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Chapter 16 – She felt like a train running on a mottled track and eventually, it would break through the track and lose control completely.

The light above the two of them intertwined the soft, warm yellow with the tall living room lights and sprinkled them together in this quiet space.

Chen Ruoyu imprisoned Shi Ran under her body like this, and the coldness of the corners of her eyes and brows were dyed with a strong sense of drunkenness.

Shi Ran stared at Chen Ruoyu’s face so close at hand.

The natural oppression on her body made Shi Ran have the illusion of a hunter and prey, and her dry throat rolled bluntly.


Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran condescendingly and preached like this.

The warm smell of alcohol was suddenly gone, and it became obvious.

Rubbing Shi Ran’s neck slowly upward, the pale pink lips appeared under Shi Ran’s line of sight, standing opposite her lips.

Originally, gentle and cold were two opposite worlds, but Chen Ruoyu’s lips were soft.

On that chaotic night, Shi Ran was given infinite tenderness and the temptation to eat the marrow and know the taste.

Shi Ran felt that her breathing became hot, and unnamed expectations were written in the dense beating of her heart.

Shi Ran, who always liked to be active, was passive for the first time, and let Chen Ruoyu suppress herself like this, wanting to taste the arrogance of that night again.

It’s just that the expected kiss didn’t fall.

What fell instead was a slightly cold but warm palm.

The light slowly faded in Shi Ran’s sight, and the soft sweater wrapped around her face with the warmth of her skin.

The familiar fragrance on Chen Ruoyu’s body added a bit of sweetness that she could smell only when she got closer, as if she was holding a piece of ice, and at the end of the melt, she bit a sweet green plum.

Chen Ruoyu was protecting Shi Ran when she was about to hit her head on the acute corner of the bedside table and carefully hugged her into her arms.

It was just a hug, but Shi Ran heard her heart beating faster than before.

The warmth enveloped her as if someone used to winter encountered a roaring bonfire.

Shi Ran hadn’t gotten used to this kind of loss when a damp and warm feeling came from her forehead.

Chen Ruoyu still kissed her.

She placed a kiss on her forehead with extreme care and tenderness.

He was drunk, but the kiss was thrown away.

Chen Ruoyu held Shi Ran tightly in her arms as if she was protecting something precious.

Thump! thump! thump!

Shi Ran’s heartbeat beat in her chest fiercely, and the pupils hidden in the darkness suddenly enlarged and turned crimson.

She had always been independent and lonely, and this feeling of being treated like a baby was her first time.

Shi Ran didn’t know why Chen Ruoyu suddenly did this to herself.

Maybe she was drunk and just regarded herself as a toy that was precious to her, but she was craving this second hug like never before.

It is clean, not mixed with any adult world.

Shallow breathing sounded from the quiet space.

Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu was asleep.

She didn’t choose to break free from this embrace, but raised her head slightly and looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was asleep.

The soft light fell on her face.

She didn’t know if it was because of the smell of alcohol that her facial features softened or if she hugged herself and relaxed.

The facial features were like princesses in fairy tales.

Then just be a reluctant princess doll once.

Shi Ran thought about it, moved her face, disturbed by the hair, and closed her eyes.

When Shi Ran was a little conscious, she felt she was being carried on her back by a thin old lady.

Shaky and hungry.

“Even if you are a child who would rather faint from hunger than bow her head, take a soft look and slip back first.

Can’t you think about it in the long run” The little old lady had lost a few teeth, and her speech was a little leaky, but she still couldn’t hide her anger.

But the person on her back was even more aggressive and retorted, “I’m not wrong.

Why should someone like her bow their heads”

“As stubborn as you are, you will suffer in the future.

Letting you bow your head will make you lose two or two pieces of meat.

That girl’s father is the party secretary of the village, so there’s some trouble.

” The little old lady said.

Shi Ran was also stubborn: “Come on, I’m not afraid!”

The little old lady was a little angry.

“You’re still having fun.

The people who are good to you are indeed by your side.

You can’t see it.

I can harm you.

Shi Ran snorted in dissatisfaction, rubbed her dirty face on the little old lady’s clean clothes, and said, “Grandma, please prepare a stick for me.”

“What” The little old lady became nervous.

“Next time she calls me a fatherless mother, I’ll put a scoop on her head!” Shi Ran said.

“Go on your own!”

The words fell, and the pain at the tailbone was particularly clearly transmitted to Shi Ran, the dreamer, and she opened her eyes in a flash.

What happened after that

Shi Ran still remembered that the girl from the village party secretary brought senior people to her again, and she beat them all with a homemade simple throwing stick.

Although she killed one thousand enemies and lost eight hundred, at least no one dared to call her a dead child without a father or mother since then.

And Shi Ran’s grandmother, who said she didn’t care about her, found the village chief and her mother-in-law, who didn’t deal with the village party secretary and scolded all the people who came to her house for “reason”.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but smile when she thought of this.

Although Grandpa and Sun Ming did not have a single heart, they were still on the same front.

It was a cloudy day outside, and the pattering rain tapped the window glass, describing the rain that had come early this morning.

Shi Ran got off the bed with bare feet, opened the drawer of the bookcase on the side, and took out a mahogany box.

It contained the bracelet her grandmother had left her before she died.

