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The lawsuit ended unusually quickly.

Ning Lihua still had a lot of things to say, but she was already taken back to prison by the law enforcement officers.

She could say the rest in prison.

Zhang Guihua was still in a daze.

Even though Su Qianrou and Su Junyes faces were covered in bandages, they could not hide the dazed look on their faces.

Their eyes could not even move.

“I dont believe it!” Su Qianrou broke down.

“Why would CEO Pei like her Is she more beautiful than me”

Su Junye couldnt figure it out either.

However, he couldnt convince himself that his sister was more beautiful than Su Ji when he looked at her face.

Aunt Cui trembled all over.

She felt like both Su Ji and her boyfriend had powers!

Aunt Cui didnt know any CEOs, but she felt that Pei Huais exquisite face was like a piece of art.

When she looked at it, she felt a chill down her spine.

The court session was over, and everyone was ready to leave.

Zhang Guihua said absent-mindedly, “do you think CEO Pei just happens to sit on that side Is he really dating Su Ji ”

No one answered her, but soon she saw Pei Huai walk to Su Ji and stood opposite her.

He smiled and said something to her.

Bian Tong was beside him.

Then, he tilted his head slightly, as if he was not satisfied with the tie that Su Ji had put on.

In front of everyone, he helped her re-tied it.

Even if they were not together, they must be close.

Zhang Guihuas expression at the moment was wonderful.

She was shocked and puzzled, but she had to believe it.

Anger, disgust, and desire to please her.

She looked at the twins, then turned back to look at Su Ji.

Her intestines hurt as if they were being pulled.

Pei Huai finished tying Su Jis tie and pulled her in front of him.

He smiled and said, “do you know how to tie a tie, my little young master ”

Su Ji cleared her throat.

Bian Tongs gaze wandered between the two of them for a while, then he smiled mysteriously.

“The stone lion you ordered from me last time was for this girl, right”

From the way they talked, it was obvious that the two of them were close.

In fact, they seemed to have known each other for a long time.

Su Ji paused for a moment.

“Youre the one who sculpted the stone lion”

Pei Huai glanced at her eyes, which suddenly lit up.

“No one else is supporting him except me.”

He was the mysterious person in Pei Huais WeChat who had the nickname “handicraft”.

Bian Tong wasnt as serious as he was in court.

His smile was a little sinister.

“I wont do it for anyone else except you, right However…”


Su, if you have any orders in the future, I will definitely take them.”

Su Ji thanked him politely.

After all, his work was really good quality and cheap.

Such a beautiful lion was only 580 yuan!


So cheap that even Bian Tong himself didnt know!

Xu Mingzhi had just finished a call with Wei Wei.

She came over to thank Bian Tong.

“Thank you for the hard work.

You are definitely skilled.”

For this case, Bian Tong was asked to come back to the country by Pei Huai a few weeks ago.

He was also the one who had stopped Ning Lihua from being bailed out.

He kept a low profile all this time.

Xu Mingzhi only asked Wei Wei to investigate this person after seeing Mr.

Fans reaction.

Bian Tong felt extremely honored.


Xu is too polite.

Your decisiveness and fearlessness in the face of danger have earned my admiration.”

Xu Mingzhis expression froze for a moment.

Then she realized that she was probably talking about the case.

After leaving the court, Su Ji left with Pei Huai and the others.

Pei Xi was there as well.

During this period of time, Xu Mingzhi was particularly at ease with her daughter being with Xiao Pei.

Four of them were in the same car.

Before getting in, Bian Tong asked Pei Huai, as if he was fishing for a compliment, “did she like the little lion I carved last time”

However, Pei Huai had no intention of praising him.

“Forget it.”

He sounded inexplicably annoyed.

In the car, Pei Xi was still enjoying the win.

Pei Huai drove while Su Ji sat in the passenger seat.

As the car started, Su Ji turned around to look at Bian Tong.

At the same time, she stretched out her hand.

“Do you know the origin of this bracelet”

“Isnt this the bracelet I gave you ” Pei Xi asked.

Su Ji nodded.


Seeing that her sister-in-law liked it so much, Pei Xi was also very happy.

“You know about this I bought this at an auction.

When I saw this bracelet, I saw a word written on it! Thats why I had to get it!”

They seemed to be quite familiar with each other now.

“What” Pei Huai asked.

“Su Ji”

Pei Xi smiled brightly.




Can she take off the bracelet now

Only Bian Tong remained silent.

After a long while, he said, “this is the bracelet from ancient times that appeared at the auction in A City.”

Pei Xis beautiful lips twitched.

“Thats what I said.”

However, what Bian Tong said next was something that no one else had heard before.

“This ancient bracelet was excavated from the tomb of Prince Huai of the great Shang Dynasty.

Prince Huai wanted to give it to his lover.

At that time, he hired the best craftsman in the great Shang Dynasty and spent three years and a lot of money to make it.

However, he did not have the chance to give it to his lover before she passed.

After Prince Huai passed away, he ordered someone to bury this bracelet with him.”

He said with confidence.

As if he was there himself.

Su Jis expression changed slightly.

Prince Huai again

Could it be that what was written in that book was true

However, no one in the great Shang Dynasty would dare to covet the kings beloved concubine.

“Are you sure its this bracelet”

Bian Tong lowered his eyes and smiled.

“Of course, I can recognize it even if it turns to dust.”

When Pei Huai heard that this was something that Prince Huai wanted to give to his lover, he was stunned.

“Its inauspicious.

Dont wear it.

Ill buy you a new one,” he said.

Su Ji didnt want to wear it, but she really couldnt take it off.

Bian Tong leaned back leisurely and crossed his legs, his thoughts drifting away.

“This was specially prepared by Prince Huai based on the exact size of his lovers wrist.

Why did it take three years This was why.

Once you wear it, you cant take it off…”


Pei Huais gaze fell on Pei Xi through the rearview mirror.

Pei Xis heart clenched, but she smiled politely.

They had yet to react to the strangeness of the conversation.

Since it was a bracelet that Prince Huai carved according to his lovers wrist, why couldnt Su Ji take it off

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