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The two of them met in a private room at Four Seasons.

Xu Mingzhi was on time, but Sam was late.

In the private room, Xu Mingzhi glanced at the time.

“Are they putting on a show Wei Wei, we there is no need to discuss anymore.

Just give them the check!”

Wei Wei was stunned.

Just as she was about to tell the boss to calm down, Su Ji said, “mom, dont get too emotional.”

Wei Wei heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that it was the right decision to bring Su Ji along today.

She was the only one who could control the boss temper.

However, she only relaxed for a second when she heard Su Ji say, “terminate the contract, but dont give them a single cent of the termination fee.”

Wei Wei was speechless.


Su was more ruthless than the CEO

Xu Mingzi liked her daughters suggestion.

“I would like that too, but…”

Su Ji patted her on the shoulder.

“They are the ones who need to pay for the breach of contract.

Youll know in a while.”

Xu Mingzhi was surprised.

Did her daughter come prepared

Sam was not here yet.

Su Ji sat in the room for a while and stood up.

“Ill go outside and take a look.”

Xu Mingzhi said, “baby, you cant tell left from right.

Dont get lost…”

Su Jis mouth twitched.

No one knew this about her.

She didnt expect her mother to ruthlessly expose her.

Wei Wei: ᐕ)ノ

Even Ms.

Su had a weakness

As if recalling some distant memory, Su Ji said, “that was a long time ago.

Mom, dont keep bringing it up.

I can do it now.”

Su Ji walked along the corridor and went to the restroom to wash her hands.

She washed the bracelet under the water.

Just by listening to the sound of the water, she could tell the quality of the jade.

Even in the great Shang Dynasty, this was considered very rare.

Just as she was thinking about it, Pei Xi called.

“My husband agreed.

Theres no conflict between his endorsements, and he has time.”

Su Ji was relieved.

“My brother-in-law will be fairly compensated.”

Since she considered Pei Xi her sister, it was natural for her to call her husband her brother-in-law.

However, when Pei Xi heard that, she said excitedly, “no problem! Sister-in-law!”


After she sorted out her thoughts, she realized that something was wrong.

Su Ji glanced at the bracelet on her wrist.

“The gift you gave me today is too expensive.

Ill return it to you tomorrow.”

Pei Xi panicked when she heard this.

“What are you saying If you do this, it means youre slapping me in the face!”

Su Ji accepted such an expensive gift, but she still felt like she had suffered a loss.

However, she didnt refuse.

“Alright then.

Thank you.”

“Youre welcome, sister-in-law.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Ji raised her head and saw four or five fierce-looking foreign men standing in the mirror opposite her.

Her gaze fell on the cast on one of the mens hands.

Not only was she not flustered, she even smiled in a good mood.

“Arent you the international superstar Sam You didnt have a cast at the bar last night.

Did you fall”

They finally came.

Today, Sam and the others had brought along an interpreter.

The interpreter had a mustache and looked very cunning.

He sneaked up to the group of people and translated what she had just said word for word.

Just by looking at his expression, one could tell how much he had exaggerated.

Sams expression darkened after hearing that.

When they saw Su Ji in the mirror just now, they felt that she looked familiar.

That pair of alluring eyes definitely belonged to the woman who had made him lose his mind in the bar last night.

They had been standing at the back and did not come forward because they wanted to see if Su Ji could recognize them.

Sam was a public figure.

If Su Ji could not recognize him, he couldnt do anything.

However, now that Su Ji had recognized him, there was no need for him to hold back his anger.

Sam had been sent to the hospital in the early hours of the morning.

He was in so much pain that his forehead was covered in sweat.

Not only that, but with his wrist injury, he had to decline more than a dozen jobs.

Heavy losses.

At this moment, Su Jis calm expression made him even more furious.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“Pretty girl, are you here for business”

Su Ji nodded, “yes.”

To be able to come to a place like this, she should be quite high up in the company.

She must be from the public relations department.

Sam said, “do you dare to tell me which company youre from”

If he knew which company she was from, he would be able to teach her a lesson without showing his face.

Su Ji replied, “youll know in a while.”

The translator explained it to Sam and the rest.

Sam laughed sarcastically.

The manager looked at the time and reminded him, “Sam, we still have important things to discuss today.

Dont waste too much time on her.”

Sam licked the back of his molars.

“When will you be done Lets meet up for a chat after Im done here.”

“Ill be done the same time as you~” Su Ji gave him a piece of good news, “the man who was with me last night will be coming later.

Shall we all have a chat”

Sams temples throbbed.

“You two really know each other! Its great that he will be here, I was worried that I wouldnt be able to find him.”

With a smile on her face, Su Ji lifted her chin in the direction of the private room.

“Then, please.”

Sam sneered, “dont run away at the last minute.”

Su Ji replied, “whoever runs away is a loser~”

The manager led the way, and Sam stormed into the room.

At the door, Sam could not wait for his manager.

He knocked on the door twice with his undamaged hand.

The manager reminded him, “although the CEO is a woman, shes not someone to be trifled with.

She has a bad temper, so you should be careful later.”

Sam was very conceited.

“Were the ones terminating the contract.

We have control here.

No matter how good she is, she has to bow at me.

Just wait and see.”

The door opened.

In the private room, Xu Mingzhi paused and stood up to welcome them with a smile.

The manager was shocked and looked at Sam in disbelief.

Sam tugged at his suit arrogantly.

“Theres no point in trying to please me.

I wont..”

Before he could finish, Xu Mingzhi walked past him and pulled a fair arm from behind him.

“Baby! Why did you only come back now I was about to go get you!”

It was Su Ji!

Sams mind buzzed.

Due to the language barrier, he could not react in time.

“Whats their relationship” He asked the interpreter with a pale face.

Just by spending a few hours with him, she could already understand what he meant by that sentence.

There was no need to wait for the translation.

When Su Ji passed by him, she pronounced the word in his language perfectly, “mama~”

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