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Chapter 12 – It’s really sweet

The door of the convenience store was pushed open from the outside, bringing in a cool breeze.

Zhou Yuan and Chen Ruoyu walked to the bar where Shi Ran was and said hello in a familiar tone, “Why do you only get off work at this hour”

“I want to finish the work at hand as soon as possible, complete the handover as soon as possible, and go to Final as soon as possible.” Shi Ran replied.

“Don’t worry too much, pay attention to rest.” Zhou Yuan said.

“I told a few colleagues today that there will be new colleagues coming, and everyone is looking forward to it.”

Shi Ran was not at all timid when she heard the words.

Her red lips rose, and she smiled: “Really, then I have to look stunning when I go to report.”

“You look beautiful, of course.

You look good no matter how you dress up.

” Zhou Yuan replied.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing beside her and said, “I’m going to buy something.

You guys can talk.

After Zhou Yuan left, the song played in the convenience store was cut into another more lyrical song, and the lively and restless environment just settled down.

Chen Ruoyu took her pocket and sat next to Shi Ran, and her shadow fell on Shi Ran’s left shoulder.

The bright and clean glass isolates the dark world outside from the light in this room.

Shi Ran looked at the picture of her sitting with Chen Ruoyu reflected in the glass window and suddenly laughed out loud.

“What’s wrong” Chen Ruoyu was puzzled.

“I found that since you returned to China, every time we met, it seemed to have something to do with eating.” Shi Ran said, feeling very intrigued.

“No.” Chen Ruoyu denied it.

Her voice was a little dull, like the winter night wind outside the glass window.

Shi Ran listened and realized that the exception Chen Ruoyu said was when they first met.

The heat of the ramen soup cast a thin layer of mist in front of the glass and also enveloped Shi Ran’s eyes.

The slight hot flashes stuck to her face, and Chen Ruoyu’s calm statement brought back her memory of that night of confusion.

Shi Ran wasn’t very willing to admit defeat.

He looked at Chen Ruoyu with one hand on her cheek, and asked back, “Don’t you realize that there is a strawberry smell in my mouth”

“I just finished eating a box of strawberries before I met you.”

Shi Ran showed a regretful expression, but her voice carried the usual perverseness of her temperament: “Ah… It’s a pity you didn’t taste it.

The strawberries at the bar were sweet that night.

It’s just that Shi Ran’s perversion didn’t last long, and Chen Ruoyu’s calm voice rang out in this small space.

“Taste it out.”

The incandescent light reflected by the glass fell on Chen Ruoyu’s face, cold and aloof, as if the ambiguous words came not from her voice.

Shi Ran didn’t react for a while, and the little face supported by her palm still looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting upright.

But she didn’t expect that Chen Ruoyu would not end her words.

Those calm eyes turned to her, and she seriously commented to the client: “It’s really sweet.”

If the first sentence Shi Ran felt was an accident, then the second sentence Shi Ran felt was an embarrassment.

Chen Ruoyu’s words were serious and calm, and the hidden ambiguity was revealed with no cover, and the person who hit the straight ball was surprised.

This little fox, who dared not listen, suddenly felt her cheeks get hot, and after blinking twice, she quickly lowered her head and ate the bento that was about to cool in front of her.

The crunchy chicken thighs made a clicking sound, and the Korean song in the convenience store hovered above them changed again.

The tune was relaxed and cheerful, as if the notes on the music score were beating along with it.

The words you want to hear, the words you want to hear, the words that test me…

You are so beautiful and beautiful.

Why don’t you believe what I say “

Chen Ruoyu could hear that it was an episode of a Korean drama that was very popular when they were in high school, and Shi Ran was caught peeking at self-study at night and was caught by the teacher.

The conversation just now played back in Chen Ruoyu’s ears, along with the music hovering in the sky.

She sat there like this, quietly watching Shi Ran eat her lunch, and the corners of her tightly pursed lips pressed down imperceptibly.


It was also that Chen Ruoyu’s cell phone on the table rang.

Shi Ran had no intention of praying, and when she glanced at it, she saw two words with a serious aunt dancing in the dark background.

Chen Ruoyu picked up the phone, glanced at the caller ID, and signaled to Shi Ran that she was going out to answer the phone.

The door of the convenience store was opened again, and Ye Feng rushed in, sticking to Shi Ran’s calf, full of the coldness of winter.

The music above her head was still playing in a relaxed and pleasant way.

Shi Ran got up and went to the side to get a spoon, and drank the soup of tonkatsu ramen as usual, but her eyes would always pay attention to the caller outside, intentionally or unintentionally.

Chen Ruoyu.

She didn’t know if it was influenced by the things Shi Yu disclosed to her that day.

Shi Ran always felt that Chen Ruoyu’s phone calls were not pleasant.

some tiredness that she hadn’t seen before.

Are you not on good terms with your family

Shi Ran thought to herself, but there was a shadow on the bright side of the line of sight.

Zhou Yuan finished her purchases and looked at the bar where Shi Ran was alone.

“Where’s Ayu”

“I went out and called her aunt.” Shi Ran raised her chin and motioned to Zhou Yuan to look out the window.

“Her aunt… That’s okay.” Zhou Yuan said and sat in the empty seat beside Shi Ran.

When Shi Ran heard Zhou Yuan say this, she followed his words and asked, “According to you, she doesn’t have a good relationship with her family”

“Not really.

