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Meanwhile, the team had just finished filming a scene that was not that important.

Han Junlei checked Si Jingchuan and Zhou Xuefangs acting skills thoroughly.

Han Junlei asked Si Jingchuan to go to the side and rest for a while before he called Zhou Xuefang to the side.

It seemed that he was not satisfied with her acting and was lecturing her, but his attitude was not fierce.

Su Ji did not have any scenes today, so she was quite relaxed.

She lay on a recliner in the distance while looking at them.

Zhou Xuefang nodded occasionally, showing a very humble attitude.

Su Ji casually flipped open a book and placed it on her face, closing her eyes to rest.

A few staff members happened to walk nearby and wanted to take advantage of the break time to gossip.

“Seriously, when I was carrying the camera, my hand trembled a little and Director Han saw it.

He forced me to film it again.”

“A strict teacher produces a good disciple, hehe.”

“Why do you guys think Director Dong is cut off The viewership of the first episode is so high.

It shouldnt be because hes not good enough, right”

“I heard that the extras that he hired last time werent actors, they were thugs!”

“Ah Why”

“Did you forget that he wanted to pay Su Ji to sleep with him and was instantly exposed He must be resentful and want to take revenge.”

On the lounge chair next to them, Su Jis face was covered with a book, and her beautiful long legs were casually crossed.

As she listened to them, her lips slowly curved up.

They were right.

“Wait! If what you said is true, then was Su Ji really fighting Thats impossible, right How can she beat so many people by herself”

“Also, Director Song was fired just because he offended Su Ji Is the company not considering other things”

“Dont you know who Su Ji is”

Su Jis ears twitched.

Could it be that her secret love affair was exposed

The next second, she heard the person say with certainty, “she is Manager Rens lover!”


The book that was covering her face slid down, revealing Su Jis beautiful face.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Its Manager Rens lover, Su Ji!”

When those people saw Su Ji, it was as if they had seen a ghost.

They were just looking for a place to gossip, but who knew that she was right next to them!

“Su Ji, we were not talking about you!”

“Please dont lower yourself to our level!”

After that, they all ran away in fear.

Beside Su Ji was Pei Xi, who was lying on the recliner, also with a book on her face.

Pei Xi opened the book, a drop of sweat on her forehead, “I know my brother isnt good enough for you, but he is still better than Manager Ren!”

“Lets wait for my mom to agree first,” Su Ji replied.


The next scene was more important.

It was the scene where the male lead, Gu Shen, and the female lead, Shen Qianqian, met for the first time.

At a roadside newspaper stand, the two of them were looking at the same magazine.

The two of them reached out for the magazine at the same time, but obviously, they touched the others hand.

It was Shen Qianqians first time being touched by a man.

She was like a frightened deer and hurriedly retracted her hand.

As a result, she lost her balance and almost fell.

Gu Shen reached out to help her up.

After a 360-degree Waltz spin, Shen Qianqian fell into his arms.

It was a very cliché plot.

Han Junlei exclaimed after he finished reading it, “gross!”

However, he had no choice.

He had already accepted the script, so he had to continue filming.

This was his principle.

Han Junlei called Si Jingchuan and Zhou Xuefang together to discuss the scene.

He asked the two of them to act out the scene according to the script.

Zhou Xuefang had told herself countless times that her episode had to surpass Su Jis ratings!

This time, she subconsciously overdid it, especially when she was about to fall and made an awkward sound.

Si Jingchuan had goosebumps all over his body.

Then, just as Zhou Xuefang waltzed 360 degrees and was about to land in his arms, Si Jingchuan subconsciously dodged backward.


Zhou Xuefang fell to the ground.

“Pfft, hahahaha!” Pei Xi could not hold back.

“Shut up!” Han Junlei roared.

Who told you to mock the actress”

Pei Xi looked at Su Ji angrily, “does he not f * cking know that my family owns Blue Whale!”


Su Ji shrugged, “its just work.”

Pei Xi replied, “I think hes always fair and square with everyone but hes nicer to Zhou Xuefang…”

Han Junlei personally helped her up.

“What happened just now” Zhou Xuefangs face turned red.

Han Junlei said sternly, “why did you step back just now”

Si Jingchuan looked around and saw Su Ji, “director, I forgot to take my medicine today.

Ill be back!”

Then, without waiting for his reply, he jogged to Su Ji, “boss, wheres the cuttlefish juice you gave me Hurry up and give me more!”

Although the cuttlefish juice was disgusting, it was better than dealing with Zhou Xuefang!

This was the first time Su Ji had seen him take the initiative.

She nodded in satisfaction and passed him the cuttlefish juice she had prepared for him.

Si Jingchuan took a big gulp and then walked over to Su Ji, “boss, let me see how your head is.”

Pei Xi held his hand, “my brother will apply the medicine three times a day for her, so you dont have to worry about it.”

Si Jingchuan pursed his lips and looked aggrieved, “boss, why cant I film this scene with you I cant stand someone like Zhou Xuefang!”

“I would rather fight 20 thugs.”

Pei Xi was amused by her.

In the distance, Zhou Xuefang stared at them and said in embarrassment, “Director Han, look at them.”

Han junlei frowned and raised his voice, “you dont have any scenes with her today! Come over and cultivate your feelings with the female lead!”

Si Jingchuan looked at Su Ji as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

He had an expression that said, “save me!”

Su Ji furrowed her brows helplessly.

Si Jingchuan had no choice, “I have to go now…”

The filming was carried out efficiently.

Half an hour later, at the entrance of the filming location, Zhang Guihua raised her head arrogantly and said, “ask Director Song to come out and meet me.”

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