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Chapter 220 – Girl and investigation – Part three



That’s the feeling I get.

Maybe I’m wrong, but when you dance, it feels like it’s easier to use magic.

I’m thinking that maybe, your power affects other people.

Phyto looks puzzled.

Like she doesn’t believe she has that power.

She was called the daughter of god, but never actually had any power.

She knew all along that she was just a normal girl, so maybe that’s why it’s so hard for her to believe that she has powers now.

Kind of like how I didn’t really believe I’m the miko.

I’m sure there are powers that people can’t understand by themselves.

If I’m right and Phyto has the power to affect people around her, then it would be impossible for her to notice it on her own.

In fact, other people might notice that they’re feeling stronger and not even realize that it’s because of Phyto.

I use holy magic and formed contracts with beasts and a spirit.

Reimar became visibly bigger and Gaius can turn into a wolf.

Those changes are easy to understand, but if Phyto’s power is to influence others, it’s not like Reimar’s and Gaius’.

But going by Miss Lan’s studies, the land where the miko is grows crops more easily and is safer, so I have the power to influence others too.

Even the power to turn people into ‘miko’s knights’ is a way to influence others.

It’s not that hard to believe that Phyto’s power is like that too.



It could be even stronger, if you do it while thinking about it.

Like if you wish to change Reimar and Gaius, you do.

Maybe it’s easier to understand, if you try it.”

Phyto is looking at me and blinking, like she’s wondering if she could really have that power.

But if she really does have it… It should be stronger if she’s aware of it.

“But how do I do it”

“Hm… Think about making magic easier to use, or improving physical abilities.

If you think about that, the effect might be stronger.”

“All right.

Then I’ll try thinking about making magic easier to use…”

Phyto starts dancing again.

She’s very focused on her dance, while also keeping that idea in mind.

I’ll try using magic again.

I focus my magic energy and manipulate the wind.

Floating and moving in the air is a lot easier than before, and I feel like I’m using less magic energy too.

It feels easier to use too, a lot more than the last time I did it while Phyto sang and danced.


It’s incredible.

I look at Phyto, and see her sitting down.

“W-what’s wrong”

“…When I started focusing on making magic easier to use, I felt something leave my body.

Is this magic energy”

Phyto says while panting.

“Guru Gurururururu.

(Are you all right You should rest.)”

“When you were dancing, it felt like it was easier to move magic energy.

It was great.”

Say Reimar and Gaius while approaching Phyto.

Phyto’s ability to affect others might be rough on her magic energy.

Or maybe she doesn’t have a lot of magic energy in the first place… It would be great if we had a way to measure it.

“Phyto, you should rest.

Sorry for pushing you.”

“It’s all right.

I’m glad I have a power like this.

All this time… I was the daughter of god in name only, but if I have a power like this, it makes things easier.

And I’m glad I can help you.”

I apologize for telling her to continue dancing and pushing herself, and she smiles while still sitting on the ground.

“If I can learn how to use this power well, it should be helpful.

I’m sure of it, so I’ll do my best.”


I nod.

Phyto needs to recover her energy, so she just watches us.

In the meantime, me, Reimar, and Gaius try different things to see what we can do, but we don’t make any more discoveries.

I go talk to Miss Lan right away after we’re done.

She’s really excited when I tell her that Phyto might have the power to affect other people.

She really likes learning new things.

—Girl and investigation – Part three

(The miko discovers the daughter of god’s power.)


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