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Tang Yimo hurriedly went to Han Junlei to ask for permission to leave.

When she said “its the CEOs request”, her tone was inexplicably arrogant.

Han Junlei hated this kind of leave of absence the most.

Normally, he would not approve it, but when he heard that it was a request from the CEO, he could not refuse.

“Then you must come back in the afternoon for the shoot!”

Tang Yimo recalled what Zhou Xuefang had said, so she said shyly, “if I can make it in time, Ill definitely come back.”


Forget it, Tang Yimos scene was not important.

It would not affect anything even if they were to film tomorrow.

Su Ji came out of the changing room as soon as Tang Yimo left.

Si Jingchuan said, “boss, you look really good as an office lady! I heard that the outfit you shot in yesterday was especially wonderful.

Ill wait for the Saturday broadcast to properly appreciate it.”

He had to admit that his boss acting skills had improved very quickly in the past few months.

She was such a talented actress!

Su Ji looked at the CEOs suit that Si Jingchuan was wearing.

“Youre not bad yourself.”

Si Jingchuan obviously felt that his boss praise was not sincere.

Please, when he changed into the suit and came out, the staff almost went crazy!

He turned his head to the side and looked at the person who was still excited.

“Holy **! Quickly, look!”

“Oh my god, why do I feel like Jingchuan is….”

“Hes so cool!”

Si Jingchuan usually wore casual clothes such as a T-shirt and jeans.

Today, he had suddenly changed into a formal suit with a neat tie.

He was indeed very handsome, but in Su Jis heart, the bar was higher.

In comparison, he was just “not bad”.

Huang Huayu was very attentive.

No one in the crew had noticed anything during the previous two days of filming, but he noticed it as soon as he came today.

He asked, “Su Ji, where did you get this bracelet Can you take it off”

Su Ji was embarrassed.

“I didnt think of it before.

I really cant take it off.”

Han Junlei came over when he heard that.

“What if we break it Was it expensive We will reimburse you.”

She didnt wear it in the first few episodes, so they were worried that the audience would think that she was out of character if she suddenly wore a bracelet at the beginning of this episode.

Su Ji told the truth.

“I think its more than 60 million.”

Everyone fell into dead silence.

Huang Huayu coughed.

“Actually, its fine.

After all, the Bai family used to be a rich family.

This is also in line with the characters background.”

Han Junlei agreed.

“Maybe this bracelet can be used as a foreshadowing to the characters past!”

The others all nodded.

In the first scene, Gu Shen entered Ms.

Fengs office and saw Bai Yueguang and Shen Qianqian.

This shot was mainly a close-up of Si Jingchuans eyes.

The first time.

Han Junlei: “Cut!”

“Jingchuan, the look in your eyes was on point when you saw Bai Yueguang, but when you looked at Shen Qianqian, there were no emotions.”

Well, he really didnt feel anything for her.


“Sorry, director.

Lets go again.”

He was a famous actor.

Even if he had no feelings, he must pretend like he did.

The second time.

Initially, Si Jingchuan was in character.

However, Zhou Xuefang acted on her own accord.

When he looked at her, she deliberately gave him an affectionate look, causing Si Jingchuan to be out of character.

Han Junlei said, “Cut! it still doesnt work.”

Si Jingchuan was speechless.

“Zhou Xuefang, can you not make any expressions when I look at you later Im easily distracted.”

There was a faint laughter around them.

Zhou Xifangs face turned cold.


She was clearly trying to help him!

The third time.

After the performance, Han Junlei and Huang Huayu sat in front of the monitor screen and watched the replay.

“What do you think” Han Junlei asked.

I think…its not bad,” Huang Huayu said.

The two of them nodded and announced that its okay.

But this time, it was Si Jingchuans turn to be dissatisfied.

He knew that this scene was connected to the exciting scenes in which the “boss” would be in.

If it was just okay, her scenes would be affected

Besides, he didnt want to have a mediocre performance in front of the boss.

He wasl a perfectionist.

Si Jingchuan requested, “director, why dont you let me try again Just the close-up shot of my eyes.”

Han Junlei admired his attitude.

That was how art should be.

“Okay, dont worry.

Take your time to calm down.” He waved at Zhou Xuefang in the distance.

“Xuefang, could you…”

“I dont need her.” Without waiting for Zhou Xuefangs reply, Si Jingchuan stopped her.

“Director, since the others dont need to be on camera, I want Su Ji to help me.”

“Ah” Han Junlei had no reason to refuse him.

“Thats fine too.

However, dont mix up her role.”

Si Jingchuan replied, “dont worry.”

Huang Huayu glanced at Zhou Xuefang.

He just heard that Director Han and Zhou Xuefang were relatives when he came here today.

Jingchuans request wasnt very harmful, but it was extremely insulting.

Su Ji was quite loyal.

She had just laid down on the recliner, but when she heard that her little brother needed her, she came immediately.

The expression on Zhou Xuefangs face could only be described as “ugly”.

She had never hoped that CEO Pei would fall for Tang Yimo as much as she did at the moment, even if he was just messing with her!

Only then would Blue Whale stop supporting Su Ji!


Everyone held their breath as the camera focused on Si Jingchuans eyes.

Zhou Xuefang wanted to see what Su Ji would do.

However, she soon realized that Su Ji didnt do anything at all.

She just stood there.

She tilted her head and looked at Si Jingchuan.

However, in the camera, Si Jingchuans gaze was simply amazing!

It was as if he had returned to his peak when filming the blockbuster “First Love at 18”!

It was the perfect portrayal of Gu Shens love for the female lead, Shen Qianqian!

“Very good!” Han Junlei could not be more satisfied.

He decided to use this version!

Si Jingchuan nudged Su Jis shoulder and said, “did you see that, boss This is my true strength.”

Su Ji nodded.

“It was indeed not bad.”

She had learned something

He couldnt do it with Zhou Xuefang, but she could do it with Su Ji so easily.

Zhou Xuefang felt insulted.

However, on second thought, the audience would not know that he was looking at Su Ji!

Seeing that everyone was talking about Si Jingchuans performance just now, Zhou Xuefang unwillingly took out her phone.

“Yimo, have you arrived”

Coincidentally, Tang Yimo had just gotten out of the car and looked up at the towering Pei Corporation building.

She took a deep breath.

“Yes, Im going in now!”

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