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After lunch, Pei Huai sent Su Ji back to school.

The car was parked a distance away from the school gate and Su Ji got out.

Liu Yiqing had just returned to school.

Even among the young and beautiful students, she looked attractive.

However, for some reason, she looked serious at the moment.

Her brows were locked and dark clouds loomed over her.

When she saw who the girl who got out of the luxury car was, her expression became even uglier.

“Su Ji” Liu Yiqing took a few steps forward, looked around, and pulled her to a place with fewer people.

“I heard from the students that youve been going out to eat with your boyfriend a lot recently.

I thought it was just a rumor, but…”

It was reasonable to say that a soon-to-graduate student like Su Ji would be fine even if she were to fall in love, but Liu Yiqing seemed to be extremely sensitive to such things.


Liu, you misunderstood.

He is not my boyfriend,” Su Ji replied honestly.

“Dont tell me that the man in the car just now is your father.” Liu Yiqing obviously didnt believe her.

“He wished,” Su Ji said after two seconds.

“What did you just say”


Its not my dad either.

I was his ambassador in the variety show last time.”

Since Pan Lian didnt believe her last time, she just mentioned it casually this time.

However, not only did Liu Yiqing believe him, but she also raised her voice cautiously.

“Youre saying that the person whos been treating you to a meal for the past two days is CEO Pei”

Su Ji narrowed her eyes.

Why did she have such a reaction

She didnt know that Liu Yiqing had learned her lesson.

Before graduation, or even before her career was stable, she didnt want Su Ji to be in a relationship, especially with someone in the Pei family!

Liu Yiqing also realized that she had overreacted.

She said earnestly, “Su Ji, I really think that you have a good future.

I dont want you to be distracted by love, especially when youre in the entertainment industry.

This kind of thing will affect you more easily.

Now that youve finally advanced in the competition and are about to graduate, can you promise me that you wont get into a relationship before graduation”

Su Ji didnt think about this at first, but after Liu Yiqings advice, she thought about it seriously.

“I cant promise that.”


Su Ji was quite calm.

“Feelings can come and go as you wish.

Its hard to say.”

She couldnt promise something she had no control over.

Liu Yiqing was so angry that she laughed.

She had always been patient with talented students.

“Alright, even if you cant agree to this, can you promise me not to date that Pei fellow”

Falling in love with an ordinary person was just falling in love, but falling in love with someone with the surname Pei was devastating in Liu Yiqings eyes.

“Okay,” Su Ji said after some serious thought.

Liu Yiqing was finally relieved.

She showed her the gossip that she had just finished reading on her phone.

“Su Ji, Im not trying to scare you, but look at whats going on online.

I was really happy for you when you won the competition, but its only been a day, and they have been making a fuss about the person who tipped you…”

[Im guessing that Su Ji is someones mistress!]

[And shes not just kept by one person!]

[Thats right.

Otherwise, why would so many rich people give her gifts]

Su Ji glanced at it without any change in expression.

“Of course I know its not true.

But reputation is very important in the entertainment industry.

If you cant shut people up, you have to stay as far away from them as possible.”

Seeing that she was really anxious, Su Ji played along.

“Dont worry.”

People who were popular had their fair share of troubles, not to mention people like Su Ji.

There were some who mentioned the mysterious hand in her first livestream.

[I have a bold guess! I saw a mysterious mans hand in Su Jis livestream before.

Im guessing that its Su Jis sugar daddy…could it be Director Song Everyone, please see this! [Livestream screenshot]]

As soon as this comment was posted, it immediately triggered a heated discussion among the netizens.

[Now that you said it, I think its really similar!]

[They got back together No wonder Su Ji has become more beautiful recently.

Is it because of love]

Then, someone called “Ghost” appeared in the discussion.

[[Livestream screenshot] [Song Hengs hand screenshot] Please dont talk nonsense.

These two hands are completely different.

Moreover, the crystal cufflink in the livestream screenshot is a spring limited edition from Paris, and there are only three in the world, so this is definitely a fake! Director Song would never wear a fake!]

The netizens were quiet for a while, as if they were seriously looking at the comparison pictures she posted.

A moment later, they changed their minds.

[These two hands are really different.]

[The hand in the livestream is obviously much better looking than Director Songs!]

Su Qianrou, who was reading the netizens discussion, was speechless.

Even though she had cleared Song Heng of suspicion, she was not very happy.

She had also barely made it through the preliminary round.

Fortunately, her brother had returned in the end and Su Wianrou barely beat her opponent.

Ever since the end of the competition, Su Ji had been trending everywhere.

She had to kill Su Ji in the later matches!

After some thought, she sent Song Heng a screenshot of the comments.

[Song Heng, the netizens have no taste.

My sister was photographed eating out with some random man.

The netizens actually thought it was you.]

In the studio, Song Heng had just finished editing a script when he received a WeChat message from Su Wianrou.

However, when he saw that it was related to Su Ji, he immediately lost interest and did not even open it.

At the same time, he received an important call.

“Manager Ren (Blue Whale Entertainment)

Thats right, they had chosen Song Heng as the new director for the idol drama that was scheduled to start shooting at the end of the year.

Song Hengs expression tensed up and he quickly picked up the call.

Who knew that Ren Guanghua would give him a big problem immediately, “add a new character in the drama.”

“Manager Ren, what did you say” Song Heng thought he had misheard.

“Add a new character Ive already written the script, and youve already approved it”

Ren Guanghua chuckled.

This was the result of his discussion with several senior executives this morning.

“There are still a few months before filming starts.

I believe in your ability.

If you can write this character well, youll get close to CEO Pei…”

Song Heng immediately understood what was going on.

He wondered which celebrity was so lucky.

However, if the higher-ups wanted to help someone, then he had to do it no matter what.

“No problem, Manager Ren.

Do you have any requirements for the role”

“Keep the original plot, but make the character likable and with many scenes.”

“No problem,” Song Heng agreed.


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