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Chapter 13 – It was her uncoolness under her calmness, and her unrestrainedness under her restraint

The last bus was empty, and the lights of the receding street lamps cut through the dimly lit carriages, all tired.

Shi Ran looked at Zhang Ran’s message, her eyes drooping slightly.

She and Zhang Ran were not close friends, and the only topic was Song Yi.

What else can she talk about besides talking to herself about Song Yi

In the past, every time Shi Ran wanted to ask her about Song Yi, she always seemed to ignore her.

She wanted to chat with herself, but Shi Ran had no intention of chatting with her anymore.

Shi Ran took away Zhang Ran’s message and ignored her.

She just leaned on the back of the chair, relaxing her tired body after a long day.

But someone didn’t want her to rest, and within a second, Shi Ran’s phone vibrated again, and the person who came to the message was still Zhang Ran.

“Shi Ran, you know that Song Yi stayed up for several nights because of your troubles.

She had just finished her homework, and everyone had lost a lot of weight.

Why were you so cruel

When a person does one thing often, you think she should do it naturally.

But that was not what she should have done.”

Seeing the message, Shi Ran frowned instantly.

She could make up for Zhang Ran’s aggressive tone as if she had done something monstrous to Song Yi.

But it was her own homework, and she should have done it by herself.

Shi Ran could ignore Zhang Ran’s unclear “chat”, but she couldn’t take the unwarranted hat she gave her.

Shi Ran’s expression was much calmer than her heart.

She tapped the screen with her fingers quickly and replied: “Before you say this, please clarify that it is her homework.

I used to help her out of love, but now I don’t help her, but is it my fault What’s the point of this “

Zhang Ran probably didn’t expect Shi Ran, who had always been flattering to her, to be like that.

“The other party is typing…” hanging on the chat box stopped and stopped.

When the bus stopped at a red light, Zhang Ran’s message finally came: “But she would think of you when she does this homework, you know She couldn’t hold the pen in her crying hand, and she ruined a lot of manuscripts.

When Shi Ran heard Zhang Ran’s description, Song Yi’s red eyes automatically appeared in her mind.

She still remembered the first time she helped Song Yi change her painting because she saw her like this.

I have to say that Song Yi’s appearance was confusing, with a pair of watery almond eyes, but if a tear could be brewed, I feel pity.

Any thoughts could be hidden by these eyes.

“Is it me who was crying, or did I change her homework before, and even imitated her style of painting and did it for her directly” Shi Ran asked bluntly.

day for homework”

After that sentence was sent, the surroundings were quiet.

Behind that chat, Zhang Ran was not only Zhang Ran but also Song Yi, who was sitting beside her.

Song Yi looked at Shi Ran’s rhetorical question, and she felt guilty for a moment.

She took the mobile phone in Zhang Ran’s hand and said to Shi Ran in Zhang Ran’s tone, “Are you doubting Yiyi Yiyi has drawn a clear line with Liu Qu for you.

Shi Ran, you’ve liked Yiyi since high school.

Now that the two of you are finally together, can’t you give her a chance

The sentence playing the emotional card bluntly pried open Shi Ran’s scabbed heart.

It was she who finally showed Song Yi her value, not that she finally caught up with the person she liked.

The pain of the affectionate mis-payment made Shi Ran chuckle and reply coldly: You might as well ask her to find Liu Qu.

She is more deserving of her than I am.

When Song Yi saw Shi Ran’s line of words, her heart thumped again.

Not that she and Liu Qu divided the boundaries, but that Liu Qu ignored her from that day on.

Rao was the collision of two refined egoistic people, neither of them willing to sacrifice their interests for the other.

And the person who had always given up everything for herself was now unwilling to look back.

Song Yi’s eyes turned red again when she thought about it, and her fingers, which were stained red and dirty by the brush, trembled slightly.

I didn’t know if it was true love or a falsehood.

Those big tears filled Song Yi’s eyes again, shaky.

Zhang Ran watched from the side, decisively took the phone in Song Yi’s hand, and asked, “Shi Ran, what do you mean Yiyi has done a lot for you.

