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235 A Racer in the Making

The golf course in the suburbs was the largest in A City.

There was no fence around it, so they could see the road outside.

At that moment, Pei Huai and Commander Wang arrived at the court and were at the front desk.

Commander Wang had his own golf club.

However, Pei Huai didnt have one and rented one.

Playing golf was not his hobby.

He just wanted to hang out with the old man.

However, he put in a lot of time and effort cultivating lychees, wine-making, and practicing his medical skills.

Commander Wang was wearing a polo shirt under his coat and a golf hat.

He was fully equipped.

“18 holes”

Pei Huai smiled emotionlessly.


Meanwhile, Su Ji was already in the drivers seat.

boxn ovel.


It was Shen Mus car.

It was a small car, which was just right for newbies who are learning how to drive.

It wasnt like the CEOs car, which was very big.

Generally speaking, everyone would be nervous during their first test drive.

But Su Ji was not an ordinary person.

She looked cool.

Just like that, they tried driving for a while.

Shen Mu thought that although she bought her drivers license, she should know the basics.

He had no idea that it was her first time holding the steering wheel.

Su Ji was at ease and she learned fast.

In fact, she had already memorized one-third of the traffic rules on the way here.

In comparison, Shen Mu was much more nervous.

In the passenger seat, he sat upright and still, looking forward with full concentration.

He had insurance on his car, so he wasnt afraid of the car getting hit.

He was afraid of the lady in the drivers seat.

“Step on the clutch, brake, release the brake, release the clutch, and step on the gas.

Very good!”

Shen Mu looked at Su Ji in surprise.


Su, youre quick to react.”

Su Ji smiled.

However, the delightful teaching progress soon came to a halt.

At the first turn.

“Alright, Ms.


Turn half a circle to the left…left, not right!!”

Shen Mu held the steering wheel and helped her change direction.

Just as Shen Mu thought Su Ji was a budding racer, he quickly realized her shortcomings!


“Hahaha, is someone here learning how to drive”

Commander Wang adjusted his hat and held the cue stick in his hand.

He laughed heartily as he looked at the car not far away, which was making a loud screeching sound when it turned a corner.

Pei Huai glanced at it casually.

“It seems like the person cant tell left from right.”

When he said that, he thought of Su Ji and smiled.

With that, he held the club with both hands and swung it sideways.

The force of his hip transferred to his arms, and he made a beautiful high swing.

Commander Wang immediately put his hand between his eyebrows and stared closely at the ball.

It drew a long parabola in the air and then fell into the small hole in the distance.

A hole in one!


This kid had no mercy at all!

Commander Wang laughed awkwardly.

On the surface, he didnt seem to care, but he had tightened his grip on the club.

As he was too nervous, he missed the first shot!

He quickly turned to look at Pei Huai and saw that he was looking at his phone.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the next second, Pei Huai said lightly, “I saw that.”


“This one doesnt count.

You can try again.”

Commander Wang was happy.

Pei Huai pressed a few buttons on his phone and received a work document.

After a brief glance, he called Shen Mu.

Although he was on vacation, he still had to be on standby as the CEOs personal assistant.

However, this time, the phone rang three or four times before it was picked up, and Shen Mu sounded nervous.

“Boss…Im out at the moment.

I might need half an hour before I can go back, is that okay Ah! Right! Su…”

Shen Mu only said one word before he stopped himself.

Pei Huai frowned and looked at the phone.


Pei Huai was very sensitive to this word.

Other than “Su Ji” and “Ms.

Su” he couldnt think of any other words that go with “Su”.

At the same time, the car not far away happened to be turning towards them.

“Im really sorry, boss, Ill contact you in a while…no! Its the left this time!!!”

In his right ear, he heard the same sound coming from the window of the car that was turning the corner.

Pei Huais eyes slowly narrowed.

He looked at the car that was going in circles.

Pei Huai spoke into the phone.

“Stop the car.”

“Ah What do you mean”

Pei Huai stared at the car.

Now that he knew that Su Ji was in it, his expression instantly darkened.

He was afraid that Su Ji would be in danger, so he said in a cold tone, “I said, stop the car!”

There was no reply on the phone.

Instead, there was the sound of a car braking.

Ten minutes later, in the VIP lounge of the golf course.

In the middle of winter, Su Jis coat was not buttoned up.

Pei Huai helped her button them up.

“Why didnt you ask me”

Su Ji was silent for half a minute before coming up with a lame excuse.

“I was afraid you would be busy.”

Actually, she just didnt want Pei Huai to know that she didnt know how to drive.

Then shed have to kill one more person!

Pei Huai bent down and faced her, “Im not busy, Ill teach you.”

He was a person who could remain calm in the face of danger, but if Su Ji was in danger, he would not be able to remain calm for even a second.

“In the future, only I will teach you something like this.”



Pei Huai enunciated each word clearly.

“Its dangerous to drive like this.

Im worried about you.”

Su Jis rebellious eyes narrowed slightly, “fine.”

Shen Mus back was facing them, and he was facing the wall to reflect on his mistakes.

He stood very straight, and his hands were trembling in his pants.

How could there be such a coincidence

This was the first time he was meeting Ms.

Su behind the boss back!

And the boss bumped into them.

Commander Wang watched from the side for a while.

He didnt expect Pei Huai to be so domineering when it came to love!

But what surprised him even more was how much he cared about his girlfriend.

It was far beyond his imagination.

He sat down happily.

“Oh, what a coincidence! I didnt expect to see Pei Huais girlfriend today!”

Pei Huai pulled out two chairs and asked Su Ji to sit beside him.

Pei Huai introduced him to Su Ji.

Su Ji looked at Commander Wang.

She was about to greet him, but the moment she saw Commander Wangs face, her throat tightened.

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