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Chapter 155 – Princess and worry

I, Ninaev Fairy, let out a sigh in the mansion provided for me.

The current situation in the kingdom of Fairytrof cannot be described as stable, but it seems to be heading in a good direction.

The problem is that the truth about Alice not being the miko is spreading throughout the country like a wave.

Alice understands she is not the miko, and regrets her attitude until this point.

And yet… Many people still think Alice must be killed.

They say so because our country has lost the divine protection of the miko.

Up until just a few years ago, this country was free of natural disasters, and developed quite well, but it all started going downhill when Alice’s sister, Miss Lerunda left the country.

In the seven years Miss Lerunda spent in this country, we took the miko’s divine protection for granted, thinking it was always going to be here.

Now that we lost said protection, the population is angry, and that anger is directed at royalty, nobility, and… The girl that lived as the miko, despite having no power.

Some even say the miko’s divine protection may return if Alice is executed, which is a very dangerous thought.

“…It is still too dangerous for Alice to go outside.”

Alice has not interacted with the outside world since it was revealed she is not the miko.

I am still trying to keep her in the mansion.

…People here interact with her, and the ill will they have towards her is slowly but surely disappearing, but it will not be so easy outside of this mansion.

Alice says she wants to hear other people’s wishes to make up for her selfishness, but I can only imagine people will take advantage of that in a bad way if she goes outside and starts telling people she wants to make their wishes come true.

Alice is a beautiful girl.

She is still ten, but she is developing into a real beauty.

I can see weird groups of people approaching her if she starts saying she wants to listen to people’s wishes.

She is probably just a beautiful girl and nothing more, but this beauty is what led to her being mistaken for the miko.

Nothing like that has ever happened to her because she was always thought of as being special, but it would not be so strange for such a beautiful commoner to be kidnapped.

In the village where she was born, she was most likely protected from danger because her sister was close.

In the temple she was also seen as a very important person, so nothing bad ever happened to her there.

But now, we cannot guarantee Alice’s safety if she goes outside.

Alice is beautiful, and people were tricked into thinking she was the miko.

These two factors will make it hard for her to lead a normal life.

I am unsure about what I should do.

She is going to have to live in this world, so should I take her outside and show her reality

Should I instead make sure she gradually learns the necessary skills to survive I am not sure what is the correct approach.

It is difficult to predict how other people will act, even if I can more or less picture it in my mind.

I do not know how Alice will develop, now that she is motivated to move forward.

I also do not know what prince Hicked has been doing.

I spoke very harshly to prince Hicked, but a lot has been happening in my country, so we have not met since, and only write to each other.

There is a slave revolt happening in the kingdom of Migha, so neither country is stable.

I wonder what prince Hicked is doing.

He said he would cooperate with me but… The letters do not say what he is doing.

I want to meet him and talk about what he is thinking and what he is working on.

He may have gone back on his word and decided not to work with me after all.

Many thoughts run through my mind about how I should proceed.

The first priority is to stabilize the kingdom of Fairytrof, but what can I do about that

Alice has been on my mind ever since I started thinking she might not actually be the miko.

She is safe for now, which is a relief, but that is only the first step, and does not mean this matter is resolved.

“…I really do need to take some time to think about what is the right course of action.”

I whisper as I look up towards the sky.

— Princess and worry

(The princess is worried about many things, including her fiance and the miko’s sister.

Not knowing what other people are thinking fuels her concern.)


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