What else do you want her to do for you

She didn’t need her to do anything for her.

Shi Ran said, “We have already broken up.

If you are really for her good, persuade her more.

We can get together and leave, and don’t embarrass each other.

Song Yi looked at Shi Ran’s words, and the tears in her eyes finally fell uncontrollably.

She didn’t believe that the person who had always said that she liked her in the past had suddenly become so heartless.

Zhang Ran was also furious and said, “Do you like Yiyi or not Why is breaking up so easily in your mouth and why do you suddenly don’t like her Have you ever liked Yiyi”

Seeing Zhang Ran’s questioning, Shi Ran laughed to herself.

Her love for the past seven years had even been questioned.

Yeah, how come I don’t suddenly like her

But it was a lot of disappointment stacked together and finally overwhelmed.

That’s all.

“Next stop, Changhong North Road.”

The sound of the car announcing the station rang out in the empty carriage.

Shi Ran looked at the building with her own home standing not far away, and her expression, which had been tense just now, relaxed slightly.

She didn’t want to get entangled with Zhang Ran anymore, so she took the phone off and put it back in her pocket.

Her fingers also touched the milk that Chen Ruoyu had put in her pocket.

The icy fingers blown by the icy wind from the window found her warmth again.

The car door opened when the car was parked, and the cold wind poured into the car, which suddenly messed up Shi Ran’s long hair.

Winter nights were more depressing than other seasons.

Shi Ran inhaled deeply through her reddish nose while still holding the jug of milk in her hand.She didn’t feel so lonely anymore.

Shi Ran’s handover was done quickly, and she even helped Xiao Bayi with it.

Zhou Yuan looked at Xiao Ba’s resume, and at the request of only one person for the original painting of the character, Xiao Ba was also recruited.

It was a nice Wednesday, with a warm winter sun covering the hallway leading to Final’s studio.

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba, who was walking with her, and did not feel that the new environment she was about to go to was unfamiliar.

There were a few people in the final original painting group, because Chen Ruoyu brought the team from abroad, so there were two people from France.

Zhou Yuan introduced them to the two of them one by one.

Xiao Ba was a familiar face, and she quickly integrated into the team.

She chatted with colleagues who came to help them configure the computer environment.

In contrast, Shi Ran, who had said that she wanted to amaze everyone that day, seemed a little absent-minded.

The art group was closest to Chen Ruoyu’s office.

The frosted glass reflected a layer of misty light, obscuring everything inside and making it difficult to see if anyone was inside.

Zhou Yuan noticed that and walked to Shi Ran’s side, whispering in her ear: “Chen Ruoyu has a meeting today.

It’s quite sudden, and I won’t be back until the afternoon.”

Shi Ran felt that Zhou Yuan came to tell her about Chen Ruoyu a little deliberately, but it was just right.

She withdrew her gaze towards Chen Ruoyu’s office, quietly concealed the inexplicable sense of loss in her heart, pretended not to care, took her things out of the storage box, and said, “Okay then, I still wanted to say hi to her.”

Zhou Yuan smiled when she heard the words and patted Shi Ran on the shoulder: “No hurry.”

But Zhou Yuan’s “no rush” didn’t come true until she clocked in after getting off work in the afternoon.

There were new members in the original painting group, and the welcome dinner was naturally inevitable.

Zhou Yuan also agreed to the dinner at Xiao Ba’s invitation today to save face.

“Why, my beauty Shi, I don’t think you’re in high spirits today.

Don’t you always be the most active when you go out to dinner ” Xiao Ba followed Shi Ran’s arm at the back of the team, a little puzzled.

“Is your body uneasy”

“I’m fine.” Shi Ran said, humming and laughing twice, looking at the particularly lively Little Eight, and said, “I feel you are extra lively today.”

“Of course, I’m out of the bitter sea.

Sister Zhou Yuan is still such a good leader.

Don’t mention how happy she is.

” Xiao Ba said, with her head held high, her eyes narrowed with a smile.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but smile when she looked at Xiao Ba’s expression.