After all, after being separated for so long, the family still misses her, so it’s not as strong as before.

” Zhou Yuan looked at Chen Ruoyu standing outside, with a lot of pity in his eyes.

“Chen Ruoyu was in those days.

It was very unpleasant for her family.

Her father even cut off her living expenses at one point, just to force her back.

Later, the old man saw how much his daughter had to suffer to stay abroad, so she couldn’t bear to make it harder for her.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen Chen Ruoyu’s paintings, but it’s also a must.

I can’t say everyone, but at least her father has high hopes for her.

The family is literate, and the child who has the highest expectations suddenly switches to her when she becomes an adult.

In the business world, it’s no wonder the old man gets angry.

Maybe there was a decisive father in the family.

Shi Ran’s eyes became more rebellious when she heard Zhou Yuan’s words.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing outside the window on the phone, and disagreed: “But if she doesn’t like it, the high expectations of others can only shake her.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed with surprise when she heard Shi Ran say this.

Immediately after that, she seemed to have figured out something, smiled, and nodded in approval to the person in front of her, “You are right.”

The bright light fell between the two, and Shi Ran seemed to see a lot of relief in Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

It’s not like she was relieved by her own words, but like she was relieved for someone else because of her words.

For whom

Was it Chen Ruoyu

But why did she feel relieved for Chen Ruoyu when she said this

There were many question marks in Shi Ran’s heart.

She felt as if she had just solved half of Chen Ruoyu’s puzzles, but found that there was a layer of puzzles under it.

The white fog was amusing, making people unable to see through it.

The winter night was getting darker and darker, and the lights on the roadside were like the weak tails of fireflies.

Chen Ruoyu stood upright in the convenience store and was projected onto the bright slate bricks.

Not only did the night not swallow her up, but it covered her with a layer of mystery that was impossible to reach.

“A secret makes a woman.”

The words Chen Ruoyu said to A Jiu that day rang in Shi Ran’s ears, and it seemed as if a fishing line silently tied her and Chen Ruoyu together.


This time, Shi Ran’s phone vibrated on the table.

Not a phone or text message, but a reminder of the departure of the bus.

The last bus of No.

K37 has departed, and there are 2 stops from the west area of G9 in the Software Park.

It is cold in winter, so be careful to keep warm.

Shi Ran also hurriedly stood up, ignoring that the ramen soup in front of her had not been finished.

While picking up the trash from her table, she said, “Sister Zhou Yuan, I have to go.

The last bus is coming soon.

Zhou Yuan originally wanted to help Shi Ran take away the garbage, but seeing that Shi Ran was neatly tidying up, she just nodded and said, “Okay, be careful on the road, and say hello to Ayu when you go out.”

Shi Ran nodded and hurriedly pushed the door and left the convenience store.

Leng Feng seemed to have been guarding the door of the convenience store.

When Shi Ran opened the door, she warmed up and headed for a warm place.

Shi Ran’s hair was a little messy, and when she straightened her hair, she saw that Chen Ruoyu had already looked at her.

Shi Ran noticed that Chen Ruoyu was still holding a mobile phone, and the phone call with her aunt had not finished yet.

She didn’t dare to bother her, she just stretched out her index and middle fingers and made a walking motion to Chen Ruoyu.

Chen Ruoyu also quickly understood and nodded slightly to Shi Ran, showing that she knew it.

The software park at night was no longer busy in the daytime, and all around was quiet.

The open space in front of the convenience store reflected two shadows standing opposite each other.

Shi Ran communicated with Chen Ruoyu silently like this, simple but tacit, like a rare warmth on a chilly night.

Shi Ran’s phone vibrated again at that moment, as if to remind her that the bus was about to arrive.

She didn’t dare waste any more time.

She waved to Chen Ruoyu, then turned around and ran towards the brightly lit bus stop not far away.

But she didn’t want to.

Shi Ran was about to lift her foot when someone stopped her from behind.

Chen Ruoyu still held the phone in her hand and grabbed Shi Ran’s arm with the other hand.

Shi Ran was stunned for a moment and was about to ask Chen Ruoyu what she was doing when she saw she took out a hot milk bottle from her pocket and stuffed it into her hand silently and domineeringly.

The originally stiff hand was warm because of the hot milk.

The cold winter wind was blowing slowly between the two of them, but Shi Ran had never felt that her palm could be hot for this moment.

Warm hands, warm hearts.

Shi Ran smiled at Chen Ruoyu and waved goodbye to her again.

She turned around and ran away.

The street lamps on the side of the road barely illuminated the sidewalk at night.

Chen Ruoyu stared at Shi Ran’s back like this, watching her back from clear to blurred to clear again until she finally disappeared on the opposite side of the bus that had just stopped.

You can’t hide your eyes when you like someone.

even if she was Chen Ruoyu.

The night wind blew into the warm-aired car through the cracks in the windows, and it was scorching cold when it brushed against people’s faces.

Shi Ran looked at the receding street lamps and street trees outside the window, but her fox-like eyes couldn’t help but bend.

She didn’t know how Chen Ruoyu got the milk, and she was not interested in understanding it.

Shi Ran had never been missed by anyone since she was a child, but Shi Ran feels good when someone misses you when you go home in the cold winter.

It’s just that this happiness didn’t last long, and the reflection disappeared from the window with the chilly wind.

Shi Ran looked at the message that had just jumped on the phone, and her eyes suddenly turned cold.

Zhang Ran: “Are you free to chat”


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