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Chapter 208: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


Pei Xi was dressed in comfortable loungewear, and she looked very charming as she leaned against the door.

She looked at him with a smile.

Bill hugged her and gave her a deep kiss.

Pei Qingshen narrowed his eyes.


It hurt his eyes.

She turned around and asked Pei Xingxing, “did Pei Huai say when Su Ji will come”

Pei Xingxing was also excited.

“I asked Ms.

Su Ji just now and she said that they just left!”

“Pei Huai is really slow!” Pei Qingshen exclaimed.

Pei Xi reached out and pushed Bill away.

“Calm down.”

Hei slender fingers were in stark contrast to his strong shoulders.

Bill missed his wife too much.

Pei Xi had traveled to Continent M for a long time before coming back to China.

“Baby, how did you know I was here”

“Youre the only one who speaks that kind of broken Chinese,” Pei Xi replied in annoyance.

Bill laughed.

Pei Xis reverted back to her managerial role.

“Did the paparazzi follow you”

Bill replied, “the agency released fake news, so the paparazzi thought I would only arrive in two hours.”

Pei Xi shrugged her shoulders.

“You guys are pretty smart.”

Pei Qingshen said, “Bill, let Pei Xi bring you around.

Make yourself at home.”

Bill looked at him with a smile, clearly not understanding what he just said.

Pei Xi translated for him, and Bill immediately said, “thanks, grandpa!”

Pei Xi brought Bill to the backyard for a stroll.

After the first snow yesterday, the place was beautifully covered in white.

Pei Qingshen went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Since his birthday party, Su Ji hadnt come to his house.

He called out to the butler, “by the way, Su Ji likes to eat lychees.

Make some lychee shrimp balls!”

The butler smiled and nodded.

“Old master, your grandson-in-law is also here.

Ill ask the kitchen to prepare a few more Western dishes.”

Pei Qingshen smiled and agreed.

“Okay, Im happy today.

Make more food.”

Pei Xi brought Bill around for a while and somehow ended up in her room.

The Westerners were more hot-blooded and Pei Xi was a stunner.

When Pei Xi was not by his side, Bill did not even go to the bar.

After filming, he would go home and post his wifes photo.

He was definitely a good husband.

He missed her so much.

Bill hugged her and led her hand to touch his abdominal muscles.

He said in a low voice, “I worked out especially for you.

How does it feel”

He spoke in his sexy native tongue.

Pei Xi saw that he had gone straight to the point and did not pretend anymore.

Her soft and boneless hands were led down by him as she replied indifferently, “not bad.”

Not bad

Bill chuckled.

His deep eyes were extremely charming, and the corners of his lips curved into an alluring arc.

“If this is not up to your standard, Ill make sure something else is.”

Pei Xi could not help but admit that her husband was really sexy.

No wonder he was voted as the most attractive man by netizens for ten consecutive years!

She touched his protruding Adams apple with her fingers.

“You dont have the final say.

Ill be the judge…”

An hour later, the servant knocked on the door softly.

“Miss, the old master asked me to tell you that Ms.

Su is here.”

Pei Xi crawled out from under the blanket and licked her lips.

“Okay! Well be down immediately!”


Bill sized up Su Ji for a long time.

She really was a woman!

She was real!

He opened his arms to give his future sister-in-law a hug.

He took a few steps forward and gave her a warm hug.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and found that he was hugging Pei Huai.

There was no way he missed!

Narrowing his eyes at Pei Huai, he finally understood what was going on.

Pei Qingshen asked, “have they started serving the dishes”

Pei Huai smiled.

“Hey, Bill.”

After a good nights sleep, he felt much better this morning.

Even his cold symptoms had subsided.

Bill suddenly felt a chill on his back, and then he obediently switched the warm hug he wanted to give his future sister-in-law to a self-restrained handshake.

It was a gentlemanly handshake with only two fingers.

Su Ji replied, “thank you, Mr.

Bill, for agreeing to endorse the Xu Groups electric vehicle.”

Bill replied, “the Xu Group asked me instead of the beautiful Ms.

Su to be the spokesperson.

Its my honor.”

Pei Xi reminded him not to be too smug.

“Su Ji is the spokesperson for the Pei Corporation.”

Bill: “ʘʚʘ”

Before the meal, Su Ji and Pei Huai conducted a simple one-on-one consultation with Pei Xi and Bill respectively.

The pair had very good medical skills.

Each person was responsible for one.

Exactly right.

The medical examination this time proved that Pei Xi and Bill both had some minor physical problems.

They were not particularly serious individually, but when the two of them combined, it stopped them from conceiving.

Some things were often so unfortunate.

Pei Song watched and learned at the side.

His thin glasses glistened slightly, revealing his desire for knowledge.

Pei Xingxing blinked his big, innocent eyes at him.

“Dad, I didnt expect that the one with the worst medical skills in the family would be running Huichun Hall now!”


Pei Xi said, “Su Ji, youre so professional.

I feel like youre even more professional than the doctors Ive seen!”

She had heard that her sister-in-law had some medical skills, but she had seen too many doctors with her husband and did not have much hope.

Bill didnt forget to comfort her.

“Baby, dont be stressed.

My dad was married five times.

My youngest brother was just born last month.

If you like him, my dad will give him to you.”

Pei Xi gestured for him to close his mouth.

Then, their pulses were taken.

Pei Huai glanced at Su Ji, and the corners of his lips curled up.

He felt that the way she took someones pulse was very cute.

However, Su Ji misunderstood.

“You want to compete with me No problem.

The duration will be one month, and well see who can cure their patient first.”


To be able to say it so smoothly, she was definitely thinking of competing with him for a long time.

At the mention of the competition, Su Jis eyebrows rose slightly, and she looked high-spirited.

It was said that people in the same industry were enemies.

She knew that Pei Huai had some medical skills, but she didnt know how much.

And he must have stolen the bottle of all-purpose medicine from her tomb!

He couldnt have developed it himself, right

This was a good opportunity to get to the bottom of him.

Pei Huai smiled at her words.


After the consultation, the two of them each wrote a list for the one they were responsible for.

Not only was the prescription written on it, but there were also some habits that needed to be changed.

On Bills side, Pei Huai had written it in a foreign language.

After Bill read it, he had many questions.

“I have to take this medicine five times a day Im afraid I wont be able to remember.

I dont like to eat any of the food you wrote.

Can I change the crunches into push-ups for exercise”

Pei Huai was already running out of patience.

Looking at Su Jis side, Pei Xi looked like a contestant who was going to represent Su Ji!

Upon hearing that there was a competition, the two women immediately became united!

“Three portions of medicine a day.


“50-minute jog every day.


“Ginseng chicken soup, barley congee….✓”

No problem!

“Within a month, I must bring glory to my sister-in-law!”

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