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Chapter 310 – Girl and days without the educator – Part ten

“Lerunda, a baby was born!!”

I hear this after I’m done hunting and take apart what I hunted with Dandonga.

Kayu suddenly bursts in with a big smile on her face.

That makes me feel relieved, because seeing that smile tells me both the mother and the baby are fine.

There hasn’t been a birth since Miss Wetani gave birth to Enarei.

I’ve heard that giving birth puts people’s lives at risk, so while I’m happy about new babies being born, I can’t help but feel anxious about losing someone.

Still, it’s weird.

A small baby is born from someone like that.

I don’t have any memories from that time, but was it the same for me It’s really weird.

I follow Kayu to where there is a small beast person child.

I can hear crying, and cautiously look.

Enarei doesn’t really cry a lot.

Mister Sileva and the other elves say a lot of elf kids are quiet.

They don’t have memories from when they were babies either, but they say they’re probably aware of spirits even when they’re babies.

The connection between elves and spirits is just that deep.

“Lerunda, try holding the baby.”

“Eh, a-are you sure”

I cautiously hold the crying baby, who is really adorable and smiles when I comfort him.

Seeing that smile makes me feel happy too.

This is the period where babies are born, so we’re slowly going to have more babies.

I can’t wait to see more new lives being born.

We have to keep developing this village and keep making it easier to live in, for the sake of these new lives too.

I get the feeling that we really have to protect them.

Is this how Mister Athos and the others felt when they met me

I have to be a good big sister for these kids that are younger than me.

◇ ◇ ◇

“How about we make a playground for the children”



Grandma talked about it.

In big towns, there are places just for children to play.

Wouldn’t that be fun And we want to play too!!”

Kayu starts talking about this one day.

Yes, I remember grandma talking about this too.

We talked a lot, about many things, and that’s all burned into my memory.

It feels like she’s still alive inside us, even if she passed away.

“I told Lilyd, and he said it sounds fun!! Join us too Lerunda!”

Kayu looks happy when she talks about Lilyd.

Still, I don’t really know what a playground is like, because I’ve never been to a big town.

I’ve heard that towns like that are so big, that there are people you don’t know even though you live in the same place.

I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never been to one, so it’s hard to imagine.

Playground… I’m happy just spending time with friends like Gaius and Kayu.

We play catch, climb trees, and have fun together without having a special place like that.

But maybe it’d be more fun if there was that kind of special place.

“Yes, let’s do it.”

“We already have the adults’ permission.

What kind of playground do you think would be nice I think it’d be nice if we had one of those labyrinths that grandma talked about!!”

“Didn’t she say it was a problem when people couldn’t get out”

“If you can’t get out, you say you give up and someone will come get you.

Doesn’t it sound fun if we put different things in them too”

“Maybe it will be fun.”

When I think of a labyrinth, I think of a place where you can’t get out, but Kayu thinks it sounds fun.

It’s weird how we heard the same thing but think different things about it.


The ones grandma talked about were ones where people couldn’t get out.

She said there are these places out there that have complicated roads and it’s hard to leave.

If we make something like that here as a thing to be used to play, it’ll probably be made out of wood.

Kids would probably like it if we put fun things in dead-ends too.

Thinking about that gets me excited.

“You can use your magic to help make it too!! And we need to talk about what kind of labyrinth it will be!”


“Is there anything else you think sounds fun”

“Hn… A Slide We slid down a slope before, and it was fun.”

“Ah, that.

Yes, it was fun!! Great! Let’s make that!”

Kayu agrees with my suggestion, so we talk about making something that’s fun to slide from.

We’re just starting to give shape to this idea, but I hope we can surprise Miss Lan when she gets back.

Girl and days without the educator – Part ten

(The miko is happy to welcome a new life, and starts working out plans to make a playground.)


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