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Chapter 15 – Pin her down

Shi Ran didn’t expect that she would be caught on the spot for peeking, and pretended to be calm and joked to Zhou Yuan: “Sister Zhou Yuan, it is illegal to buy and sell people.”

“I’m not buying and selling people.

I want you to bring A Yu back.” Zhou Yuan said.

“A Yu is drunk, and Uncle Chen will be angry when she sees it when she gets home.

I have to send Xiao Ba and the others back, so I can only ask you, a sober person.


Shi Ran originally wanted to refuse, but before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by the actions of the people beside her.

Xu Shi felt the movement of the person she was leaning on, and Chen Ruoyu moved on Shi Ran’s shoulder, slightly dissatisfied.

The black hair rubbed her face, and the cheeks were full of sensuality on the shoulders, hiding the clarity under the light pink.

The desire to take possession of this rare appearance quietly spread in Shi Ran’s heart.

She carefully protected Chen Ruoyu’s body, and the conversation changed: “Actually, we can go down together.

I’ll watch you and Xiao Ba leave.

I’m relieved.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were clear, and she said calmly, “Okay.”

The taxis at night were in high demand, and the group stood and waited for a while in the cold winter wind before they were greeted by the first empty taxi.

Compared to Chen Ruoyu, who was quietly leaning on Shi Ran’s shoulder, Xiao Ba looked extra noisy, shouting to level the road.

Helpless, Zhou Yuan could only sit in the car with Xiao Ba first, and told Shi Ran, “Let’s go first.

Remember to have a message when we get home.”

“Don’t worry, Sister Zhou Yuan.” Shi Ran nodded and closed the car door for Zhou Yuan.

The nights of early winter had become slightly colder, and the coldness in the air had a somewhat sobering effect.

Shi Ran looked at the online car-hailing car that blocked two intersections on her mobile phone and turned her head to check Chen Ruoyu’s condition.

Maybe the night wind also affected her, and the wine-smelling eyes became clear, dark, and bright, as if the entire night sky was hidden.

“Where are we going” Chen Ruoyu also looked at Shi Ran, who was looking at her with a bit of drunkenness in her tone.

“Go home with me.” Shi Ran replied, but couldn’t help but ask stubbornly, “Are you okay”

Shi Ran blew over from a distance at this moment, and Chen Ruoyu had the option to go home.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran like this, and after a second she took her hand naturally.

The shadow reflected on the ground was divided by the branches of the tree, and the interlocking fingers were independently framed in one place.

The slender fingers were pressed together again, and the confusion of the day and night brought a familiar feeling under the warmth that gradually accumulated in the palm.

Shi Ran’s mind went numb for a while, and she forgot to ask.

Chen Ruoyu was a little dissatisfied and stopped the steps she was taking, turned around, and said, “Aren’t you going to say go home and leave”

The signboard of Korean BBQ was radiating a magnificent light, dipping into the monotonous night.

Chen Ruoyu just looked at Shi Ran, who was standing still, frowning like a child.

Shi Ran had many thoughts in her mind, the most obvious one being to follow Chen Ruoyu’s choice and lead her toward her house.

Take her home.

The moonlight seemed dim in the brightly lit city center, and a few stars were hiding in the dark sky.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t walk steadily, and occasionally she could see that she was drunk at a certain moment.

It’s just that the holding hands were never letting go of her.

Shi Ran looked at the drunk man and said, “Fortunately, my home is near here.

What if I still live in the old city “

“You can’t live in the old city.” Chen Ruoyu replied nonchalantly.

The voice sounded capricious and a bit determined.

Shi Ran was puzzled: “Why”

The winter wind rolled over the fallen leaves accumulating on the ground.

Chen Ruoyu held Shi Ran’s hand and walked forward silently.

no answer.


Shi Ran thought to herself and complained, “Hey Chen Ruoyu, why are you still so bored after all these years in France”

It’s just that Shi Ran didn’t expect that her casual rant seemed to be recorded by Chen Ruoyu.

She turned her gaze, which had been looking straight ahead, and begged, “How can it be interesting”

Shi Ran didn’t even think about it, and responded in real-time, “Answer me is interesting.”