Shi Ran didn’t care if Chen Ruoyu came today, but she was the one who extended an olive branch to her at the beginning, and she was the one who nodded and asked her to come here, but she disappeared when she came, which made Shi Ran suddenly feel something inexplicable.


It was as if something was expected to fall through.

But Shi Ran didn’t know what was wrong with her.


Just as the two of them took the elevator downstairs, Shi Ran’s phone vibrated in her pocket.

Shi Ran glanced at the person who sent the message, let go of the arm she was holding with Xiao Ba, and said, “You go first.”

Xiao Ba looked at Shi Ran as if she had something to deal with, so she didn’t bother, nodded, and hurried forward to find Zhou Yuan.

Shi Ran’s footsteps slowed down a lot.

She watched Xiao Ba walk away, and the faint smile on her face immediately collapsed.

-The person who came to the message was Song Yi.

Song Yi: “I saw the shop we used to go to when I was shopping just now.

I bought a lot of peach blossom cakes, and then I remembered that you are no longer at home.

I will go downstairs to your company immediately.

Come down and get it.”

Shi Ran looked at the long message and was not happy about it, but frowned.

She felt that Zhang Ran’s sudden search for herself was like an omen last night, and it was confirmed today.

Shi Ran looked at Song Yi’s message while walking, a little distracted.

She didn’t realize that a shadow had fallen in front of her, and just taking a step, she bumped into someone’s arms.

Logically speaking, Chen Ruoyu’s embrace of Shi Ran should feel unfamiliar.

However, when that person used strength to hold her unsteady arm, Shi Ran immediately realized that the person was Chen Ruoyu.

The sun always sat fast in winter, and by the time twilight had swept over most of the sky,

The light orange-red spread from the sky.

Chen Ruoyu stood under the color.

The gray-blue coat was far more stunning than the sunset.

Chen Ruoyu just held Shi Ran’s arm with one hand, looked calmly at the reckless little fox in front of her, and said, “What are you looking at You look so absorbed.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised, suppressing the surprise in her eyes.

Instead of answering Chen Ruoyu’s question, she asked, “Why are you here”

“Dinner.” Chen Ruoyu replied simply.

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows when she heard the words, as if she had finally come back to life and joked: “I didn’t expect the big leader to attend the dinner of our original painting group.”

“Not welcome” Chen Ruoyu asked rhetorically, copying her pocket.

“Welcome, of course.

You are welcome.

How could I not welcome you” Shi Ran replied, smiling at Chen Ruoyu as the sun set in the distance.

As bright as the sun.

Chen Ruoyu stared at Shi Ran’s eyes like that, as if watching a scorching sun rise again in her barren ambition.

She could hear the thump of her heart, the thumping sound of her heart, and the sound of the seeds that were buried deep in the soil breaking the ground.

It was her uncoolness under her calmness and her unrestrainedness under her restraint.

The red light at the intersection changed color after the countdown, the sound of traffic on the road re-sounded, and the bus just stopped and quickly merged into the traffic.

Song Yi just got off the bus and saw the scene unexpectedly.

Although there were other colleagues around, the sun hanging on the top of the mountain seemed to be very cooperative, and all irrelevant people were phantoms, leaving only the two people who had just met each other in Song Yi’s line of sight.

She looked at the message from Shi Ran on her cell phone, her hand holding the peach blossom cake clenched tightly.

A certain conversation in the past shook off the dust of time and resounded in Song Yi’s ears.

“Chen Ruoyu, did Shi Ran give you the love letter she gave me Give it back to me.”

“You rejected her.”

“I just haven’t decided yet, so it’s not a rejection.

Chen Ruoyu, you have so many things.

You wouldn’t want to rob me of such second-hand things, would you”

And Song Yi still remembers Chen Ruoyu’s eyes after she said that.

Indifferent and with the sullenness that she always matched with her temperament.

Song Yi used to walk through a lot of “irrelevant” things from Chen Ruoyu’s side, but she had never seen her show such a look to herself.

It was the first and only time.


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