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Chapter 14 – Girl and the beast people’s village – Part one

We are greeted by a lot of beast people.

Is everyone in this village a wolf beast person Everyone has wolf ears and tails.

They are all looking at me, and it’s a little scary.

I’ve never been the center of attention, and I don’t think I can get used to this.

“…What… Do I do…”

Should I get down from Scifo and introduce myself I honestly don’t know how to act in front of beast people, so I’m at a loss.

And then, Reimar and the others started bringing the baskets down.

Each basket has two beast people, and the baskets made a lot of noise when they were brought down.


(We brought them properly, so compliment us.)


(Yes yes.)”

After bringing the baskets down, the husband and wife, Riruha and Kamiha, run towards me while saying that.

The adult gryphons do cute things like this too sometimes.

“Thank you.”

I say thank you while I pet their heads, still on top of Scifo, and they let out pleasured chirps.

I get down from Scifo after saying thank you to everyone.

The beast people are all looking at me with a surprised look on their faces.

I look in their direction…

“I’m Lerunda.”

And introduce myself.

Mister Athos probably told them my name, but I think I should say it too.

“It’s a pleasure… To meet you.”

I say as I lower my head.

The gryphons and Scifo copy me and also lower their heads, which makes the beast people panic.

“The gryphon gods are lowering their heads at us!”

“Please, you don’t need to do that!!”

It looks like they’re panicking because the gryphons lowered their heads, and mister Athos walked out of the basket to calm everything down.

He’s the chief of this village.

I didn’t know, so I’m a little surprised.

After that, mister Athos showed us the village.

This village was built in a clearing in the forest, and because of this, if you take one step outside all you can see is the vast forest.

Mister Athos says they have trouble with monsters that jump out from time to time.

“Can the gryphons do something about these monsters

I don’t really mind, if anything, they’ll be taking care of us so we should do those things willingly.

“There are people with mixed feelings about bringing you, the gryphons, and the sky horse here.

Part of the reason why I’m asking is to quell those people.”

“…We’ll be in your care, so we’ll do it.”

Mister Athos looks relieved.

I’m just now realizing that my selfish request to come here is causing mister Athos a lot of trouble.

I didn’t think about it before I said it.

“…I’m sorry for asking something unreasonable.”

“Are you talking about wanting to come here I did have a little trouble convincing them, but having a friendly relationship with a human liked by gryphons and a sky horse is advantageous to us too.

Don’t worry about it too much.”

He said after I apologized.

I just said I wanted to come to the village because that’s what I wanted, but mister Athos had to think about all sorts of things before saying yes.

Adults have to think about a lot of complicated things.

“Also, no one is going to harm you.

No one wants to make an enemy out of the gryphons or the sky horse.

And Gaius likes you so…”

“Father! What are you saying!”

“What You’ve been doing nothing but talk about her since we got here.”

“…That’s because no one is like her…”

Apparently, no one will harm me because everyone is here with me.

I’m glad I met Scifo and the gryphons before I met the beast people.

I honestly can’t imagine it, but I’m sure I would have been in a lot more trouble if it was the other way around.

I survived because something always stopped people that were going to hurt me, and I always found food outside the village, but I probably wouldn’t be living as peacefully as I am now.

“You talk about me… I’m happy.”

Hearing them talk about how Gaius talks about me makes me happy for some reason.

“Can we be friends”

I don’t have friends, but I know what that word means.

There were always a lot of people around my sister, but I don’t think you could call the relationship between my sister and the kids in the village ‘friends’, like how the other kids were ‘friends’ with each other.

I asked it without thinking, but maybe I can make my first friend.

“…Aren’t we friends already”

“Are we”

“At least I think I can call you my friend.”

“…I see.

I’m so happy.”


“I made my first friend.”

I see.

Gaius already thinks of me as a friend.

That makes me really happy.

My first friend.

My heart is filled with joy.

Gaius and mister Athos look surprised.

Why are they surprised

“…Lerunda, now that I think about it, you said you were abandoned didn’t you”


“And you didn’t have friends”


I was like something that came as an extra with my sister.

It was like she never saw me as anything more than something like a servant.

I didn’t talk to her a lot, and I don’t know what she really thinks of me.

My parents were genetic throwbacks.

There were a few records of our ancestor’s appearance in our house, and my sister looks exactly like them, so my parents loved her like a deity.

The people in the village thought my sister was special, so if her parents hated me, they hated me as well.

Looking back, I was almost always alone when I was in the village.

Back when I was just surviving, an old man would teach a lot of things.

When the old man was around I had someone that talked to me.

“Then make lots of friends here!”

“…Can I really do it”

“I’ll help.”

Gaius says I can make friends here.

I don’t know if I can do it, but Gaius is smiling and he says he will help.

I’m happy.

Mister Athos is patting my head for some reason.

No one has ever done that before.

“No one has ever pat my head before.”

I say quietly, while looking up at mister Athos.

“I want more patting.”

Being pat on the head feels nice.

Mister Athos looks surprised, and Gaius joins in on the patting.

Afterwards, me and everyone else were guided to a simple house that was made ready for us.

—Girl and the beast people’s village – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko arrives in the beast people’s village, makes a friend, and has her head pat for the first time.)


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