“Then ask.” In a serious tone, Chen Ruoyu said.

Shi Ran couldn’t believe it, and repeated the confirmation: “You all answer”

“If you can be happy.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Although it was not good to take advantage of someone drunk, Shi Ran thought this was the best opportunity, not to mention that she was taken advantage of by Chen Ruoyu first and was forced to hold hands with her all the way.

Shi Ran thought for a moment and asked, “Are you powerful now, the kind that Sun Lian can fire if you have the company’s equity”

Chen Ruoyu nodded without hesitation.


Shi Ran asked, “Then you must have a lot of money.”

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu still nodded.

Shi Ran: “Can you invite me to dinner every day from now on”

Chen Ruoyu: “Yes.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded for three questions in a row.

Shi Ran took advantage, but was a little suspicious.

She was worried that she would be teased by the drunk Chen Ruoyu, so she changed the question: “Did you hate me in high school”

This time Shi Ran didn’t get Chen Ruoyu’s nod but shook her head: “I don’t hate it.”

As Chen Ruoyu spoke, her eyes also fell on Shi Ran’s pupils.

There was a layer of wine-like mist in her eyes, and her voice was not too loud, which seemed extraordinarily unreal on the noisy street on a winter night.

It’s just that this unreality shattered the barrier between her and Shi Ran when they were young, as if it were a twist in the road, and a ray of light that belonged to them was transmitted to Shi Ran’s world.

Shi Ran asked again, “Do you like me”

When the words fell, Chen Ruoyu stopped her steps, narrowed her eyes slightly, and carefully identified: “You are… Shi Ran.”

Shi Ran thought that Chen Ruoyu’s reaction was interesting.

She had walked with her just now, and only then did she realize who she was.

It was a drunk person who was the best deceiver.

Shi Ran offered Chen Ruoyu a cooperative “hmm.”

But who knew, after she said “um”, Chen Ruoyu followed her with “um”, as if she was learning words.

Shi Ran was a little dissatisfied and retorted, “Why do you learn a sentence when I say it”

Chen Ruoyu laughed.

This was the first time Shi Ran saw Chen Ruoyu smile.

The lights on the roadside were not blocked by leaves, so they fell directly on Chen Ruoyu’s face.

She was drunk, and the laughter came from the corners of her raised lips, a palpable blush on her raised cheeks.

Then the smile gradually faded from the corner of her mouth, and she raised her eyes slightly.

Chen Ruoyu spoke to the man standing in front of her with a bit of a sobering reason.

“I can see you, but you have never seen me.”

Shi Ran didn’t know if it was a coincidence that the angle of the light cut in, but Shi Ran saw her appearance in Chen Ruoyu’s dark pupils.

There was also sorrow hidden in this darkness.

No one could discuss the truth with a drunk person, and no one could scrutinize a drunk person.

This topic opened with the winter wind and also drifted away with the winter wind.

Shi Ran did not stubbornly continue to repeat Chen Ruoyu’s words and did not dare to admit that “you” was referring to herself.

She just held hands with Chen Ruoyu and walked toward her house.

Shi Ran did it with one hand, checking the access control, entering the elevator, and opening the door.

Then she helped Chen Ruoyu to the bed on the second floor, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as Shi Ran sighed at her amazing one-arm strength, the phone in her pocket vibrated twice.

It was very obvious in this quiet environment.

Shi Ran thought it might be Zhou Yuan’s message, so she put her hand in her pocket.

She just didn’t want her phone to be taken out, and she was directly put down on the bed behind her by force.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t know where she got so much strength, and with Shi Ran’s ten fingers intertwined, she could push her down.

The light suddenly rushed into Shi Ran’s eyes, making her uncomfortable.

She called Chen Ruoyu’s name softly, wanting to let her go: “Chen Ruoyu, I have to get back the message.”

Chen Ruoyu turned a deaf ear.

Her thick eyelashes were hanging like this, and she stared straight at Shi Ran.

The smell of alcohol slowly spit out from her nose, entangled the fragrance of her body, and fell on Shi Ran’s neck and cheeks without reservation, making people almost drunk.


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