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Chapter 334 – Girl and people returning from the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

“Prince Hicked became king.

He… Really does care about beast people.

And after rebelling, he became king.”

Report the people who just came back.

It’s the first thing they say, and obviously I’m surprised.

That prince I saw that time is now king.

They tell us more about it… And apparently he killed the old king, his father, and took the throne from him.

Killing someone to take something… I can’t even imagine it.

But I don’t get a bad feeling from this Hicked Migha, even if he killed people like the king to become king himself.

Gaius and the others look like they have mixed feelings.

The person who took Mister Athos away from us is now the one helping different races in Migha.

“After becoming king, King Hicked put an end to the practice of enslaving people by force.

He is also taking in slaves who were enslaved unfairly and trying to make their lives better.

It really is becoming easier for people of different races to live in that country.”

It’s the country of the prince, now king, called Hicked Migha who attacked beast people and Phyto’s people to enslave them… But now he’s doing the opposite.

It gets me thinking that it’s hard to classify people as good or bad.

Bad people can become good people, and we can’t just say everyone who does something bad is a bad person.

“…It’s been agreed that we can bring captive beast people here.

We can trust him.

If people want to be brought here, we can do so.”

The people who react to this the most are cat beast people like Mister Nirushi.

All this time, he wanted to see people from his village who were captured.

He might be able to see people who are still alive, but he thought he might never get to see again.

I can see his expression changing.

“…Can we really believe that Can we take that king’s words at face value”

“Nirushi… It’s because of him that we were brought here in the first place.

I believe him.”

Says one of the cat beast people who was brought from Migha.

Can we believe him I do, or I guess I should say I want to believe.

I also don’t get a bad feeling from him, but knowing that this person, who is just a little older than me became king, and is helping beast people, makes me want to believe him.

It’s decided that people from this village will be going to Migha, to go meet with beast people there.

As for who’s going, that’s going to be decided later.

The Kingdom of Migha.

The country that took Mister Athos away from us, and the reason why we’re in this place.

Still, it’s a changing country, that’s helping beast people.

I’ve never been to a big town, and I’ve never stepped foot in Migha.

To be honest, I’m starting to feel like I want to go, if it’s not too dangerous.

Part of it is because I went to the ruins too.

I went outside the village, and met Wea there.

Going to new places could lead to meeting new people, and learning more about the world.

People will probably say no… But I’ll try talking about it with Miss Lan and Mister Dongu.

It looks like Mister Nirushi really wants to go too, and I don’t get a bad feeling about it, so it’s probably fine.

As I think about this, Miss Quay, who went to Migha this time, talks to me.

“Lerunda, your sister, Alice, might be coming to the Kingdom of Migha soon.”


She then talks about my sister.

Apparently she changed, like how I changed too.

Mister Sadda talked about it too.

But what does she mean when she says my sister is going to Migha from Fairytrof

“It’s been decided that Princess Ninaev, who has been looking after Alice, will be marrying King Hicked.

Alice will probably be going to Migha with her.

We didn’t get a chance to see her while we were in Migha, but we did hear about her.

It seems Alice will be going to Migha because she looks up to Princess Ninaev so much.

And apparently it would be dangerous for the one known to be a false miko to get away from Princess Ninaev’s side.”

My sister is with a princess she looks up to, and who’s going to Migha to get married.

I’ve never really talked to her, but Miss Quay says she’s going to Migha.

It kind of gives me the feeling that she’s close.

“Do you want to see her You can if that’s what you want.”

“My sister…”


Take your time thinking about it.

It’s fine if you don’t want to see her, but you two are twin sisters.”

Says Miss Quay.

—Girl and people returning from the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

(The miko hears about the Kingdom of Migha and her sister.)



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