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The Fallen Notes fans had been talking about Su Ji and Meng Nas competition for a week.

The livestream had just begun, but hundreds of thousands of fans had already flooded into the room.

Meng Nas die-hard fans were already prepared to see how she would torture Su Ji!

Meng Na had professional audio equipment, looking like a cyborg from Cyberpunk.

“Su Ji, shall we start now”


Su Jis style was completely different.

She had nothing at all.

Due to the poor lighting, even the pixels were blurry.

“Ready when you are.”

Meng Na placed her hands on the piano and sang her new song with emotion.

As for Su Ji, her fans thought that she would sing an adapted version of Meng Nas new song to challenge her.

But when she opened her mouth, it was a completely unfamiliar melody.

Very quickly, the fans realized that Su Ji was singing a song that she had just composed.

Due to the lack of time, she didnt write the lyrics and instead copied the lyrics of a poem

But the poets words were filled into her own melody, giving it a whole new meaning.

The haters were dumbfounded.

Not only was the song good, but the voice was also beautiful.


Meng Na was very upset.

Her fingers pressed on the keys vigorously, as if she was possessed by Beethoven.

She sang even harder.

At this time, a very pretentious name, “Young Master Su”, entered Su Jis live livestream room.

Su Junye was here to be Su Qianrous ghostwriter.

He had just tipped Su Qianrou 50,000 yuan.

However, Su Qianrous song was too boring, and out of curiosity, he sneaked into his elder sisters livestream room to take a look.

The moment he entered, he saw that Su Jis chat was filled with messages.

[If Id heard this song earlier, I could have memorized that poem!]

[Su Ji is really something!]

Su Junyes jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Su Ji scored 20 points in mathematics and 36 points in Chinese during the college entrance examination.

She had embarrassed her entire family, and now she was pretending to be a cultured person

With that thought in mind, he immediately commented.

[Youre so cultured…since you used this poem as the lyrics, you must know the meaning of every sentence, right Can you tell us]

He copied this comment and pasted it continuously on the screen so that Su Ji would see it.

Su Junye stared at the screen and laughed happily.

He was just waiting for his silly big sister to reveal her true colors!

He had even thought of the title of tomorrows trending topic:

#Su Jis true colors!#

Su Ji finished her song.

On the screen, her expression was calm and she did not seem to be flustered at all.

“The first sentence, on an autumn night, I went to the Xingyang River to send off a returning guest.

The cold wind blew the maple leaves and reed flowers…”

“Young Master Su”: …

Although this poem was from a different era, as a devil concubine of the great Shang Dynasty, how could she not know it

She was also worried that it would be too boring to sing all the time.

In the end, Su Ji even explained some additional terms.

“‘Zuo Qian means demoted.

It was synonymous with the wordbanishment.

The ancient people thought thatright was superior andleft was inferior, so it was considered a demotion…”

“Corruption, the states failure and the decline of society were revealed in the lute players experience…”

[Young Master Su: “The lute player is so miserable.

Fortunately, I was born in a modern society.

Long live socialism…”]

He quickly shook his head.

No way…

When did his elder sister become so knowledgeable

Not only did she not get embarrassed, but she even gave everyone a lecture on Chinese literature

At the same time, Su Qianrou, who was putting on an act, was so anxious that she was sweating.

She had asked her brother to tip her, but there were only ten minutes left.

Where had he gone

Meng Nas voice was hoarse from singing, and with Su Junyes godly assistance, Su Ji got more and more reactions.

Fortunately, she had a strong fan base, and the amount of tips she was given was still more than Su Jis.

The top three donors were her loyal fans of many years, and the progress bar was far ahead of hers.

But what she didnt know was that she was still in the lead because the big shots were still immersed in Su Jis emotional singing and analysis.

After about two minutes, Meng Na stopped singing.

She was obviously panicking.

“What the…whats going on”

The top three donors in Su Jis stream were changing.

“Sunset Lover” and “Su Jis daddy fan” were competing fiercely, as if neither of them wanted to lose to the other.

They were trying to outrank each other.

Only the third place, “Gold Medal Stay-at-home Dad”, remained aloof.

Pei Song did not want to join in the fun, but Su Jis song had penetrated his heart!

He was back to the day when he first met his ex-wife!

As a former business tycoon, Pei Qingshen had never seen anyone who could get first place for only a few hundred thousand yuan!

As a senior member of the Lute Association, this was his favorite poem!

Initially, he just wanted to watch the livestream to cheer Su Ji on, but who knew that he would like it so much!

Su Cunyi was also deeply moved by his daughters knowledge.

He would never admit defeat.

He would definitely take the place!

At this moment, the two of them were having a great time fighting, and the progress bar was increasing rapidly for Su Ji.

Meng Na was going crazy.

Not only did two people keep fighting to be the top donor, there were also donations from some random bald men.

Meng Nas eyes almost popped out of their sockets as she stared at the confusing IDs and profile pictures.

They were all old rich men.

Even if Su Ji was the Su familys daughter, she wouldnt have that much power, right

Whats going on

“Thank you, my biggest donor,” Su Ji smiled at the camera.

As soon as she said this, Su Cunyi and Pei Qingshen became even more enthusiastic.

The tips kept coming and the biggest donor kept changing names.

The two of them were having a showdown, but they didnt know that someone was watching them in the background.

There was only one minute left before the competition ended.

In the study, Pei Huai watched as his grandfather rushed out of his room with his walking stick to get his credit card.

He was determined to be Su Jis biggest donor.

Pei Huai took a sip of tea.

There were only 30 seconds left on the countdown.

He picked up his phone and found the most expensive gift on the platform.

His slender fingers were on the plus sign at the number of gifts, and he quickly clicked on it.

It was as if it was free.

He didnt look at how much he had ordered, his eyes only looking at the time.

At the last moment, he clicked “gift.”

The next second, the screen was filled with special effects.

It was followed by a number.


The biggest donor had changed!


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