The bracelet was grandmother Shi Ran’s dowry.

She had worn it all her life.

The bracelets she raised were bright and round, so beautiful that someone once offered a price of hundreds of thousands of yuan and pestered the little old lady for half a year, but the little old lady did not agree.

Every time Shi Ran thought of the little old lady, she would take off this bracelet and look at it.

It had been like this for seven or eight years.

Only this time, Shi Ran opened the box and found that the bracelet was not inside!

The flustered heartbeat was messier than the sound of raindrops hitting the glass outside the window.

Shi Ran stood in front of the drawer and took out the contents, thinking it was impossible.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a familiar voice behind her: “Awake”

The voice was cold and clear, and it suppressed the messy heart at once.

The chandelier in the room stayed on all night, adding a touch of warmth to this small home in the winter rain.

Chen Ruoyu was standing downstairs, and she was wearing an apron that Shi Ran bought and rarely used.

The long black hair was tucked behind her head by her hand, and it was casually hanging on her shoulders, giving it a more gentle and homey feeling.

Shi Ran suddenly felt that the warm scene in front of her was not what she could have had.

“People who are good to you are indeed by your side.

You can’t see them.

Shi Ran’s lesson from the little old lady came to mind again, and her bare feet on the carpet felt a little warm.

Can’t you see

Seeing Shi Ran’s delay in responding, Chen Ruoyu said, “Come down and eat.”

Shi Ran hurriedly came back to her senses, a little surprised: “You are still preparing breakfast.”

“Didn’t you ask me yesterday if I could invite you to dinner every day” Chen Ruoyu answered lightly, and steadily poured out a bowl of porridge from a food bucket.

Shi Ran was surprised that Chen Ruoyu remembered what she said to her last night and paused as she stepped down the stairs.

So she remembered what happened when she pressed herself onto the bed last night

There was only the sound of rain hitting the glass in the quiet room.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, who was sitting opposite her, with a hint of uncertainty in her eyes.

She drank too much yesterday.

She only remembered how she went home with Shi Ran, but she didn’t know how she fell asleep with her in her arms.

Chen Ruoyu prided herself on being someone who could control herself unless she faced Shi Ran.

Alcohol can always reveal a person’s true thoughts.

That day, she met Shi Ran at a bar.

However, last night

Chen Ruoyu thought about it, and said in a calm voice, “I did nothing wrong with you last night, did I”

And it was this kind of temptation that made Shi Ran feel wicked.

She put her arm on the table, raised the fox’s eyes, and looked at Chen Ruoyu bluntly: “It doesn’t count if you put me on the bed.”

It was at that second that Chen Ruoyu’s normally calm movements had a trace of uneasy error.

She paused with the spoon that Shi Ran was scooping rice with, and the sticky white rice grains dripped down the bottom of the spoon and fell on the side of the porcelain-white bowl, leaving an obvious trace.

Surely you didn’t hold back…

Shi Ran finally saw Chen Ruoyu’s fluctuations.

She smiled like a winner and said: “I said your sleeping position is not good enough.

You slept with me for a night, do you know “

Chen Ruoyu calmly placed the bowl in front of Shi Ran after hearing this, but her eyes became obscure.

Her love for Shi Ran was secretive and obscure, which was contrary to the calmness and restraint she had always shown.

She was afraid that she could not restrain herself this time, and the next time she could not calm down like the day she and Shi Ran reunited.

She felt like a train running on a mottled track now, and eventually, it would break through the track and lose control completely.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu’s expression that had recovered to less than half of her emotions, as if she had remembered something, and asked tentatively, “By the way, when you moved with me that day, did you see a mahogany box”

Chen Ruoyu could see the nervousness in Shi Ran’s eyes, and asked while recalling, “I watched you put it in your suitcase.

What’s wrong “

“I can’t find the bracelet inside.” Shi Ran replied, her voice full of tension and loss.

“Your suitcase was locked after you packed it.

There is no possibility of it being stolen by the movers, and the trunk has not been opened on the way.

” Chen Ruoyu analyzed, “You just drank last night, and you may have been caught by you a few days ago.

After I took it out, I couldn’t remember where I put it.

Why don’t you go to the company and think about it slowly Don’t worry.”

Shi Ran took the water, listened to Chen Ruoyu’s rational analysis, and felt a little relieved.

Indeed, it was impossible to lose.

She had always kept her bracelets carefully, and only those closest to her knew where she put them.

An ominous omen vaguely appeared in Shi Ran’s heart, like a chaotic mist on the glass.

The rain scoured the cold ground, pressing down on the air that was still hovering at zero.

Shi Ran didn’t remember when she took out the bracelet until she went to the convenience store to buy dinner after getting off work.

She frowned and paid the bento money, and her phone vibrated at that moment.

Song Yi said she had not given up on saving and sent Shi Ran a few more messages.

Shi Ran raised her hand and was about to swipe over, but accidentally touched it, and the picture jumped out of the screen.

The rain outside the window suddenly picked up, and the cold wind rushed into the convenience store, rubbing her calf.

Shi Ran’s sullen eyes suddenly enlarged.

The picture that Song Yi sent was of the bracelet that should have been in her empty box this morning.

The person she used to be closest to…


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