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Chapter 17 – “I’m not a good person”

The rain that lasted for a day gradually increased as the night was about to arrive, and it washed coldly against the glass of the convenience store.

Shi Ran didn’t want to drag Song Yi back and forth on WeChat, so she called her directly.

A few busy voices came from the handset, followed by a very familiar female voice: “Shi Ran, you are finally willing to contact me.”

“Return the bracelet to me, or I can call the police.” Shi Ran stated flatly, her face expressionless.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t steal the bracelet.

Of course, it has to be returned to the original owner.

” Song Yi smiled, “But I’m not free recently, so I have to do my homework and get busy with my birthday party.”

“By the way, do you still remember the Chinese-style courtyard gallery we encountered on Chengnan Road last year I asked Mr.

Chen to rent it out to me.

I spent my birthday there on the weekend, and there will be my solo exhibition.

Do you want it Don’t come Teacher Chen also said that he misses you very much.”

Shi Ran was really not interested in Song Yi’s birthday and the art exhibition, but just as she was about to refuse, Song Yi’s voice rang again: “Shi Ran, come here.

I’ll give you the bracelet.

There will be many people that day.

I’ll take it with me and wait for you.

Since there will be many people, I might misplace it and lose it.

So you better come and get it.

Song Yi’s words were filled with laughter, as if they were wrapped in a layer of the sweet blade, pressing hard against Shi Ran’s heart.

Shi Ran listened to a smirk flash across her eyebrows, and her eyes became gloomy: “That’s good since you said so.

I’ll see you later.”

She had never liked to be controlled by others, and naturally, she would not let Song Yi manipulate her.

Song Yi didn’t hear the change in Shi Ran’s tone and said again: “By the way, the party was more formal that day, and several elderly people in my family also came, so there are requirements for dress.

Do you want me to take you to get a suit There are a few tailors with short work schedules…”

Xu Shi got the consent of the person on the other end.

Song Yi’s voice sounded more gentle and pleasant than before as if she had thought about it early on.

But Shi Ran didn’t give Song Yi a chance to show it, and refused directly: “I will do it myself, don’t worry about it.”

Although rejected, the purpose had been achieved.

Song Yi didn’t embarrass Shi Ran anymore.

She pursed her lips and smiled, and said, “Okay, then I’ll wait for your next weekend with your grandma’s bracelet.”

Shi Ran gave an emotionless “um” and hung up the phone.

The rain kept washing the glass in front of the bar, and all the disgust and disappointment in her eyes were reflected in the disintegrating mirror.

Shi Ran was very wary.

If she hadn’t identified Song Yi from the beginning, she wouldn’t have actively exposed her weaknesses to Song Yi.

But that kind of trust that she bought was that she took her most important thing and threatened herself word by word.

Shi Ran once thought that breaking up with Song Yi would be a good time to get together and break up so that they wouldn’t torture each other in the end and hold grudges for the rest of their lives.

She was still not sober enough to think of Song Yi as worse.

But in fact, Song Yi was even worse than she thought.

What she wanted to be had always been unscrupulous.

In the past, helping her with her homework was like that, and it was the same when she wanted to see her.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the entire world was immersed in a gloomy, clammy atmosphere.

There was a young and energetic noise coming from the door of the convenience store, and several high school students ran over from the bus stop not far away.

Several people shared an umbrella, and they were fighting, and a little girl was left alone, standing alone at the door of the convenience store, looking extraordinarily helpless.

Shi Ran watched as the dead branches washed by the rain on the street grew turquoise leaves, and the little girl’s cotton-padded clothes turned into a light white shirt in summer.

The raindrops hit the ground with a pattering sound, and Shi Ran heard the footsteps of another person in that world where she seemed to be abandoned.

The transparent white umbrella blocked all the rain in front of her, and Song Yi, carrying her red school bag, appeared in front of her like the only color in Shi Ran’s lonely world.

“Don’t you bring an umbrella I’ll lend you mine.

“I’m leaving.”

Shi Ran’s memories of the past came to her with wind and rain, and the beauty of the past was attached to her heart and was torn down little by little.

The girl with a high ponytail in the late summer rain finally escaped into the rain, disappearing with her last bit of beauty.

“Hey.” Shi Ran pushed open the door and walked to the little girl who was sheltering from the rain at the door of the convenience store and handed her the umbrella in her hand.

“Don’t forget to take an umbrella in the future.

You will meet bad people.”

Maybe Shi Ran’s words were too different from her actions, so the little girl asked in confusion, “But isn’t my sister a good person”

Shi Ran tugged at the corners of her lips, and the red lips were coquettish like a life-threatening poppy. “I’m not a good person.”

The little girl’s pupils dilated for a moment, and the flushed face blown by the cold air turned even redder.

She clenched the umbrella in her handshake, expressing disbelief in Shi Ran’s words, but she only thought that Shi Ran was reasoning with herself, nodded to accept her kindness, and hurriedly walked towards the residential area not far away.

It rained all day, and the umbrellas in the convenience store were all out of stock.

Shi Ran watched the little girl disappear in the far corner, looked down at the little leather shoes that she was wearing hastily today, and sighed.

The consequence of pretending to say goodbye to the past was to rush to the opposite bus stop in the rain.

Suddenly, Shi Ran felt a burst of warmth approaching, and the cold aroma fell on her shoulders with the freshness of the rain renovating the earth.

The rain that was so close in front of her was blocked by a black shadow, and a pair of black high-heeled shoes appeared in Shi Ran’s line of sight.

The surrounding rain suddenly became erratic and tiny.

Shi Ran raised her head slowly and saw Chen Ruoyu holding the umbrella handle, standing straight beside her.


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