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Su Ji saw the man who came later.

He was tall and in a dark suit.

Exactly her type.

She had just thrown him a flirtatious look when she recognized that it was Pei Huai in the next second.


How clingy!


However, through the mask, Sam could not recognize the famous CEO of the Pei Corporation.

Someone suddenly wanted to join them, and it was a good-looking man too.

Sam could not tell if the man liked him or Su Ji.

After all, he was in Continent M! There were many gays here.

However, as his gaze shifted between Su Ji and Pei Huai, he quickly understood.

Males were naturally competitive.

Sam wiped his chin and smiled.

This was interesting.

He pointed at Su Ji and said to Pei Huai, “you want to hit on her”

The voice translation was activated on Su Jis phone.

However, Pei Huai could speak the language better than Sam.

He replied without hesitation, “I want to hit on her even in my dreams.”

Su Ji glanced at Pei Huai.

The two men stood opposite each other.

They were both very tall and had different auras.

There was tension in the air.

After a while, Sam smiled playfully, “then lets sit together and see which one of us can win the heart of the beauty.”

Pei Huai smiled, “alright.”

The group of them walked towards the bar, and Pei Huai was one step behind.

He sent a voice message to Shen Mu.

“Whats the name of the spokesperson that CEO Wang likes Send me a photo.”


In the booth.

Su Ji and Pei Huai sat together, while Sam and the rest sat opposite them.

Sam ordered a few drinks.

Pei Huai leaned back and sat casually, “this is too strong.”

Sam sneered, “I can tell you dont understand this beauty.

She just drank an entire glass that is stronger than this at the bar.”

Pei Huai slowly shifted his gaze to Su Ji.

She might have forgotten what would happen if she drank too much.

Su Ji responded with a smile.

No one could be angry at a beautiful smiling woman.

Sam did not bring an interpreter with him today, so they could only speak a limited amount of Chinese.

They basically couldnt understand what Su Ji was saying to Pei Huai.

“What are you doing here” Su Ji picked up a glass.

Pei Huai took the drink from her hand and drank it himself.

“The Pei Corporations energy project is also looking for a spokesperson.”

“You want him too” Su Ji asked.

“Not really, just a test,” Pei Huai replied.

He then asked Su Ji, “you know who Sam is, so youre here to help Madam Xu”

Su Ji raised her eyebrows slightly.

This man was really smart.

“He used to be the spokesperson for my mothers company.

He wants to terminate his contract now, so Im here to find some evidence.”

Sam did not understand.

He looked at the people who came with him, who also barely understood.

Even though Sam could not understand what they were talking about, he could not help but feel that they were in a very intimate relationship.

It was not good for him to show his face now.

If he could take off his mask and let the beauty know who he was, she would definitely climb into his bed without hesitation.

He was not only handsome, but also rich and famous.

What about that man

In fact, Sam didnt really want to terminate the contract with the Xu Group.

Although he looked down on the Chinese market, he had to admit that Chinas influence in the world was now great.

However, the Xu Groups sudden move from Continent M to China was their problem, so they decided to make it difficult for them.

If they still wanted him as their spokesperson, he would raise the price and ask for three times the previous endorsement fee.

If the negotiation failed, the Xu Group would have to pay him a considerable sum of compensation.

He noticed that Su Ji was looking at him, so he subconsciously straightened his body.

Su Ji asked him, “what do you think of the bars in our country”

Then, she got it translated to English.

She had set it to automatically translate from English to Chinese, so everything Sam said would be automatically translated.

It was very convenient.

The people were so smart to invent this!


Sam squinted his eyes and looked around.

He laughed arrogantly, “to be honest, its just average.

Ill treat you to a bar in Continent M one day.

A glass of the most ordinary beer costs at least five figures.

Thats what I call spending.”

“Idiot,” Su Ji said.


He just admitted that it was just an ordinary beer, and he felt proud to buy it for five figures.

If he wasnt an idiot, what was he

Su Ji used her phone app to help her translate another sentence for Sam, “then it seems that Im more suitable for this man next to me.

We both like the bars in this country.”

Half a minute later, Sam heard the translation and sneered, “beauty, dont listen to him.

Hes a country bumpkin who has never seen the world.

Let me bring you to Continent M for a few days.

Ill cover all your food, clothes, accommodation, and transportation.

Youll definitely be so happy that youll forget about home and never want to come back.”

His gaze was perverted.

He thought that she would be very tempted after hearing that.

After all, an ordinary person couldnt afford to go to Continent M even for a few days.


However, Su Ji only listened to the translation expressionlessly.

She turned around and whispered in Pei Huais ear, “listen to me.

This person has a terrible character.

The Pei Corporation should not use him.”

Pei Huai smiled casually, “alright, I always listen to you.

If you say we shouldnt use him, then we wont.


He leaned toward Su Ji and said, “we still need a spokesperson.

Since you dont want me to use him, you should recommend another one.”

Su Ji knew that many companies liked to use foreign spokespersons.

“Do I even need to recommend anyone The most suitable candidate is…”

Halfway through her sentence, Su Jis cunning eyes flickered, and she suddenly stopped.

Actually, she had already thought of who the perfect spokesperson would be, but she couldnt say it.

She wanted to save it for her mothers company.

Even if they wanted to compete with the Pei Corporation fairly, it was best not to say it now.

What if they took the lead

After all, Pei Huai…

Su Ji sized him up for a moment.

He looked like an old fox!

Su Jis expression changed unpredictably.

Pei Huai could even see a hint of disdain on her face.

Su Ji changed her mind.

“I cant think of a suitable one either.”

Pei Huai raised his eyebrows, “really”

As he watched the two of them interacting, Sams frivolous face gradually turned cold.

An international superstar was right in front of her eyes, but she didnt even look at him.

She was whispering to a local bumpkin.

The beauty had eyes but failed to recognize beauty.

Sam liked to hunt, but he did not have the patience to waste time with them when he was at an obvious disadvantage.

Tonight, he was going to sleep with this beauty!

She would soon know whos better.

His expression darkened and he gestured to his manager.

The manager leaned over to his ear and was stunned for a second after hearing his words.

Sam laughed evilly, “dont worry, its just a little fun.

Nothing will happen.”


The manager hesitated for a moment, “alright, Ill get it for you….”

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