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 Chapter 238 – Girl and joining up with the others – Part two

With the egg that Mister Douroean gave me in my arms, I walk with everyone else to the winged people’s village.

There are a lot of steep slopes on the way, so I can’t go down by myself while holding the egg, and people have to help me.

As I climb down slowly and carefully, I see Mister Villa looking at me with a nervous look on his face.

Since I’m holding the egg, he’s making sure to walk at a much slower pace than before, but I’m sure it’s less because he’s worried about me, and more because he’s afraid I’ll drop the egg.

He’s more concerned about me now that I’ve received this egg, but Mister Douroean’s egg is still more important to him.

I’m not upset about that.

For him, nothing’s more important than this egg.

It’s an egg granted by who they see as their god.

I’m sure Mister Villa and the other winged people would do anything to protect it.

I have to make sure it doesn’t come to that.

It shouldn’t be a problem, since this dragon will be a different person but will still have all the knowledge of Mister Douroean, but…

It will be a separate body of Mister Douroean with all his knowledge, but isn’t he still going to be a baby once the egg hatches

I really have to take good care of this egg.

Mister Villa and the others might try to do things that they think is for the good of this egg, but aren’t helpful from an objective point of view.

If Mister Villa suddenly started treating me humbly and respectfully, I can assume everyone else will too, and the way they’ll treat this dragon will be even greater than that.

I have to do something about that.

This really makes me feel that I have a great responsibility.

Mister Douroean entrusted me with a life… This egg feels even heavier when I think about this.

“Lerunda, what’s wrong Are you tired”

“No, I’m not tired.

I’m all right.

I’m just thinking about, how I have to raise the dragon well, once the egg hatches.”

“You said he will have the same knowledge as the other dragon, but will still be a different being.

You’re right, raising a baby isn’t easy.”

Says Freinet.

I should’ve asked Mister Douroean more about this.

He said this new being will have his knowledge, but will he be a baby Will he have the mind of an adult

Are dragon babies as helpless are human babies Maybe dragons are intelligent from the moment they’re born.

“Oh well, it will be fine either way.

I’m here, and you have a lot of friends, right Regardless of what the dragon that hatches is like, we will all help you.”

Says Freinet with a smile, and I feel relieved.

Having friends with me keeps me from feeling anxious.

They’re all close to me and ready to help.

I’m happy when Freinet reminds me of this.

I’m not alone.

If I reach out, there are many people that will hold my hand, and even stop me if I’m about to do something wrong.

This makes me feel better.

“We have to think, of a name.”

“That’s right.

We have to pick a good one.”

Mister Douroean said it doesn’t have to be the same name as his, so we have to think of a new one.

Having that said, what will it be

When I named the gryphons and Scifo, they told me it could be anything as long as I was the one who chose it, so I just said what popped into my head, but… This dragon isn’t born yet.

What if after he’s born he tells me he doesn’t like the name I picked

I have to pick a name for a being that’s not even born yet… I get the feeling that Mister Villa and the others would say something if I picked a weird name too…

“Guruguru, gururu.

(He won’t be born so soon, so you can take your time thinking.)”



(That’s right.

We should focus on climbing down for now.)”

“You’re right.

I don’t want to get distracted, and drop the egg.”

It’s important to think of a name, but for now we have to think about getting to the winged people’s village, and then returning to our own.

I don’t think we’ll be attacked by a lot of monsters, but the miko’s power isn’t absolute, so we have to be careful at all times.

I wonder what will hatch from this egg.

Will this dragon get along with me too

As I think about this, we finally return to Mister Villa’s village.

—Girl and joining up with the others – Part two

(The miko feels the weight of a life as she returns to the winged people’s village.)


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