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This was the greatest humiliation in Pei Huais life!

Not being able to do it was a fatal blow to a man!

The strong body that he had been nurturing for 30 years had collapsed before he could perform

Su Ji even said that she wouldnt leave him out of sympathy.

Pei Huai had never thought that his first time entering Su Jis room would be under such circumstances.

And they would be sharing a bed like sisters!

He sat back on the bed, took out his phone expressionlessly, and sent a message to his brother.

“If you have time tomorrow, Ill go to Huichun Hall tomorrow morning to get some medicine.”

It was already two in the morning.

Pei Song was preparing to go to bed when he saw the message.

“Whats wrong”

He realized he was ill in the middle of the night

It was hard not to feel suspicious

Immediately after, he received a reply from Pei Huai.

“Su Ji is here, I cant talk about it now.

Ill tell you when we meet tomorrow.”

Pei Song immediately sat up on the bed.

It was 2 oclock in the morning, and Pei Huai was with Su Ji!


Su Ji went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Pei Huai sent a message to Uncle He, asking him to stretch a pole out of his window and bring his clean pajamas over.

When he saw the message, he was terrified.

But he didnt dare to guess or ask, so he quickly got up and did as he was told.

Their bedrooms being so close to each other had its advantages.

Soon, Pei Huai received his pajamas.

It was a pair of smooth black pajama pants.

When Su Ji came out, he went to the bathroom to change.

Su Jis body was steaming with hot mist.

She was not used to using the hairdryer, so she would dry her hair with a towel every time.

As she was wiping her face, she glanced at the bed and suddenly froze.

She remembered that before she went into the bathroom, Pei Huais tie and their coats were thrown on the bed.

The bedsheets were wrinkled, a few books were messily placed by the bed.

There were empty wrappers and bottles everywhere.

She did not have time to clean them up before she left the house that night.

Slippers were scattered all over the place.

But looking at the room now…

Their coats were neatly hung side by side on the hanger behind the door.

Pei Huais bow tie had been tied up and hung together with his coat.

The slippers were arranged by the door

All the trash had been placed next to the door in a garbage bag.

Half of the books that Su Ji was reading were now stacked together, from big to small.

The bed sheet was flat and without a single wrinkle.

It was even cleaner than Aunt Wus cleaning.


So this was why one wanted a housewife!

She lay on the flat bed and leaned against the headboard to look at her phone.

She was sorting out the things she collected tonight and the two things she had to do tomorrow.

She was going to help contact a new spokesperson for her mother.

Sam was out.

She picked up her phone and sent Pei Xi a message.

[ “Do you have time tomorrow I want to talk to you about something.” ]

Pei Xi had told her that her phone would be on silent mode at night, so Su Jis message would not disturb her.

She could just reply when she saw it the next day.

However, not long after she sent the message, she received a reply from Pei Xi.

Just a minute ago, the Pei family members were all awake.

Pei Song and Pei Xi sat in the living room and sighed.

“No wonder Pei Huai keeps saying that hes not interested in women,” Pei Xi said, “with his condition, he wouldnt be.”

“Dont worry too much.

We should be able to cure him.”


Pei Xis gaze was firm.

“You must cure him! Otherwise, Su Ji will be so pitiful!”

Just as they were chatting, Su Ji sent the message.

When she saw Su Jis message, she immediately replied.

[ “Yes! Im always free for you! Why dont you bring Pei Huai home for dinner tomorrow Ill ask the chef to make your favorite food!” ]

After waiting nervously for half a minute, a reply came.

[ “He shouldnt listen to what I want to say.

Can we meet somewhere alone” ]

She was afraid that the Pei Corporation would compete with her.

Pei Xi had completely misunderstood the situation.

Su Ji was so considerate! She didnt want to hurt Pei Huais feelings.

[ “No problem.

Just send me the address and time.

Ill follow your schedule!” ]

Su Ji did not expect her to be so cooperative.

She immediately set the time and place and thanked her.

[ “Im lucky to have met you.

Thank you for your help.” ]

Pei Xi stared at the message of gratitude for a long time, and her heart skipped a beat.

Pei Song was nervous.

“Whats wrong What did she say”

“I have a feeling that their relationship is going to fail…”




About half an hour later, the bathroom door opened, and Su Ji naturally looked towards it.

When she saw Pei Huai come out of the bathroom in only a pair of pajama pants, she froze.

His shoulders were wide, and the muscle lines on his strong frame were very visible.

And his A-line abs…

Su Ji subconsciously swallowed.

“Wheres your top”

No man had ever dared to be so presumptuous in front of her!

“Im not used to wearing clothes when I sleep.”


Seeing him walk to her side, slowly lifting the blanket and lying down beside her, Su Ji quickly shifted to the side.

“Youre going to sleep like this”

Pei Huai answered her with his actions.

He lay down and even helped her turn off the bedside lamp.

After the lights were off, the room was quiet, and every breath was heard.

He laughed so quietly that it was not noticeable.

“Since I cant get it up, why are you scared”

Su Yi was silent for a moment before she got under the blanket.

Pei Huai was lying flat while her back was facing him.

Su Ji thought that she would be on high alert for the rest of the night, but in less than three minutes, her breathing became even.

The moment before she lost consciousness, she felt a pair of big hands under the blanket holding her.

Bit by bit, he tightened his grip.


The next day, it was a sunny morning.

Su Cunyi finished washing up, put on a formal suit, and was ready to go out.

When she passed by Pei Huais room, he saw that his door was open.

Not only was the door open, but the windows were also open, and the curtains were not drawn.

The wind was strong, and the curtains were raised high.

Did someone break in

Su Cunyi was a little worried.

He entered the room cautiously, “CEO Pei”

No one was there

He left even earlier than him

He wanted to help him close the window in case it rained.

But when he did that, he looked at the opposite window.

He greeted him with a smile, “CEO Pei, why are you…”

In the next second, his smile froze!

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