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Liu Yiqing continued, “Ill play a chord, about six or seven notes.

Listen carefully.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Liu Yiqings fingers pressed the keys, and a deep and pleasant sound rang out.

All the students were listening attentively.

Liu Yiqing asked, “tell me, what notes did you guys hear”

Some students raised their hands.


Then, someone else said, “I think itsdo,mi, andso.

Is thereti Im not sure.”

Most of the students only heard three or four notes.

This was already the result of three years of music training.

It was not easy.

The hip-hop boy, Tong Le, pulled his gold chain smugly.

“What kind of ears do you guys have Its clearlydo,mi,so,ti,do.

Five tones.”

Meng Na scoffed and turned her head away in disdain.

She had also heard these five tones.

What was so awesome about it

“There are actually five notes”

“Thats amazing.”

“Awesome, awesome!”

The students were amazed, but at this moment, Su Ji, who had not spoken for a long time, said unhurriedly, “there are seven.”

“Seven…” Meng Na anxiously pulled Su Ji back.

“its five!”

Tong Le laughed out loud.

“Su Ji, have you been singing too much ofLove Contract Its not the more the better.

You have to listen with your ears!”

As he said that, he gestured a six with his fingers.

“I bet its five tones!”


“Youre gesturing at six.”

Someone carefully reminded him.

Tong Le blushed and silently changed the number to five.

He hated people like Su Ji.

She was always at the bottom of the class.

At the beginning of this year, she finally passed once, but because of her dumb luck, she shot to fame and became arrogant.

Su Ji massaged her temples and replied indifferently, “its seven.

‘Do,mi,so,la,ti,do andre.

In the middle, theres ala in the middle, and at the end, theres are.”

Seeing how certain she was, the other students in the class gradually fell silent.

Tong Le said, “dont pretend to be a know-it-all.”

Everyone was busy discussing and no one noticed Liu Yiqings expression.

As soon as Tong Les voice fell, Liu Yiqing, who was next to the piano, played the chords again.

The students heard it even more clearly this time.

“Do, mi, so, la, ti, do, re…”

Liu Yiqing really played seven notes!

“Impossible!” Tong Le had always been proud of his sense of sound, and he didnt believe that he had heard wrong.


Liu, please dont play seven notes on purpose to protect Su Ji.

I got more than 80 points in the test at the beginning of the semester, which is highly above average!”

Liu Yiqing stood up directly and pointed to her piano.

“Whether its seven or five notes, you can feel it for yourself.”

Tong Le didnt believe it.

He sat in front of the piano and played it again.

He played the two chords repeatedly, and the result was obvious.

His expression turned ugly, and his fingers slowed down.

“F * ck, it really is seven notes! What ears did Su Ji have You can actually hear seven notes from a single chord!”

“You saidf * ck in in class.

Do you still want your credits”

“No, the point is that Su Ji is too awesome! I always thought that Tong Le had the best sense of sound among us, but I didnt expect Su Ji to be better.”

Meng Na listened carefully for a long time before she recognized the two hidden tones.

His eyelids were droopy, and her expression was dazed.

She looked at Su Ji and then at Ms.


Suddenly, she understood why she wanted to use this method to prove Su Jis ability.

She looked at Tong Le, who was still comparing notes on the piano, and sighed sympathetically.

“You think youre above average just because you scored more than 80 Thats because youve never seen anything better than that.”

Tong Le raised his head.

Meng Na lifted her chin at Su Ji, who was beside her.

“This boss got full marks for both flexibility and the sound test.”

Tong Le jumped up from the stool.

“Impossible! She just passed! I remember it very clearly!”

Su Ji wanted to keep a low profile.

She didnt know why people cared about her score.

She tilted her head and glanced at Tong Le.

“Im particularly strong at certain subjects, you have a problem with that”

Tong Le was speechless.

The students were in a heated discussion.

“Full marks F * ck is not enough to express my feelings!”

“Speaking of which, when did Su Ji become so good”

“She hid her talents so well I couldnt tell at all during the first two years of school”

Su Ji touched the tip of her nose.

Of course they couldnt.

Because it wasnt her.

I dont think Ive heard of anyone who got full marks in the sound sense ever since I came to Kyokushin!

“It seems so!”

The students were chatting happily, and Liu Yiqing also gave Su Ji a meaningful look.

To be precise, since Liu Yiqing came to Kyokushin, she had never seen anyone get a full score in the sound sense!

Liu Yiqing liked Su Ji more than she liked Sonya.

It was not only because Su Ji was better than Sonya in all aspects.

She also liked Su Jis straightforward personality.

Even if Su Ji was disobedient and had a boyfriend.

But she still liked Su Ji more.

As a teacher, one shouldnt be biased, but when she met a student she liked, she couldnt control herself.

Thinking of this, Liu Yiqings eyes darkened.

A few days ago, in the middle of the night, Sonya had called her.

She didnt manage to answer it.

She only saw it the next morning and didnt reply to Sonya.

Sonya called her in the middle of the night a few years ago.

That day, Sonya cried and told her that she regretted getting married.

The last time Sonya called her in the middle of the night, she cried and said that she regretted getting pregnant.


This time, she probably did something that she regretted again.

Why was she so conflicted Why couldnt she be as free and easy as Su Ji


Back at the Pei family.

Shen Mu happily sent Su Ji to school, and when he came back, he went to report to the boss.

At this moment, Tang Yimos announcement on TikTok was trending.

A new trending topic appeared.

#Tan Yimos unrequited love #

#So CEO Peireally loves milk tea!!#

However, as soon as he knocked on the door, Shen Mu saw his boss holding an iPad pen in his hand and flipping through the screen.

His expression was serious.

Shen Mu moved towards him and asked carefully, “boss, is there a problem”

Pei Huai looked up at him.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he said in a cold voice, “do you think I look good with this hairstyle”


Shen Mu looked at the screen curiously.

Pei Huai showed him a few pictures.

In those pictures, he had long black hair that reached his waist!

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