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Chapter 209: Su Jis Surprise

This was a very competitive woman!

Pei Huai glanced indifferently at Su Ji and then at Bill, who was still trying to negotiate.

He might lose.

His long fingers pressed between his eyebrows and he said coldly, “Bill, if you do what I wrote on the list every day this month, Ill give you a limited edition model of Buzzlighter.”

Bill paused.

As expected, he stopped speaking.


Pei Huai raised his eyebrows.


This might seem like a casual competition, but it concerned his position in his girlfriends heart.

Su Ji tilted her head and looked at him.


Pei Huai said, “alls fair in war.”

Pei Qingshen chuckled.

“Competitions are good.

Theres only motivation when theres competition.

It doesnt matter if you have children or not.

The most important thing is that youre healthy.”

As he spoke, Pei Qingshens hand landed on Pei Songs shoulder.

“Pei Song, dont you think so”

Pei Songs humble and studious expression froze.

It was obvious what hes implying.

His sister and brother-in-laws bodies were now recuperating, and Pei Huai and Su Ji were also madly in love.

Wasnt he the only one left

For lunch, the whole family sat around the table.

Bill drank some wine with Pei Qingshen.

The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Pei Song sat at the side and touched his sons head.

His gaze swept across every smiling face on the table.

Although everyones personality was different and Su Ji seemed cold, Pei Song could clearly feel that they were a family when she sat beside Pei Huai.

They were inexplicably harmonious and in tune.

However, Pei Song could also imagine that if Sonya was here today, it would definitely not be so harmonious.

She was sensitive, competitive, and had low self-esteem.

Grandpa would not like her as much as he liked Su Ji.

More importantly, Pei Song would never forgive her for what she had done to Pei Xingxing the last time.

In the afternoon, Bill received a call from Wei Wei.

The two of them conversed in a foreign language.

Bill was very polite and humble, without the arrogance of a Hollywood star at all.

“Okay, Ill make a trip to the Xu building in the afternoon…oh its fine, I wouldnt want to trouble you…its easier for me to go…okay, see you later.”

Pei Xi patted Su Jis shoulders.

“How is it, sister-in-law Are you satisfied with this spokesperson”

“Im very satisfied,” Su Ji replied.

In the afternoon, Bill went to the Xu building, and Su Ji accompanied Pei Qingshen for a while before leaving.

Pei Huai drove her back.

The car left two long tire tracks on the snow-covered ground.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Su Ji looked at her phone for a while.

Pei Huai saw that she had one hand in her pocket and was using her phone with the other, and he turned up the temperature in the car.

Soon, it was warm again, and Su Ji took her hand out of her pocket.

The 99 messages in her group chat could not be ignored.

Right, Pan Lian said that she was picking up Bill today.

Did she see him

However, when Su Ji opened the group, she saw several comforting emojis.

She scrolled up.

[ Meng Na: “What did I tell you How can you trust the info online” ]

[ Tao: “Pan Lian is so pitiful.

Didnt she wait at the airport for nothing for the past few days” ]

In order to see her idol with her own eyes, Pan Lian had stayed in a hotel near the airport for several days.

Today, she had spent a huge sum of money to buy insiders info about Bills flight number.

She knew that her idol liked figurines, so she ordered one with her idols name printed on it.

Everything was ready, and she thought that she would be able to see him with her own eyes today.

In the end, she and all the paparazzi did not see him at all.

In order to avoid the paparazzi, Bills agency had released false news.

In fact, Bill had arrived two hours ago.

Those who were obsessed with celebrities knew how sad it was to have such a thing happen!

Furthermore, Bill was Pan Lians first idol, the first celebrity she had followed.

She had liked him for ten years, and her house was filled with his posters!

She supported every single one of his works, booked the entire theater and invited her friends to watch his movies, and she was still a fan even after he got married!

However, she had once again missed the opportunity to meet her idol!

Su Ji then gave Pei Xi a call.

Pei Xi was extremely happy.

“Of course!”

Pei Huai glanced at Su Ji.

Su Ji noticed Pei Huais gaze and smiled.

She thanked Pei Xi over the phone and then returned to the group chat.

Pan Lian was inconsolable.

[ Meng Na: “How about this Well get Su Ji to spoil you when shes free.

Shell definitely cheer you up!” ]

[ Yang xiaotao: “Su Ji hasnt appeared today.

Is she busy” ]

Su Ji tapped on the screen.

[ Su Ji: “I just finished.” ]

[ Su Ji: “@Pan Lian, why dont you come and talk to me” ]

As soon as she appeared, Pan Lian immediately sent a nodding emoji.

[ Su Ji: “Ill send you an address.

Well talk when we meet” ]

[ Pan Lian: “Sure!” ]

Half an hour later, Pan Lian found the office building of the Xu Group with the figurine in her arms.

She was going to give it to Su Ji!

As soon as the front desk lady heard that she was Ms.

Sus friend, she immediately led her to the guest room enthusiastically.


Pan, please have some tea first.

Theyll be here in a while.”

“Theres no rush.

Let her do her work first!”

This was Pan Lians first time in Xu Mingzhis office building.

It looked especially grand, even more so than the Pan Corporations building!

As expected, Su Ji could cheer her up.

She hadnt even seen her yet, but her mood was already much better!

She lowered her head and caressed the figurine.

She unlocked her phone, which was full of news about Bill.

[ “Hollywood superstar Bill comes to China in a low-profile manner.

Paparazzi waited for three days and all their efforts were in vain!” ]

[ “According to an insider, Bill came to China to endorse a product of a well-known company!” ]

Pan Lian sighed and randomly clicked on the second trending topic.

As expected, many of Bills die-hard fans had already started to discuss this matter.

[ “Its definitely not a small company that could work with our husband.

Besides, our husband has always had a gentle image of a tough man.

Im guessing that the product should be either wines, online games, cars, or suits!” ]

[ “Have you guys heard Recently, the Xu Group has been very popular.

They recently terminated the contract with Sam.

Could it be that hubby is working with the Xu Group” ]

[ Itd be great if he is.

I like the Xu Group!” ]

[ “I think its very possible.

Isnt the Xu Group in A City Our hubby also went there!” ]

Pan Lian tilted her head.

Wasnt she in the Xu building now

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Pan Lian ran to open the door for Su Ji.

She wanted to ask if it was true!

With a click, the doorknob turned, and she pulled the door open.

She looked up and smiled brightly.

However, the next moment, her smile froze.

It was Bill!

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