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The next morning, Aunt Wu had already prepared breakfast when Su Ji came downstairs.

There were meat buns, millet porridge, and Xu Mingzhis favorite soy milk.

Xu Mingzhi had received a call from Wei Wei about work.

When it came to work, the woman was swift and decisive.

Her expression was completely different from the loving mother she had a moment ago.

She was beautiful and charming.

Su Ji tidied up her scripts for the day and stuffed it into her backpack.

“Alright,” Xu Mingzhi said, “well talk about it when I get back to the company.

Im having breakfast with my daughter.”

The Xu Corporation also had a company in China, and Xu Mingzhi had already asked Wei Wei to move all the main projects in State M to China.

After she hung up the phone, Su Ji had just finished her meal.

Xu Mingzhi sent her out.

When they passed the wooden training dummy in the yard, Xu Mingzhi smiled, “baby, when are you going to spar with me We havent practiced in a long time.”

Su Ji slung her backpack over her shoulder and turned around to smile at her.

Yes, at least a few thousand years.

Xu Mingzhi asked, “how are your skills now Have you forgotten most of what Ive taught you”

“I didnt forget, Im doing well~” Su Ji smiled.

Although she had encountered a difficult opponent, that person was not a normal person.

Otherwise, they would not be able to defeat her.

Xu Mingzhi placed her elbow on the wooden stake and said, “great~”


Todays main cast was Su Ji and Yang Xiaotao.

The set was decorated like the streets in a foreign country, and it looked particularly high-end.

Every detail shop looked exquisite, but in reality, there was a vegetable market right next to the set, and the potatoes cost 2 yuan per 500 grams, which was very affordable!

Pei Xi had some matters to attend to, so she didnt come today.

Su Ji brought Yang Xiaotao on a tour.

As she had joined ater, she couldnt help but feel that she was out of place.

“Su Ji, are you living with your mom or dad now”

“I heard that your mother bought you a townhouse Oh my, youre really rich.”

“Why is she still working then Cant even leave us some scraps.”

Su Ji put her arm around Yang Xiaotaos shoulder, “look how nice they are…”

It couldnt be helped.

Ever since Su Ji joined the crew, this group of people had been targeting her.

They were really envious and hateful!

However, seeing how chill Su Ji was, Yang Xiaotao wasnt so nervous anymore.

Huang Huayu looked at the line of 1.9-meter-tall strong foreign men in front of him.

They all had dark skin, bulging muscles, and looked fierce.

One of them even had a scar at the corner of his eye.

“Something doesnt seem right,” he scratched his head.

“Whats wrong” Song Heng asked.

“Are they the extras I hired” Huang Huayu asked.

All of them look like they have criminal records.”

Song Heng sneered, “thats more realistic.

In the script, Bai Yueguang was going to be chased by a group of people like this.”

Huang Huayu nodded doubtfully.

Before filming, Song Hengs usual routine was to explain the scene to them.

“Su Ji, your previous suggestion was not bad.

Its not good to let Xiaomei get beaten up alone.

Later, you and Xiaomei will be surrounded by the extras in this corner next to the house.

But dont worry, they are all professionals hired by Assistant Director Huang.

They know their limits and wont really hurt you.”

Huang Huayu laughed and echoed, “thats right.

Later on, you have to act as realistic as possible.

Xiaomei, your character should show some fear, but Bai Yueguang has to be tougher.

Even if you get beaten, you have to act like it doesnt hurt.

Because what hurts the most isnt your physical body, but your heart!”

Su Ji nodded.

“Yes, director.”

The special effects makeup artist came to apply makeup for the two of them.

The injury on the forehead, the blood at the corner of the mouth, and even the bruises on the arms and ankles were all very realistic, as if they had really been beaten.

Yang Xiaotao looked at Su Ji in a daze and said, “the makeup looks good on you! I see beauty, strength, and misery!”

Su Jis lips curved as she glanced at the few strong men beside her.

Yang Xiaotaos makeup was not as hbadass as Su Jis.

At first, it was quite good, but later, the makeup artist added a big bump on her left eye, ruining everything.

Song Heng was very satisfied with their makeup.

Even if it was a real beating, they couldnt tell from the distance.

“Everyone, get into position! Three, two, one! Action!”

Su Ji and Yang Xiaotao stood at the corner of the wall.

The few brawny men stared at them fiercely.

They rubbed their fists and wiped their palms.

Their huge muscles were flexing on their arms and the veins showed on their foreheads.

“Be careful later, something doesnt feel right,” Su Ji whispered to Yang Xiaotao.


Before she could react, the leader of the group threw a punch at her.

Su Ji nimbly pulled Yang Xiaotao away.

The fist brushed past her ear and hit the wall beside her face.

Bang! The cement wall fell to the ground.

However, the person who threw the punch looked like he could not feel any pain.

His face was filled with ferocity.

If Su Ji had not pulled Yang Xiaotao away just now, this punch would have hit her face directly, or at the very least, her nose would have been crushed.

Immediately after, another strong man pounced on Su Ji.

Su Ji crouched and dodged to the side, perfectly avoiding him.

In front of the monitor screen in the distance, several screenwriters were praising her.

In the camera, the brawny man was punching fiercely, Yang Xiaotao was running around with a pale face, and Su Ji was dodging left and right very calmly.

This was exactly what the script required.

“Its so real!”

“Its like a real fight!”

Song Heng narrowed his eyes dangerously.

After so many punches, there must be some hits.

Lets see if Su Ji would still dare to cross him in the future.

Meanwhile, Su Ji was still unscathed.

She dodged while helping Yang Xiaotao.

Yang Xiaotao was already in tears, “whats going on Are they extras or professional fighters”

Su Ji paid close attention to everyones movements.

It had only been a dozen seconds since the start of the fight.

She might have dodged the first few moves well, but then a strong man lifted a huge stone and threw it at them like a madman.

Su Ji turned around with Yang Xiaotao and protected her with her body.


The huge rock smashed into the wall and shattered into pieces.

One of the stones fell on Su Jis head.

In an instant, the world fell silent.

Yang Xiaotao looked at the drop of blood on Su Jis forehead and was dumbfounded, “are you alright Director, stop the filming! She is injured…”

Before Huang Huayu and the others could hear what she said, Su Ji covered her mouth.

If they stopped now, all of that would be for nothing.

The brawny men, who were still arrogant a second ago, were suddenly intimidated by an inexplicable aura and felt uncomfortable all over.

They looked around for the source of the aura, and finally, their eyes focused on Su Ji.

Su Jis head was slightly lowered, and the hair on her forehead covered her eyes.

The smile at the corner of her mouth gradually became terrifying as she clenched her fists.

“Youre not going to act properly, are you”

“Youre really going to fight”

The brawny men subconsciously took two steps back.

The next second, Su Ji suddenly raised her head.

The strong mens pupils suddenly contracted, and Su Jis reflection in their eyes quickly enlarged.

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