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There was clearly an appropriate distance between them, but Pei Huais low and alluring voice seemed to be right next to Su Jis ears.

Su Ji rubbed her ears and waved at him.

Song Heng stopped.

He informed Su Qianrou and turned around.

CEO Peis expression looked bad and the way he looked at him was even more terrifying.

Su Ji must have made him angry.


First, it was Old Master Pei.

Now, it was CEO Pei.

Song Heng shook his head helplessly.

He thought that Su Ji had changed, but it seemed like he was wrong.

With her dull personality, no one would like her!


It was already evening when they returned to the Su residence.

When Ning Lihua came out to greet them she looked extremely haggard, as if she had suffered a lot at home.

Su Cunyi knew how she was and did not bother to waste his anger on her.

“Why are you like this after staying at home all day Hurry up and freshen up!”

“Its all because you didnt let me go out.

Who am I freshening up for” Ning Lihua coughed twice, then looked at her twins.

“How is it Did everything go smoothly”

She was asking about Su Jis performance.

Su qianrou, who was already depressed about this matter, became even more irritated.

She did not answer and ran straight back to her room.

Su Junye didnt even want to mention it.


On the other hand, Su Ji looked calm, and she looked even better than when she had just left.

Ning Lihua raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

What did that mean

Did Su Ji not end up performing

If she went on stage, she would definitely embarrass herself!

After dinner, even the servants who were cleaning the courtyard were discussing the matter.

“Did First Miss Pei embarrass herself today Why didnt I hear Young Master mention it”


Aunt Zou snorted disdainfully, “when did she not make a fool of herself The master was probably protecting her and forbade everyone to mention it.”

“Sigh, he shouldnt have brought her there.

Not everyone could attend that kind of event.”

“Thats right,” Aunt Zou agreed.

The servants became more and more enthusiastic.

The driver, Uncle Wang, who was wiping the car, couldnt bear it anymore.

He threw the cloth on the bar and said, “a bunch of gossip mongers! Let me tell you, not only did the young miss not make a fool of herself, but she also brought glory to the Su family! The guests were all saying how good she was at playing the lute!”


The servants were startled by his sudden loud voice.

“Really When did she learn how to play the lute”

“Dont tell me youre just trying to protect her” Aunt.

Zou glared at him.

Wang Zhicheng grabbed the broom from her hand and was about to hit her.

Seeing that he was serious, the servants ran into the house.

One of them asked in a low voice, “why would he protect the young miss”

Aunt Zou said, “you came later, so you dont know.

He was hired by the previous Mrs.


He used to be very loyal to her.

After Mrs.

Xu divorced the master, he stayed by her.”

“She divorced him because shes too capable.

Men dont like women who are more capable than themselves.

Look at how coquettish Madam is these days.”


“Where is she now” the maid asked.

Why didnt she come to see the young miss”

Aunt Zous thick lips twitched.

“She lives abroad and only comes back once in a few years.

The last time she came back was four or five years ago, and I havent heard from her since.

She must have remarried and forgotten about her daughter!”


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