body.

Except for sight, it makes the senses of hearing, smell, taste, and touch, very sensitive.”

“Huk, huk……huk…”

“Now then, shall I love my foe”

“Huh… W-W-What 

The Prince approached Hickim with his arms wide open.

His wriggling chest muscles and biceps were getting close.

“Let’s hug.” 

“Oh, no……don’t……!”

“Here we go! Let’s love the enemy! Hug time!” 


A scream echoed through the dungeons of the prison.

A lot of screams echoed for a long time.

The Prince’s green eyes sank deeply while giving abundant love to Hickim.

No one had ever endured Hispenril’s torture method with a sane mind.

One hour.

Just that was enough to turn even a trained assassin into a wreck.

The Prince had no intention of letting Hickim out of this place.

What if he let him go After living for several years in prison, he was a person who would do the same thing again without reflecting.

In alchemy or any other field, he would steal the success of others and destroy one’s life and family.

“……Hmm, is that enough”

It was after about 15 minutes.

The Prince threw Hickim’s droopy body on the floor and went out of the prison.

After the disappearance of the prince, a hollow voice resounded in the quiet dungeon.

“Hee-hee……e-enemies…… hehe! Love……lets do it……huh…….”


Chapter 11.

Job change completed


The tutorial area, Count Gillette, was peaceful and safe as always.

It was time to do gymnastics in the morning sunlight in the empty lot behind the Alchemy Lab.

Dad came running with a happy face and shouted. 

“Eli! Mom said we’re going to have lunch in the pond garden today.

Is that okay”

“Outside I love it!”

“What do you want to eat Ask anything!”

“Will Dad cook”

“Of course! It’s been a long time since we had a family picnic, so this Dad will show off his skills.”

“Wow, Dad’s cooking! I’m excited!”

When I raised my arms, Dad followed along and raised his arms and we clapped our hands together. 

“Ah, Eli, your hands are spicy.”

“Oh, sorry!”

I forgot to control my power.

My father was too weak of an adult to handle a child who bought the Aura package.

When I gave my Dad a lot of blows on his red palm, he told me some surprising news.

“Well, mom also decided to prepare the snacks.”

“Oh, is Mom, cooking snacks”

Mom can’t cook, she’s really bad at it.

“She’s making sweets in Dad’s lab right now.

I don’t know what she’s doing, but she kept me from coming in because it’s dangerous.


She not even baking in the kitchen, but in an alchemy lab.

‘It’s ok No, is it even safe’

I looked out the window of the lab with worried eyes.

Dad, who was smiling brightly, suddenly whispered to me with a serious face.

“Even if it doesn’t taste good……You know, right”

Nod, nod, nod!

It was at that time that I vigorously nodded my head.


Suddenly, a light flashed from the lab window and an explosion occurred!


Why do you need Aura to bake

As I pondered the question, a wind mixed with sugar came out and swept through Dad’s body.

Well, I should prepare a digestive potion just in case.

I concentrated on stretching again, thinking like a smart daughter filled with filial piety.

I carefully recalled what had happened to my family after returning to Gillette County with my mother.

A month ago, when I first introduced Mom to the people in the Count’s manor, Bianca congratulated us with deep joy as if it was her own.

And she even persuaded the Countess to provide an independent space in the annex so that our family could spend time in a cozy and close manner.

It was a very different treatment from ordinary servants.

Bianca didn’t forget to attach an externally appropriate reason for the fear that we might feel burdened. 

“Is something that should be done for our resident alchemist and the successful Rodel’s owners.

Other than that, you are my only playmate, and your brother is an aspiring Aura user.”

Of course, instead of refusing the consideration, I welcomed it with open arms.

I couldn’t go out of the Count’s castle during the tutorial, it was really nice that the living environment was improved.

Meanwhile, Mom’s adaptability to the Count’s manor was enormous.

“Nice to meet you.

Viscount Carmel.

I heard that you are the swordsmanship master who guides our son Frintz.”

“What Who are you Viscount Carmel is my teacher……!”

“Haha! Master Romdio, I’m sorry, but let’s vacate the place for a while! Whew, it’s an honor to meet you, madam.

My name is Andymion Carmel.”

Although he is now a middle-aged man with a catfish mustache, Viscount Carmel was famous as a genius swordsman that had short bobbed hair in his former years.

Even his name was handsome.

Mother and Viscount Carmel greeted each other warmly, leaving aside the Count’s crazy scoundrel. 

“Please call me Sir Elthea rather than Mrs.

I am also a knight.”

“Indeed! Somehow, I thought that the aura you were emitting was unusual, I see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Please call me Sir Andymion, Sir Elthea.”

They grasped each other’s skills with a powerful handshake.

The first one to open their mouth was Mom with a face that said, ‘Oh, he’s pretty good’

“Frintz has a great teacher.

You must have reached the level of an intermediate Aura Expert.”

“Haha, I’m just barely an expert intermediate, and…..wait, but how at a glance……!”

Viscount Carmel, who immediately became more polite after shaking hands, was startled.

“Hmm, it’s a pity to hear that you made a close call, but if you don’t mind, would it be okay if I could help a little in breaking down the walls of Sir Andymion’s limitations”

“No, of course! Please!”

“Well then, let’s take a look.” 

“Oh, oh my!”

In that way, Mom allowed Viscount Carmel to cross the threshold that had not been reached for the last 10 years.

Since then, Mom and Viscount Carmel become friends through swordsmanship who occasionally engaged in skirmishes.

The match between two Aura Experts was a great study for me, so Frintz and I often watched their bouts.

However, there were people who watched the match with fervent eyes, regardless of studying it or not.

“Dad, are you here again”


Dad’s face, which had captured Mom’s in his eyes, was half-bewitched.

It’s not that I don’t understand.

The figure of Mom fighting with a long spear in her right hand and a dagger in her left hand was elegant and cool, as if she was presenting a sword dance.

Even Agnes was impressed with Mom’s footwork and admired her beauty.

“Ah, Elthea…you were such a person.

That’s how she used to hunt wild boars and wild turkeys when we lived in the hut……”

It is a pity for Viscount Carmel, the opponent of the Duel, who suddenly took on the role of a wild beast being hunted.

Dad said something new.

“Oh, my.

I think I’m going to fall in love with mother……”

“Aren’t you already in love and married”

“That’s the problem.

I think I will fall in love again without hesitation even after marrying and having you and Frintz.

What should I do”

“What do you mean We can just live happily together for a long time.” 

They said that if you love, you will miss them even if you see them right in front of your eyes.

And this heart wasn’t just for Dad.

“Leo! You came to cheer for me again today.”

Mom started looking for Dad as soon as the match was over.

Having finished drinking the potion Dad had given her, she suddenly brought her face near Dad’s.

“What I think you smell good, Leo.”


It’s a scene where someone who doesn’t know would think that a young and pretty knight was playing tricks on a naive older alchemist.

But the scent story was true.

These days, Dad was working hard on applying beauty potions because he was sad that the age gap with mom was wide.

“Is it the scent of flowers Dandelion”

As she sniffed he nose against his face, their eyes naturally met from a short distance away.

Their cheeks turned red and their eyes grew hot.



I quietly left my seat hoping they had a lifetime of good health growing old together.


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