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In the Pei familys courtyard, Pei Song had his rare day off and was rolling a cigar for Old Master Pei.

Pei Qingshen closed his eyes as the rocking chair made of Hainan scented rosewood swayed gently.

“My dear second grandson, I heard that she…has recently returned to the country”

Pei Songs expression did not change.

It was obvious that he did not just find out about this.

He didnt answer Pei Qingshens question and changed the subject.

“Grandpa, you can just call me by my name…”

Pei Qingshen gave him a sidelong glance.

He did it on purpose!

Although his second grandsons situation was better than his third grandson since he gave him a great-grandson, Pei Qingshen was still unsatisfied that he was single.

Just as he was thinking about this, a car drove into the courtyard and stopped.

Pei Xingxing climbed out of the car and ran towards them, panting.

“Grandpa! I just saw a girl at the school gate! Cough, cough, shes very pretty!”

Pei Qingshen saw him coughing and extinguished the cigar.”Why are you running They all have one nose and two eyes, how good-looking can she be”

In any case, he felt that other than Su Ji, there was no other girl worthy of such reaction.

Pei Song picked up a cup of tea and laughed.

“What a player.

Dont you already have so many posters of female celebrities in the room”

Pei Xingxing tried his best to explain, “no, its different! The girl just now is as beautiful as mom!”

Pei Song almost choked on his tea.

He really touched on a sore spot.

“Dont talk nonsense, you little brat.

Do you know what your mother looks like”

Pei Xingxings brows twisted into a knot.

“I think she should look like her anyway!”

Pei Qingshen cleared his throat and motioned for the butler to take Pei Xingxing inside.

When only Pei Song and Pei Qingshen were left in the courtyard, Pei Song knew that he was about to start again…

“My dear second grandson,” Pei Qingshen said earnestly.

Pei Songs ears were getting calluses from listening to him all these years.

“Its time to find Xingxing a mother.

Look at how pitiful he is.

He thinks that any girl he meets is his mother…”

Pei Song was very sensitive about this topic.

The gentle doctor was acting like a rebellious teenager when it came to this matter.

He had an idea and quickly changed the topic.

“Oh right, grandpa, Pei Huai scammed me of a lot of money for that celebrity.

You have to be the judge.”

“Dont talk nonsense…” Pei Qingshen was halfway through his sentence when he realized that he was talking about the couple hes shipping.

“He saw Su Ji again”

Pei Song secretly heaved a sigh of relief.


This time, you might be right, I think…theres a chance!”

It seemed that his grandfather would only let him go if Pei Huai found someone.

After thinking about it, Pei Song took out his phone and ordered 10 more pieces of Isatis indigotica Fortune!

The last batch had already been delivered.

He had to admit that the quality was really good.


“A customer has placed an order.

Please accept it as soon as possible~~”

In the dance room, the girls scents were mixed in the air.

When Su Ji received a new order notification, Pan Lian was right below her.

The floor of the practice room was covered with a blanket.

Pan Lians back was pressed against the carpet, and Su Jis hand was on the side of her face.

At first glance, it seemed like they were doing something intimate…


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