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The old mans eyes were shining.

The staff was shocked by his enthusiasm.

At first, they didnt dare to let him in, but when they heard him say that he was Professor Zhu from A University…

Ning Lihua turned around in disbelief.

Was there really a Professor Zhu from A University

Speaking of the devil, wasnt this too much of a coincidence

When Su Jis fans introduced her to Zhu Mingzhang, they also posted a lot of beautiful photos of Su Ji.

At this moment, he recognized Su Ji at a glance and strode forward, as if this genius of the calligraphy world would be poached by someone else if he was a step late.

Zhu Mingzhang was usually very calm and liked to keep a low profile.

However, when he met a calligraphy genius, he would immediately turn into a different person.

At this moment, he stood in front of Su Ji and went straight to the point, “hello, Im the head of the Calligraphy Department of A University…”

Ning Lihua was stunned as she watched him take out his proof of identity.

Then she heard him say, “Su Ji, I want you to be my student!!!”

Everyone present was speechless.

The head of the Calligraphy Department of A University wanted to have Su Ji as his student


Some nosy people quickly looked up Professor Zhus resume on Baidu.

They were shocked when they read his profile.

He was not just the head of the Calligraphy Department.

Not only had he won several awards in the National Calligraphy Competition, he was also the president of the Chinese Calligraphy Association.

He was a true calligraphy master!

So many wealthy people were willing to spend millions to become his student to make themselves look better.

However, he wouldnt accept students just for the money.

Su Qianrous heart was overflowing with jealousy.

Ning Lihua glared at her useless daughter.

In comparison, she was much calmer.

She was sure that the professor had said it wrong.

She took a step forward and said, “Professor Zhu, are you mistaken You want Su Ji as your student”

When he heard that, he froze and nodded repeatedly, “oh yes, I was wrong!”

Ning Lihua smirked and glanced at Su Ji.

However, the next second, Zhu Mingzhang immediately said, “I want you to accept me as your student!”



As if what he said just now was not shocking enough!

Even Huang Huayu and Song Heng looked over.

Yu Ling quickly typed a message to Hao Gou on her phone.

Ning Lihuas eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, while Su Qianrou was so shocked that she almost fainted.

Zhu Mingzhang didnt feel that there was anything wrong with what he said.

Huajin script style was his favorite.

He had always wanted to learn it, but he could never grasp it.

Now that the successor of the Huajin style had appeared, he couldnt miss this opportunity!

Everyones eyes were focused on Su Jis face.

They wondered what Su Ji would say.

The news that the famous calligraphy master asked to be Su Jis student would definitely be trending for at least three days!

Almost everyone had the same thought, but Su Ji replied casually, “thank you for your interest, Professor Zhu, but Im sorry, I dont have any plans to accept students at the moment.”


Everyone at the scene felt as if they had been struck by lightning.

Why did Su Ji not want such a good opportunity

Yu Ling tugged at Su Jis sleeve, telling her not to miss such a good opportunity.

Even if she didnt want to teach, being Professor Zhus teacher would be of great help in increasing her popularity.

However, Su Ji was not tempted.

After that, Zhu ming zhang repeatedly expressed his sincerity, but Su Ji politely rejected him.

Then, she received a call from Pei Huai.

“Are you done Do you have time to have a meal with your boyfriend”

“Ill go to you immediately!” Su Ji finally found a reason to leave.

“Ill go pick you up…”

Before he could finish, she hung up.

This was the first time Su Ji had agreed to a date with him.

Seeing that Su Ji was going to leave, Professor Zhu didnt want to disturb her any longer.

Before they parted, he said, “Su Ji! Ill be back!”


Ning Lihua and Su Qianrou had no idea how they got home.

The two of them didnt say a word in the car.

“Madam! Miss! Were home!”

Wang Zhichengs not-so-gentle and loud voice startled the two of them, as if they had just woken up from a dream.

Ning Lihua looked at her daughters swollen face and said, “shall I call the family doctor to take a look at you later”

Su Qianrou ran out of the car, “No! It was so embarrassing! Im not going to the set tomorrow either! Mom, ask for leave!”

Ning Lihuas raised hand fell back down weakly.

She always had 100% confidence in her daughter.

She thought that she would definitely become a famous socialite in the future and make her proud, but now…

Ning Lihua broke her newly manicured nails out of anger.

All of this…was because of that little b * tch Su Ji!


Su Cunyi should be back soon.

Ning Lihua was waiting for him in the living room.

She wanted to tell him about Su Ji.

However, when Su Cunyi got home, he didnt even look at her and rushed to the study.

Ning Lihua was sitting with her back facing the entrance.

She had been brewing her emotions for a long time, but Su Cunyi did not come over.

Finally, she could not help but turn around to look for him, but he was no longer at the entrance.

“Wheres my husband” she asked, embarrassed.

“Madam, he went to the study!” Aunt Zou said.

Ning Lihua followed him to the study and saw Su Cunyi typing on the computer as if it was something urgent.

“Dear, what have you been busy with these past two days”

Su Cunyi was facing the computer screen and didnt look at her, “an important person from Continent M is going to invest in a new energy project in China.

Its very important for us.”

Ning Lihua saw Su Cunyis serious expression and knew the importance of this project, “then you have to get it.

This way, our family will definitely ascend, right ”

Su Cunyi nodded.

Ning Lihua seemed to have thought of something as she walked to Su Cunyis side and put her hand on his shoulder, “however, your competitors will definitely try their best to win this project by the time they arrive.

Its probably going to be difficult if you stay here…”

Su Cunyi didnt like to beat around the bush, “then what do you think we should do”

“Remember what you usually see in ancient dramas.

When the emperor traveled out of the palace to look at the state of the nation and the county officials wanted to please him, what did they do”

“I never watch TV!” Su Cunyi said with a straight face.

Ning Lihua smiled.

She walked behind Su Cunyi, her eyes filled with viciousness, “dear, dont worry about it.

Youll definitely thank me for coming up with such a good idea after its done…”

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