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Su Ji looked at Pei Huai in surprise.

“Youre already 30”

The word “already” hurt him.

Pei Huai said seriously, “my birthday is at the end of the year.

Im actually 29 now.”

Sam did not care if he was 30 or 29 years old.

Everyone was stunned.

The reason why the manager was able to remain calm earlier was because he thought he could work with the Pei Corporation.

But this person was the CEO of the Pei Corporation

Sams face turned pale.

He was just thinking that this scoundrel was trying to extort him.

He had taken the drug before, but he had never felt that it was harmful to his body.

Why would the CEO of the Pei Corporation want to extort him

His drug had irreversible damage to his body.

Sams blood stopped flowing, and his lips were so numb that he could not feel them.

He was dead for sure this time!


After leaving the private room, the situation took a turn.

The one who should be worried now was not the Xu Group, but Sam.

They had to pool all the funds they had on hand and compensate them.

They even had to beg the Pei Corporation to have mercy on them.

This was karma!

If Sam didnt try to play games, none of this would have happened.

After leaving Four Seasons, Xu Mingzhi looked at Pei Huai kindly, “is it true that theres something wrong with your body”


How tragic!

Xu Mingzhi knew that he was doing this for her daughter.

If it wasnt for him, her daughters body would be the one that was harmed.

Xu Mingzhi would definitely repay his kindness.

“Come home with us later for a meal…”

“Alright,” he said.

Before she could finish, he already agreed.

Xu Mingzhi looked at him with heartache, then turned to Su Ji.

“Baby, mom is leaving with Wei Wei now.

You can go with Pei Huai and show him the way.”

Su Yi was silent for a moment.

“Okay, mom.”

Pei Huai smiled subtly.

He walked to his car and opened the door to the passengers seat.

He waited patiently for Su Ji to get in before closing the door.

Su Ji noticed that there was a black thermos in the car.

There was a faint smell of Chinese medicine.

“How are you feeling today” She asked with concern.

“I dont feel anything for now.”


She understood.

“You can do this!” Su Ji wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

“Ill help you find a way.”

Pei Huai chuckled.

“Dont worry, everything will be fine.”

He did not need Su Ji to show him the way.

Pei Huai knew that Su Ji did not sleep much last night.

He helped her move her chair back.

“Sleep for a while.

Ill call you when we arrive.”

Su Ji thought he was so considerate.


On the way back, they passed by a business district.

The road was a little congested.

Pei Huai let go of the steering wheel and followed the car in front of him very patiently.

He didnt honk.

Although he didnt open the window, he was afraid of waking Su Ji, who was catching up on sleep.

Su Ji had already fallen asleep, Pei Huais suit jacket covering her.

Su Jis head was tilted to the side by the window.

Pei Huai looked at her for a while, smiled, and turned Su Jis head in his direction.

This way, he could see her.

She was pleasing to the eye.

Her gaze fell on Su Jis bracelet.

He noticed this bracelet just now.

He recognized it.

It was the one Pei Xi had bought at the last auction.

When Pei Xi brought it back, he did not think much of it.

However, now that it was in Su Jis hand, he felt…

At this moment, a commotion in front of him caught his attention.

It seemed like a few adults were surrounding a child.

That was why the already crowded business street was even more packed today.

Pei Huai got out of the car and closed the door softly.

HShe took two steps forward and saw the little boy who was surrounded by the adults.

He was wiping his tears with his head lowered.

He was holding a box of LEGOs in his hands, and the box was soaked in his tears.

The little boys face was red from crying and he was very sad.

However, Pei Huai noticed that the childs clothes looked familiar.

“Little boy, are you lost”

“Tell me your name.

Do you have your familys phone number”

“Whos this little boy wearing such expensive clothes Why isnt there an adult around him Aiyo, dont cry little baby, Ill give you candy.”

A woman took a lollipop and handed it to the child.

Pei Huai took the candy first.

He didnt give it to the child, but he thanked her politely.

“Thank you, Im the childs family.”

It wasnt that he didnt trust the woman, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

The woman saw that Pei Huai was dressed decently and didnt look like a bad person.

“Do you know this man”

The little boy sniffled.

He was really sad.

He looked up and forced himself to see Pei Huai clearly through his teary eyes.

The next second, he hugged his leg and cried even louder.


It was Pei Xingxing.

Seeing that they really knew each other, the woman said, “you dont have to thank me.

But what kind of parent are you Hes so young, and hes alone on the streets.

What if he meets human traffickers”

“Thats right.

The world is so unsafe now!”

“Some parents think that they can have everything just because they have money.

Theyre so irresponsible!”

“So what if hes handsome! What kind of uncle are you”

Pei Huai stood still for half a minute after being scolded.

Pei Huai knocked on Pei Xingxings head and reminded him, “lets go.

Stop acting.”

But Pei Xingxing was still crying.

It seemed that he was really sad this time.

He cried a lot, but he didnt forget to use his sleeve to wipe the tears that fell on the LEGO box.

As the most precious young master of the Pei family, when had he ever cherished a box of toys so much

Seeing him like this, Pei Huai furrowed his brows and patted the top of his head instead.

His voice softened, which was rare.

“What exactly happened Tell me.”

Today, Pei Song had asked Sonya to send Pei Xingxing to kindergarten because he wanted to meet Pei Huai.

Pei Xingxing had always longed for his mother, and the two of them bonded.

Sonya said that she would pick him up from school today.

After class ended, Sonya brought him to the shopping street to spend time together.

Sonya pushed back a job and tried to make it up to him as much as possible.

She took him to eat ice cream, bought him LEGO, and even held his face and kissed him.

“Xingxing, you are the most important person to me.

I shouldnt have left you behind.”

At that point, she was so emotional that she started crying.

Pei Xingxing very sensibly helped her wipe her tears.

He didnt care about the past, as long as his mother loved him now.

Everything had been perfect, and the mother and son had a great time.

On the way, a girl suddenly recognized Sonya and screamed excitedly, “youre Sonya, arent you I like you so much!Midsummer is my ringtone now! Can I have your autograph”

Pei Xingxing felt that his mother was very impressive and called out to her proudly, “mom! You have so many fans!”

Sonyas face immediately darkened.

The fan said, “mom”

Sonya was flustered.

“I dont know him.

He must have mistaken me for someone else.”


Before the fan could react, she quickly pulled her to the side to give her an autograph!

The fans were so excited to finally get their idols signature that they didnt care about the misunderstanding just now.

Sonya was afraid of being photographed, so she left Pei Xingxing on the spot and did not dare to show herself.

When Pei Xingxing heard his mother say that she didnt know him, he was particularly sad.

After waiting for a long time and not seeing his mother, he finally couldnt hold it in and stood in the middle of the road, crying loudly.

He was already very sensible and didnt care that his mother had left him behind in the past, but today, she did it again.


His cries attracted many people, and Sonya did not dare to come out.

The people passing by thought that Pei Xingxing had lost his way, and thats when Pei Huai saw him.

Pei Huais expression turned extremely cold.

He looked around and noticed a figure in the corner.

Sonya didnt dare to acknowledge her son, but she was also afraid that he would encounter bad people, so she was observing him in the dark.

Meeting Pei Huais gaze, Sonya looked awkward.

Her expression seemed to be saying, “Im really in a difficult position.

CEO Pei, please understand and dont tell Pei Song about what happened today.

Otherwise, he wont let me see my child again.”

Pei Huai could guess what she was thinking.

The next second, he took out his phone and called Pei Song.

In front of Sonya, he said, ” your ex-wife just left your son on the street alone.”

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