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Sam gulped down two glasses of wine and said nicely, “its unfair to me that youre speaking in Chinese.

I dont understand Chinese.

Why dont we play dice”

“What do you want to play”

Su Ji shook her head.

Sam did not understand Chinese, but he understood the headshake, “its very simple! Whoever gets the highest wins and the loser must drink.

Beauty, you could at least play this with me right”

Without waiting for Su Ji and the rest to agree, he gestured to the waiter behind him.

In a short while, the VIP table was filled with glasses.

Pei Huai and Su Ji noticed that one of the glasses was brought over by Sams manager from behind.

There was clearly a problem.

Sam noticed their gazes and pretended to casually change the positions of all the glasses on the table.

Finally, he stopped and raised his eyebrows at the two of them with a smug expression.

He had marked the spiked glass so that only he could recognize it.

At first, Su Ji still remembered where the suspicious glass was, but after blinking her eyes, she was confused.

He turned to look at Pei Huai.

Pei Huai looked serious, “dont lose.”

He couldnt be sure, but she didnt need to drink as long as she didnt lose.

Su Ji nodded.

If she could find the spiked glass, she would definitely have evidence of Sams misconduct.

As long as they did not lose, Sam would always be the one drinking.

Sam would definitely not drink from that glass.

The last glass would be the evidence they were looking for.

Sam chuckled.

Even though he did not know that they were looking for evidence, he could roughly guess what they were up to.

She just didnt want to drink from that glass.

However, its a gamble, so who could guarantee that they would always win

Half an hour later, Sam realized that the two people opposite her were really capable!

He had already lost twenty games in a row!

He finished almost half of the glasses on the coffee table.

Luckily, he had a good tolerance for alcohol.

Sam was so angry that he picked up the dice and checked them carefully, but there was nothing wrong with it.

He looked at the two people in front of him in disbelief, but Pei Huai and Su Jis expressions were indifferent, as if this was an easy task for them.

Su Ji used to be called the God of dice by the other concubines in the harem.

That had also helped her earn a small sum of money.

It was Pei Huais first time playing the game.

He felt that it was boring because it was not challenging at all.

Sam was furious.

He lost the next five rounds!

If he rolled three, four, five, Su Ji would roll four, five, six, and Pei Huai would roll three sixes.

Sam was about to vomit blood.

“Lets change the rules! Let the winner be the one with the smallest number!”

Su Ji and Pei Huai looked at each other.

The next second, they said in unison, “whatever.”

Sam covered the dice cup with both hands, almost like a wizard praying for rain.

He shook the dice for a long time until the two people opposite him yawned.

He was finally satisfied.

He opened the dice cup and jumped onto the sofa happily.”Hahahaha, three ones! Youll definitely lose this time!”

Su Ji pursed her lips slightly.

She held the dice cup, and her wrist pressed against the table.

This time, she seemed to be exerting more force.

A moment later, Su Ji opened the lid steadily.

Sam immediately came over and stared at her!

What he saw was three dice stacked together.

At the top was the number 1!


Beside him, Pei Huais dice were also revealed.

It was similar.

However, the number on top was 2.

Su Jis eyes lit up, “I win!”

Pei Huai smiled dotingly, “thats amazing.”

Sam was so angry that he almost exploded!

The two of them were simply monsters.

If this continued, even with his alcohol tolerance, he wouldnt be able to hold on.

Sam took out a glass and slowly pushed it in front of Su Ji.

“Ive drunk so much.

Why dont you have a glass with me ”

Su Ji narrowed her eyes slightly.

So this was the spiked glass.

She gave Pei Huai a reassuring look, picked up the glass, and as she brought it to her lips, she suddenly pointed behind Sam and shouted, “theres a flying saucer!!!

No one moved.

The corners of Pei Huais eyes twitched.

Who would be deceived by such words in this day and age

However, just as he was thinking of other ways to help Su Ji, a few seconds later when they heard the translation, they turned around at the same time to look for the flying saucer!

“Where Where”

It was not that they were smart, they were just waiting for the translation.


Su Ji took the opportunity to quickly switch the glass with the one beside it.


She picked up the wine that she had swapped and drank it in front of Sam.

“Are you satisfied” She asked.

Sams eyes glinted,”Youre so brave, beautiful girl!

Knowing that Su Ji had drunk it, Sam was motivated.

He perked up and played a few more rounds with them, waiting for the drug to take effect.

After drinking the spiked drink, ones body would heat up and their blood would boil.

The next few hours would definitely be unforgettable.

However, as they continued, Sam became more and more suspicious.

Su Jis expression remained the same, and she did not react at all!

Sam had been tormented to the point of insanity the entire night.

He gritted his teeth and asked, “dont you feel anything”

“What should I feel” Su Ji said innocently, “I dont feel anything.”

Sams fists were so tightly clenched that they were about to explode.

However, Su Ji suddenly smiled evilly, “maybe you didnt put enough.

Or maybe youre just too unattractive…”

Sams eyes widened in anger.

After a few seconds of shock, he slammed his fist on the coffee table.”You f * cking tricked me”

The female voice on the phone translated his words.

“F * ck, this doesnt need to be translated!”

The female voice continued to translate diligently.

The veins on Sams forehead were popping.

He picked up Su Jis phone and was about to smash it.

However, Pei Huai grabbed his wrist firmly and twisted it backward.


Su Ji knew Pei Huais strength.

It seemed that Sam would not be able to take any jobs for a while.

Large beads of sweat began to form on Sams forehead.

The people around him saw that and quickly surrounded him.

“Its not good if others find out about your identity.

Lets hurry and leave.”

Because of his identity, he could only suffer in silence.

Sam glared at the two people in front of him and left in a huff.

He thought that he had only failed to sleep with the beauty, but he didnt know what he would face tomorrow.

Su Ji picked up her phone calmly.

Sam did not know that the translation software also had a recording function.

Pei Huai looked at her with a playful smile.

He picked up his glass and raised his eyebrows, “we work well together”

Su Ji raised her glass and clinked it with him.

After the toast, Su Ji checked the recording and put it away with satisfaction.

Oh right, theres the glass of drink.

She remembered where she put the glass.

It was full just a moment ago, where did it go

Su Ji pointed at it.

“Why is it empty”

“I drank it,” Pei Huai said after a pause.


Su Ji nervously took the empty glass from his hand.

Fortunately, there was still a drop left as evidence.

But the next second, she suddenly realized something.

She lowered her head to look at the empty glass, then looked up at Pei Huai, whose neck had already turned red.


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